Is Green the new Pink?

A lucky 13 year old’s dad built her a florescent green AR-15 chambered in 6.8 SPC.

By now I am not just used to pink guns, I actually somewhat like them (don’t tell anyone) … I guess I can get used to green.

Steve Johnson

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  • Hryan

    After seeing a decked out CZ-75, I’d prefer blue myself.

  • Lance

    Looks ugly if you want green get OD green.

  • jdun1911

    It looks like spray painted.

    I would have gone with the Rit Dye for plastic. Much better and easier than air brushing or spray paint. It also cheaper, below $2 for a bottle at Wal-Mart.

    There was a thread a long time ago where Arfcom members Rit Dye their Pmags to blight Orange, Yellow, and Blue to use it for training.

    Anyway I still prefer pink to green for girls.

  • Benjamin

    Reminds me of the Canadian C7 and C8…

    • David

      Haha, they’re not fluorescent though, just OD.

      *Note to self* Keep in mind for future children….

      That’d be awesome to have

  • Andrew

    Trijicon ACOG?
    I didn’t get any of these things when I was 13.

  • Mobious

    At least the gun itself is untouched, as furniture can really get to be any color and still be fine, but if the whole thing were Green…
    Real guns looking like toys feels more problematic than toys looking real.

  • SpudGun

    I was going to be a self righteous old fart and say ‘it’s an abomination, it’s a rifle, not a toy, blah, blah, rant, etc.’ but really, it’s a civilian rifle for sport shooting, so it doesn’t matter what color it’s in, as long as it works.

    Comparatively speaking, I find this approach less ridiculous to the ‘Duracoat Mob’ who live in downtown Chicago but insist on FDE furniture and spray paint every gun they own in desert camo.

  • Anton

    Californa ready? 😛

  • Clayton

    Me either. Daddy loves her, I will be sure to work towards that for when I have children. What a great thing to wish you had have eh?

  • gunslinger

    My wife said if i ever bought her a pink gun…well it wouldn’t be pretty :-p

    her favorite color is green, so this might work. Wish they still have the colored receivers available.

    granted i’m also torn because guns shouldn’t look like toys…but you should be able to personalize them to a certain extent.

    oh cake and wanting to eat it…

  • A wonderfully symbolic gesture here. The good gentleman is going to take one lucky little lady shooting and hunting, which is good for the future of our great sport. And the green symbolizes the “organic” nature of the meat that the lady will harvest with her rifle. Now, shouldn’t that keep even the greenies happy? 🙂

    All in all, as the father of a little girl, I’ll say that this gentleman (and whoever buys their girls pink guns) are doing absolutely the right thing. Women have different tastes in color than men do. Nothing wrong with that. If it takes a pink, green or whatever other color rifle / shotgun / pistol to make your little girl happy when you take her shooting or hunting, then no one else has the right to complain.

  • JT

    When I was 13 we had the assault weapons ban

  • Kyle

    Yeah seriously I’m spending every cent I own to buy a Spikes tactical mid length and It has no goodies on it. I also don’t think I could afford the 6.8 costs what are those running these days in comparison to 5.56? Either way very lucky kid to keep firearms alive in the family enjoy it.

  • Jeff

    lol, the first thing I thought of was… damn, I wouldn’t spend that much on my kid,

    I would have been like: “I get the ACOG, you get a BUIS” =P

  • Talie

    WOW! My dad never gave me anything like that!
    But then my parents were anti-gun Liberals who thought that good people didn’t need guns. Bloody idiots they were!

  • cc19

    *Insert typical, “I-don’t-like-it-so-it-should-be-banned,” response here*

  • Paul

    I’m not sure how I feel about this father making a real gun appear more toy-like.

  • tommy2rs

    I don’t know, come a space alien invasion you wouldn’t be able to tell if you got green alien blood or slime on it. Not to mention gangrenous zombie bits if the whole zombie apocalypse comes about. ( / sophomoric humor )

  • DJ
  • Noah D

    Same color as the furniture on my kid’s off-brand ‘nerf’ guns.

  • Chase

    My sister would love this rifle, her favorite color is that shade of green.

    I hope that the U.S. military will finally discover what even a thirteen-year-old girl can understand, and adopt the 6.8mm SPC.

  • Is the title correct?

  • Mike

    haha, UK airsofters have been kitting themselves out with this kinda gear for ages- suppose it’d be good for home defense, “where’s my rifle?- oh yeah, the flourescent glowing thing in the corner!” (i know terribly unsecrure place for it but hey, it glows in the dark.) Personally, i prefer green over pink.