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  • jdun1911

    Wow those are some great deals. There price are better than Too bad I just bought another suppressor or I would have gotten an item or two.

  • So, basically it’s Groupon for guns?

  • kolya has been doing this for a while now, I use them for ammo.

  • jdun1911

    Palmetto state armory have father day sale AR15 lower for $49. I got one.

  • Adrian

    Guys, is indexing deals from all seller (including Buds, Cabela’s, Palmetto and others). Deals are submitted by users, so it’s kind of a place where people share deals that they find from all over with other visitors.

  • Very similar site;

    Has a good ammo price sorter with price per round and shipping calculated.

    Slickguns is pretty good, too. Found an Eotech 512 (new) for $355 w/free shipping, hard to beat.

  • Ok, now see the same deal on the image in your post. Perfect.

  • Greg

    There are tons of great deals on there that the users scour the internet and post everyday. I have it set to open in one of my tabs of my browser automatically so I don’t miss anything.

    The downside is that it is too easy to make a wishlist that gets very large, very quick with Slickguns.

    They do promotional contests to with some pretty good prizes and a raffle. Check out this month’s contest.