Mossberg MMR 556 AR-15: Mossberg Modern Rifle Hunter & Tactical

After testing the market with the Mossberg Tactical 22, Mossberg has finally entered the AR-15 fray with the Mossberg MMR (Mossberg Modern Rifle) AR-15.

Initially two models will be made available. The MMR Hunter is designed for varmint or small/medium game hunting while the MMR Tactical is your standard M4-style carbine.

Mossberg MMR 556 Tactical
Mossberg MMR 556 Hunter

Both models are standard direct-impingement gas guns, not piston operated. They both have free-floating button-rifled carbon steel barrels with 1:9 twist rates, single stage triggers, black phosphate/anodized metal finishes and the Stark Ergo Pistol Grip with with integrated battery storage compartment and oversized trigger guard.

The MMR Hunter comes with either a black finish, Mossy Oak Treestand or Mossy Oak Brush camouflage finish. The only stock option is a A2-style fixed stock. The slim profile checkered aluminum tubular fore-end has dual sling swivel studs. The barrel is 20″ long with a recessed hunting crown. The gun is shipped with a 5-round magazine.

The Hunter will retail for $921 with a black finish or $1010 with a Mossy Oak finish.

The MMR 556 Tactical features 16.25″ barrel, removable A2-style muzzlebrake and picatinny quad-rail forend. The rifle will be sold with either a 6-position adjustable M4-style stock or a fixed A2-style stock and with or without adjustable iron sights.

The Tactical will retail for $885 without sights or $921 with sights.

The Tactical (with sights) and the Hunter both weigh in at 7.5 lbs, while the Tactical without sights weighs 7 lbs.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • SpudGun

    Such is my apathy over the introduction of yet another DI AR-15 into a market that is already reaching Tsunami like saturation, I can’t even muster the energy to complain.

  • drewogatory

    For pete’s sake, how many pieces do they want to carve the AR pie into? Is every manufacturer going to start buying components, branding them and selling them on? It just shows you the asinine mark-ups on all things AR (and the import ban) that makes this crap profitable. I was in Turner’s yesterday and they must have had 100 AR variants and maybe, maybe, 30 or 40 TOTAL non-AR long guns. Ridiculous. With this level of market saturation AR’s shouldn’t cost more than $150, much less $1000.

  • Nathan B

    Things I Like:
    -No forward assist. Mossberg knows their audience, and they know that an FA on a civvie rifle is about as useful as tits on a bull.
    -Keeping the brunton bump, while killing the aesthetics of a slickside upper, makes it lefty friendly.
    -Free floating rails out of the box

    Things I don’t like:
    -Carbine gas, 16″ barrel. How hard is it to put midlength gas on 16″ rifles? (yes, I know my AR has this, and I dont particularly care for it, I was stupid when I bought it)
    -Doubly so on the carbine gas when there is a longer free float rail.
    -M4 profile barrel with the longer free float. the 203 cut looks wierd on a 16″ barrel, and doesn’t provide any real purpose to a civvie shooter.
    -Stark pistol grip. While I can’t stand A2 grips, the angle and beavertail kill the lines of the gun for me. I’ll keep my MOE grip, thanks.

  • Hogan


    This seems like a great way for Mossberg to lose money in a heavily competitive field. Well, I wish them luck.

  • Steve, do you know where can you get the Hunter Handguard?

    • Nathan, no, they did not mention who makes it. It could be made by Mossberg. I also really like it,

  • Nater

    I wish everyone would stop building me-too AR rifles. I don’t want an AR-15 from Mossberg, I can’t imagine too many others do either. If I’m going to buy a DGI AR-type rifle, I’m going to go to people known for them.

    Everyone knew this market would explode after the AWB ended. There was a decade of pent-up demand for new, non-neutered ‘assault’ rifles. Apparently Mossberg just figured this out nearly seven years later.

