Mini Machine Guns

Alexander Perfilyev, of Chita, Siberia, has been handcrafting miniature fully functional gun replicas for over 30 years. He even goes as far as rifling the tiny barrels! RIA have published a video (in English) about his hobby.

Alexander Perfilyev with mini Degtyaryov machine gun

[ Many thanks to Andrew for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Alex Vostox

    I don’t if this allowed by ATF or NRA law, but this Russian is awesome with gun craft. Probably Tamiya/Dragon/HotToys are looking for him right now.

  • Johann

    Reminds me of the swiss Leon Crottet, who has produced small batches working models in scale 1:2 of several weapons; unfortunately he’s not so well known outside of the german language territories.

  • j

    i like that c96

  • Martin (M)

    Now THIS is cool! I’d love to see more of his creations, and learn more about how he does it.

  • Squidpuppy

    Gotta say it: he’s got him some real mouse guns…

  • Pete

    Awesome. And no CNC. I wonder how he makes the rifling? Its a nightmare on regular sizes let alone tiny ones…

  • Bob

    Now if he can craft some really tiny cartridges, Game On! 😉

  • Zera

    No one’s said it yet?

  • howlingcoyote

    One of the old timers told me some time ago, that before the 1968 GCA, there was a guy who made minature Thompson machine guns in 25 Auto.
    Never saw one, just was told about it. Don’t know much else about it.

  • tahDeetz

    My GI Joe collection, just popped wood.


  • AJ

    These have been around for along time, you can buy revolver versions in the US, they are called pinfire guns, and they shoot 2mm pinfire rounds. You can also buy blank, and real ammo for them as well. A video on youtube shows a guy shooting a hole through a soda pop can, I read that the velocity of these pinfire 2mm rounds is approx. 400 – 450 fps, about the same as a pellet/BB gun.

    The pinfire guns I mentioned are all semi-autos, I have no idea about the legality of autos though?!?!