    • Nater,

      I for one am glad that Mossberg entered into the AR market.
      I am a hunter and use my rifles for hunting. I have owned one from 3 different manufacturers “who know how to make them” and so far NONE of them would reliably feed hunting soft points.
      One of them (the most expensive one I might add) was a “varminter” model and was the worst. Would not even load ballistic tips..
      I now own a Mossberg Hunter model MMR 556 and thank them for doing whatever it took to make a rifle that I can actually shoot soft points through for hunting… I got mine for $800. out the door.

  • Komrad

    It’s nice that manufacturers that were not formerly in the tactical market are starting up, but I’d rather see a new design than one that is as common as the AR-15.

  • Lance

    I like everything about the tactical BUT that dorky pistol grip but it could be replaced and the rest of the weapon looks sound.

  • If Mossberg is smart they will have one of their new AR rifles chambered in 6.8 SPC Spec. 11, 6.8 is getting very popular.

  • Burt Gummer

    Ho-hum, another AR.

  • Brian

    I know there will be many cynics and skeptics who won’t like this rifle. “Ho-hum, another AR”,”Enough is enough, already”, “Opportunists”, I say to them “Mossberg is a big old company with an excellent reputation. Why wouldn’t you want a company like that building AR pattern rifles? ” I hope they have built a nice rifle. Welcome to the fray, Mossberg!

  • Nadnerbus

    From a business sense, isn’t the black rifle boom pretty much over now anyway? I know AR rifles are still really popular, but 2008 to 2009 or maybe 10 seemed to be the peak of the bubble. Cashing in now seems to be starting pretty late out of the gate. I suppose a big company like Mossberg has run the numbers, but it just doesn’t make much sense to me.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    So, lets see…Colt, Smith, Remington, Ruger all are making AR’s now. So pretty much every major American gun manufacturer has and AR.. Counting down to the Winchester AR in 3…2….

  • JT

    I remember when you would barely see a single AR-15 on a store shelf. Only Bushmaster, Oly Arms, Armalite, DPMS and maybe one or two other companies made them and only a handful of people actually shot with them. Now they’re literally everywhere being made by everyone and you don’t have to settle for a carry handle scope and a sling as your only accessory. Things have changed.

  • Nater

    Well Colt has kind of always made ARs…

  • jdun1911


    The AR15 is the only rifle that has a good track of making back the money invested. Ar15 is the most popular rifle in America.

    The Ar15 is very inexpensive to tool up. There is already a lot of third parties that make inexpensive parts to buy. In other words companies like Mossberg do not need to invest in millions for tooling. They just buy the parts that they can’t make from one of many third parties.

    New rifle like ACR takes millions to tool up with sale less than a few thousands a year at most. Those are high risk investments and the only way to get back your money in a meaningful ways is to try to get a military contract.

    As a rule of thumb tooling up is a long and expensive process. High risk low reward.

  • howlingcoyote

    Hey Mossberg, make this rifle available in the following cartridges:
    458 Socom
    50 Bewulf
    401 Win. Self-Loading
    9mm Win. Mag.
    475 Wildey
    10mm Magnum

  • armed_partisan

    No chrome lined barrel? Not interested.

  • Beaumont

    Howlingcoyote may be onto something. Special runs of ARs in “boutique” calibers might raise a company’s name recognition and create enough of a buzz to increase overall profitability. A fair number of buyers are looking for something other than a “me too” M4gery. How about it, Mossberg?

  • J.stewart

    Why would anyone want to spend a grand on a Mossberg. The whole attraction of a Mossberg has been the fact you get a decent gun at a reasonable price. If someone is set to spend a thousand dollars on an AR style rifle why not pick up any one of a half dozen that come from dedicated AR manufacturers. Not from a company known for economical shotguns…

  • I think it’s great for consumers. The more choices the gun owning public has the better. We’ve never had it so good. The prices aren’t bad as usual for Mossberg. MSRP usually means that it goes for cheaper at the dealer.

  • Doug

    Im all for new companies getting into black rifles. But can someone please show some originality and start making new production FALs, Galils, or even M1s? Ill never complain that another company is making an assault rifle, but id love to see some new FALs, that don’t completely suck.

  • I think regardless of how redundant this is it helps establish the legitimacy of these weapons in the eyes of folks who may be hunters and shooters who are not serious enthusiasts like us. There are gun owners who still dont get it or think we need rifles like this. Folks who agreed with Bill Ruger SR. Everyone will come around eventually. If Ruger can do it anyone can. This is evolution.

    Does Mossberg not already provide barrels to some big names in the AR world?

    How long until they announce a 308 offering? I have seen a hint that they are perhaps looking in to it.

    • JiminGA

      I have an AR-15 and have been shopping for a .308 meat gun. In the process I discovered DRT ammo that has unique performance after the hit. Although I haven’t tried it myself, users describe it as effective for deer, hogs, etc. with one well placed shot. The ammo from DRT (Dynamic Research Technologies) has been nicknamed “dead right there”. I’m not a hunter, but buying .223 DRT ammo has negated my need to invest in yet another gun with the associated cost of the gun plus the needed ammo. It seems the .223 DRT ammo makes my 556 AR-15 my new meat gun.

  • Sian

    @nathan b

    I honestly can’t figure out why the mid-length gas system is not dominant in 16″ civie carbines. Can anyone tell me a downside of the mid-length?

  • Komrad

    If Mossberg started making a gun in .475 Wildey like howlingcoyote suggested, that would be cool. Until then, it’s just another AR.

  • i agree with some of the many ar models do we need?

  • Nater


    The mid-length gas system is dominant…at least from manufacturers that know the AR platform well. Knight’s, BCM, Noveske…they’re well known for their mid-length carbines. Even piston AR manufactuers are using a mid-length system. I know LWRC has one.

    @Doug DS Arms. A friend of mine has one of their 18.5″ Para models and it’s pretty good. I can’t compare it to an FN FAL, but I can say it’s far superior to any of those kit rifles and cheap re-mans that I’ve seen. Even Larry Vickers (apparently a big FAL fan) has one. They’re the best example of the FAL you can find without paying $5k for a pre-ban FN model. I just wish someone would start making new magazines for them.

  • Mike

    Hey, the more companies that produce the little black rifle the better! Besides, it should bring the prices down to where they should be: Around $400.00
    Good Work Mossberg…

  • skslover

    AR-15s arent my thing.. gimmie a decent ar-18, and maybe. Companies seriously start need to make new firearms.. i was hoping the future would have a very diversified firearms base, instead of matel-16’s all over.

  • Nater

    The AR is made from precision aluminum forgings at minimum, some companies just straight machine the upper and lower from billet. These aren’t cheap sheet metal rifles, they’re not going to cost $400 unless massive economies of scale are leveraged. I’m sure if you placed a large enough order with FN, you could probably get those prices.

    The AR-18 is available, just not as an AR-18. The bolt carrier design has been used, either in total or slightly modified, in the SCAR-L and SCAR-H, ACR, G36, and SA80. Unfortunately, you cannot buy an SA80. You really can’t buy a G36 unless you want to do a lot of work and track down a lot of parts (or pay someone else to do so). You can, however, buy the SCAR and ACR.

    I also don’t get the matel-16 comment. If it’s properly made, it’s very durable. The pistons in your car or trucks engine are aluminum forgings. It’s a great choice when you need high strength and light weight. For that matter, so are plastics and polymers. A PMAG will withstand pressures that would pop a steel HK magazine at the welds. Plastics can be as strong as you want them to be. I don’t see anyone complaining about their plastic Glocks.

    The variety of military type weapons available today surpasses any time period that I’m aware of. For the first time in decades you can buy a brand new rifle design in 7.62 NATO. Not a FAL or G3 kit, a brand new rifle. You also have new 5.56mm designs (SCAR and ACR), you have real intermediate calibers like 6.8 SPC, and you have all kinds of innovation in everything from hand guards to optics to slings.

    Hopefully things remain the same, but I have a bad feeling that one day I’m going to look back at this time period as the golden days.

  • Lance


    Problem is that the ACR and SCAR have too many plastic parts and are not as durable as a good AR. You can buy SA-80s and I know for a long while Armilite made semi auto ones but no one bought them and they stop making them.

    ARs are made because they work and are popular.

  • Komrad

    Armalite still makes AR-18s as the AR-180, but they are kinda expensive.

  • Nate

    Mossberg has always served me well and I intend to buy my first AR with a Mossberg stamp on it.

    • hcso4614

      Amen brother! Mossberg man til its all over

  • Nater

    Armalite hasn’t made the AR-180 in a long time. I don’t know when the ceased production, I think it was a few years ago. They make the M-15, AR-10, AR-30, and AR-50. They were making the 180B, which had a polymer lower and was fully compatible with GI 5.56mm magazines.

    As far as I know, the SA80 has only ever been sold to the British Armed Forces and the armed forces of Jamaica. I believe Sterling made a bullpup AR-18 at some point in the fairly distant past. The L85 and L86 are basically bullpup AR-18s.

  • will it be available for California too??? I hope it will!!

  • ant mich

    I hope the 308 will come with a mossberg price. we will have to get used to the grip i agree ,or change to a little Troy. After a few pricey builds i like the free float out of the box. We need mid-length, they are back-ordered. Maybe Mossberg could cash in on that. Offcourse we would still have to wait. Why doesnt anyone talk about DSArms Fal thingy. The videos are really cool and they blow up a car at the end. Mossberg 500 is a pretty tough gun. where can i get a moe grip/ubr/xtm for my 500. Back to the m4 . Way to go ,Mossberg, thank you. We hope you sell 100,000 in 2012. Everyone has an opinion and mine is like the pro-gun peoples should be. The more options, the better. I agree that this could sway some hunters into the tact world. Once you build one, and realize the endless configurations you can come up with, its like your golf clubs. Wow could we see the ar 10 around 1,200.00 or so. Keep us posted on the prgress. Doesnt the whole thing just feel good and happy. stare at the grip for a while and it might work. atleast you wont have to replace the gaurd because its built to the grip. that saves you 10.00. The only problem i have is buying the rifle complete. I kinda like using different parts. We gotta change the stock ,charging handle, flashsupressor and ,i hate to say it, the grip right away and its going to be a great mossberg rifle. I didnt think i would ever see this.

  • GOD

    Stop complaining. who knows perhaps it will be a better gun then what we have seen. Im an AR guy i own 4 complete ars and almost half a dozen different upppers and I am damn interested to see how good this gun will be in comparison to what else is on the market. When i bought my last AR a smith i was thoroughly impressed with it. It was sharper looking than my COLT and it crapped on my DPMS. This gun could be a major success if the price is right. The way i see it Mossberg cant make a worse AR than dpms, they are just terrible. And i could care less how long DPMS has been making ARs because in the last couple years ive seen smith and ruger turn out better functioning firearms with them being new to the AR game . This gun will probably be equivalent to one of CTs other AR producers Stag Arms just not another milspec. I have faith in mossberg. If bushmaster can go from producing horrible ARs throughout the 80s to producing neat and clean milspec rifles mossberg should be just fine.

  • ant mich

    Never mind ,I went with the Ma-Ten. What the heck ,Mega seems to kick everyones butt when it comes to this 308. You only live once. Rainier can hook you up. Just make sure you go DPMS High Pro on the handgaurd. I chose the Troy Ind TRX 308 HP Extreme Battle rail, VLTOR E-Mod enhanced stock, chrome DPMS bolt assembly, BCM Gunfighter charger, Rainer ss mid-length 16″ barrel, Yankee Phantom, Midwest Ind flip up sights, Ergo handle, ar10 buffer spring ,H3 5.4oz buffer, VLTOR 5 position receiver extension, DPMS lower parts kit, rainer gas tube and low pro block and 1/2 dozen DPMS 19 round mags. Also 1/2dozen MagPul 20 rounders and a 200 rd battle pack from J&G sales. We stayed all black with this baby and she is a bute. Short 16″ for my 1rst 308 but we can now get Ma-Ten uppers for a quick change out for longer shots. Next will come a longer barreled upper, but we have to stop there for a while so I can remain married. Mossberg 500s are a must have and are really cheap. No complaints here.

  • ant mich

    I thought the smith m&p ar had to be a revolver. Just kidden, Im extremely bored. When is wally world and academy getting the Mossbergs? Like donald would say, Oh boyoboyoboyoboy. More important where can we get those deadgum ruger 9mm carbine things that look like all the other 10/22 style rifles, come-on. They take the pistol mags ,Howboutcha. whats the 10/20 on nem-mare things, come-on? Remember the lever action 44mag carbines in the same look. what happened to all that stuff ? Maverick 88 cost you bout 189.00. Add a telescope stock for about 50.00 and a shot shell holder for 12.00. Wal-mart camo paints in ol’drab, dark earth and brown and you have a hella mean looken scatter gun for 265.00 plus tax. Dark Earth for the base coat with drab and brown spots. then add a single point sling. Serious good gun for the money. Same action as the 500. Cheap anough to paint on and experiment with. Camo paints running about 4.50 a can.

  • rey

    Mossberg has always had thier ducks in a row, this gun i am sure will be a straight shooter. Mossberg has been making tactical shotguns for years and i am sure this new line will be just as reliable and successful as the previous qaulity fireamrs Mossberg has been manufacturing for years. Way to go Mossberg!! keep up the great work!!!

  • rey

    One more important point about Mossberg, they keep things simple and reliable. I use to sell firearms and i sold more Mossberg shotguns than all of the other more expensive name brands. I am certain as i mentioned earlier that Mossberg’s new AR will be a straight shooter and highly reliable. The most important thing to remember about a firearm like an AR with a 1 in 9 twist ist that one must not welch on good qaulity optics,ammo and to always practice, practice and practice at the gun range. A man has to know his limitations. I speak from years of expierence with ARs. I own 4 of them-colt,r-15, bushmaster and rockriver now i will add a mossberg to my collection.

  • Zoktoberfest

    Say it ain’t so, Moss, not another AR 15???

    You should have invested that money into refining the tactical 930 SXP.

    I have finally come around to the semi-auto tactical shotgun as the weapon of choice WTSHTF.

    The managed recoil allows for better placed follow up shots (if needed).

    The 930 SXP is a good start, but fit and finish issues and the frequently reported malfunctions have to be address.

    I don’t hear such negative reviews about the 1100, albeit it’s a more expensive weapon.

    Figure out, how make the 930 SXP into the flawless fighting weapon it could and should be.

    I’ll pay a little more, if it’s deemed worthy, but I have my limits.

    PS: when SUVs first hit the market, back when, the auto manufactures took existing, pick-up truck platforms, added a shell, and sold it as a radical new product. But the cheap R&D did realize good profit.

    Building (another) standard AR 15 is (again) the cheap R&D route, but with so many respectable players. already established in the market, hardly worth the effort, from a profit perspective, imo.

    “Same old, same old”, just won’t get er’ done in such a brutally, competitive market.

    What were you thinking, Moss?

  • oghgul

    Spudgun (interesting name) is correct. I may be just another old soldier but a 6.8mm designed by special ops and in the exact design of the M14 using select fire and bayonet would be far more suitable to close and medium range combat, in both open field and jungle. They need to get back to bayonet training.

  • dan

    i live in canada are those MMR TACTICAL restricted here thank’s

  • chris sickler

    I would like to see tests. I know the new ruger has carrier problems. also would like to see a 20″heavybbl and will it except standard qt mags

  • c hris

    Also the gun needs fwd asst

  • 500blackwaterbreacher

    I got excited when I saw that mossberg was entering the ar market, I was disappointed when I saw the pricing, at those prices i’ll just get a s&w m&p 15.

  • Hello i really wanna know when the tactical version will be releasted. Ive looked every where and no release date. i even have mine pre ordered at KAMES . SOMEONE PLZ HELP

  • People can say what they want to speculate, but I bought a Hunter Model Mossberg MMR 556 yesterday because it seemed at least standard quality and was the cheapest to buy at the gun show.. I have owned some of the best named ones out there in the past paying over 160% more than I did the Mossberg. NONE of the big names would reliably load soft point hunting rounds, even though they were supposedly produced to hunt varmints with. After the initial wipe down and reoiling of all moving parts i tried to make my new Mossberg jam, stovepipe, or double feed and was not successful. Shooting a mix of every kind of .223 and 556 imaginable. Ball, soft points, hollow points, ballistic tips, frangible, and every one was found as “live” ammo left on the range for who-knows-how-long. Some cases were dented in from being loaded and ejected, some were dark brown from being weather beaten, one of the frangibles was broken with a flat tip, and every single one of them chambered and fired without a single problem. So as far as I am concerned I have the best made hunting sporting rifle made. You can have the big name expensive ones that look good but can’t shoot.

    • Sousk3256

      I was wondering where you bought your MMR because i cannot seem to find one anywhere.

      • SouthernShooter

        Gallery of Guns (Davidsons) have 12 in stock now.

      • daniel

        hi i am looking to purchase one of these but im in Canada and i been trying to find them but no success can you tell me where in the states or Canada thank’s

  • greeneaone

    When I came to this sight I came to read some info about the above rifle,
    instead you guys gripe and talk about every other product mossberg makes. Good job now maybe stick to the topic at hand.

  • james

    can anyone tell me if this rifle is a restricted rifle in canada please thank you.

  • Mike

    I’m looking to buy a MMR soon. The reason I’ve choosen Mossburg is because my dad bought a semi-auto 22 rifle in 1951. I learned to shoot with it and hunted with it for years. At the age of 14 I could hit nail heads in an old building at 25yds without a rest to shoot from. Of all the guns my dad owned this was the one I wanted most. But before he died in 2002 my brother asked him for the gun. I was really disapointed since as a kid my brother had a Winchester 22, that old Mossburg always out shot the Winchester. When I started buying shotguns I bought Mossburgs, they fit good, always worked in the worst weather while duck hunting. They still work just a good as they did the day I bought them. I liked that 22 so much that I set out to find one on the internet. It took me several years to finally locate one. As I’m now 63 my eye sight just doesn’t work with iron sights anymore. I put a scope on it and from a bench rest I can shoot 1″ groups at a 100 yds. For a gun that is 60 years old that is fantastic. So that is why I’ll be buying a MMR. I know Mossburg makes reliable accurate rifles that last a lifetime.

  • Grizzly

    Has anyone experienced issues after running 5 or so 30 rounds mags through the Flat top hunter 5.56, after 5 mags I pull the trigger and the rifle shot out two rounds. Tried again and it was another two round burst almost.. very weird.. I emailed Mossberg but they aren’t much help at this point in time.. still waiting for a follow up. I replaced the fix stock with a GLR-6 mil spec 6 position collapsible stock, I did notice that the cast nut came loose and the stock itself was not tightened all the way to the buffer tub pin.

  • BigNickWicked

    I own one, it’s awesome. Over 1000 rounds through it, no stuck rounds, no failure-to-feeds. Absolutely awesome. My Mossberg shotgun is godly, too.

    • BigNickWicked

      It’s an MMR Tactical, by the way. I forgot to mention that.

  • Supabadmofo

    Have one on lay away right now. Paid $745 plus tax, which equates to a great deal for what you get. All aluminum lower (no plastic), great free float hand guard with rails. The fit of the hand guard is a bit off, but the gun resembles the Ruger AR for half the price.

  • Bravo88

    I Bought a Mossberg MMR .556 nato tactical and am curious if it will also shoot .223 Rem. Can anyone please help me?

    • ldg1975

      5.56 x 45 NATO and .223 are physically identical the only real difference between the two is the 5.56 has more pressure, 223 rounds are more common than 5.56 and they are fine to shoot through your mmr

    • dwayne

      hey im Dwayne I own a MMR Tactical 5.56 can fire both 5.56 and .223 but if you have a ar-15 that’s chambered in .223 rem you can shoot 5.56 because that round is under higher pressure and mfged under high pressure so your good .223 rem for range 5.56 range&self-defense hope that helps I can build ar-15’s from scratch that’s why im going to be a gunsmith and sniper hopefully good shootin (gun control means hitting your target)a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun