SIG P239 with Rainbow Titanium Finish

The SIG Sauer P239 is now available with the Rainbow Titanium Finish.

Caliber .40 S&W
Capacity 7+1
Finish Black Hard Coat Anodize (Frame) Rainbow Titanium (Slide)
Grip Polymer
Barrel 3.6″
Trigger DA: 10.0 lb; SA: 4.4 lb
Weight 29.5 oz
Sights SIGLITE Night Sights
MSRP (Price) $989

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • SpudGun

    As much as I hate pink guns and other such frippery, I don’t mind this rainbow finish. And if you’re ever attacked by a group of stoners, pull this baby out and they’ll stop attacking you and stare at the slide…for like two hours. 😉

  • Brian

    I can’t tell if this is amazingly awesome or totally fruity.

  • SKSlover

    @Spudgun ‘cept for the fact that most stonners are mostly peaceful. junkies on the otherhand wont give a crap if your gun has rainbows on it.

  • D

    It’s so fabulous!!!

    Unfortunately, .40SW is too snappy a round for the weak-wrist crowd that would buy a pistol like this. I’m thinking .32ACP might have been a better choice.

  • Kevin

    I purchased a knife with this finish, and promptly got labeled “fruity” by others.

  • sadlerbw

    I think it is horribly ugly. I asked my wife to see if I was being too macho and maybe it was more appealing to her…nope. She is a huge Sig fan, and still agrees it’s ugly as hell.

  • Entropy

    Yuck! That is all.

  • Anon

    Well, with ivory being harder and harder to get, pimps gotta have something.

  • Other Steve

    Agh! Mine Eyes! Mine Eyes!!


  • Griffin

    I suspect it is probably both awesome and fruity.

    All “pretty” guns strike me as both though. From fancy engraved $10k shotguns down to the humble chrome 38 special. If it’s shiny and pretty it’s a bit awesome and a bit fruity. Same goes for fancy painted trucks and yellow sports cars…

    I don’t think this is a bad thing, just not to my taste. Flat stainless or at the most a handsome checkered walnut stock is my preference on the “nice looking” end of the spectrum.

  • Bandito762

    Wow, that hurts my eyes…

  • Vyse

    I guess it is better than diamond plating all their models… But is that really saying much?

  • Billabong

    OMG that’s gaudy! I’d expect something like that from charter arms, but Sig? OTOH with their past choices, yeah.

  • cc19

    Double rainbow! What does it mean?!

  • I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Never thought I’d say this, but that SIG is ugly!

  • Marc

    For a non-nauseating product line-up visit

  • tincankilla

    nice. I think Sig may have realized that gays are an underexploited market for the firearms industry….

  • schadavi

    Neither me, nor my girlfriend, nor a gay friend of mine found this pretty.

    Sig Sauers marketing failed at picking colours – again.

  • Sorry, but I think that finish just made me puke into my mouth a little.


  • steve

    spudgun, stoners don’t attack people. And the rainbows go to them.

    funky gun though

  • Vitor

    It’s not titanium, it’s shaped from unicorn horn!

  • Komrad

    I knew a guy who had a titanium knife with this kind of finish. He kept bragging about it until I pointed out that titanium is worse than steel for blades because it’s softer, that shut him up. He was drawn in by shiny and TITANIUM STRONG. It seems to me like this is just another gimmick. What real advantage would titanium offer over steel. Maybe a small decrease in weight? In which case, I’d prefer a matte finish rather than that glare-fest.

  • Cymond

    Komrad, it’s just a titanium finish, not the whole slide. And actually, it’s some kind of titanium oxide that is supposed to be fairly hard, if you can believe what the similar knife ads claim. Still ugly though.

    Dear Sig, please stop with the endless model varieties. Not only do you have endless finishes, but you have several different grip & trigger varieties. Of course, not all (or even most) combinations are possible, so your product line can best be illustrated with a 3-ring venn diagram. Yeah, I like some of the finishes (Equinox), but you need to at least standardize the grip & trigger. Sig, please go back to making no-frills pistols that are utterly reliable.

  • Máté

    If you can paint it to any color, why not paint it to every color?

  • Droptong

    Case hardened steel has been used for function ( more durable bearing surface) and decoration on firearms for a very long time. The technique is being applied to a different/ modern material. Titanium produces a broader array of color when heated than steel. Komrad your buddy’s knife more than likely had titanium scales/handle and a modern steel alloy blade as straight titanium just won’t hold an edge due to it being a softer material. It being a softer material would make it absorb energy better and be more durable. Good tools are hardened and tempered. Hardened on the bearing surfaces and tempedred throughout the rest so they don’t snap when you apply force to them.

  • Airrider

    Apparently, the Sig P239 is now Equestria’s standard issue sidearm.

  • James G.

    It’s kinda like a modern color (not colour) casehardening.

  • MeAgain

    Ok, my first thought on that finish is “Man, that’s really gay and tacky.”
    Then I thought about it a bit more and remembered that my daughter really liked a Kershaw Leak in that same finish.
    Soooo….. after rethinking it I decided that it’s still really gay and tacky but…. if the women like it (or anyone) then they may buy a quality gun, have some enthusiasm for their handgun and possibly get some of their friends into it.
    My daughter shoots with me and once in a while will go to a gun show with me. She always comments on the Charter Arms revolvers in pink, purple, etc. The colored for some people and I guess that I’m kind of glad to see a higher end manufacturer putting out colored guns for those that are into it. Some people will buy for looks first and quality second. This fugly gun fills a gap for those that want a high end fugly gun in tacky eye burning colors.

  • My wife has a P238 in rainbow, and that’s a fantastic little pistol.

    The 239 is a great gun for all the reasons that count, and there’s no reason why a cosmetic finish changes any of that. I’m not sure it’s my thing, but I’m sure these will sell, and it almost always benefits the consumer to have more options.

    If you don’t like it, then just don’t buy it.

  • Frankchop

    I have one, bought an extra slide and extra 9mm barrel. Awesome function and while the slide requires more care to keep it scratch free and clean I think it’s cool looking. I am a straight man that likes rainbows and colorful shiny stuff on occasion. I even have an aquarium with colorful fish. It’s too bad that homosexuals didn’t choose some other symbol like Mickey Mouse ears because I personally think rainbows are kinda cool whether they are in the sky or in a puddle with some gun/motor oil floating on top.
    PS- I do not wear ascots or fashionable bowling shoes. But I do like this finish.

    • bigigg53

      I was wondering if there would be any issues with discoloration after firing rounds through the SIG P239 rainbow??? Will the finish stay the same?

      • Adam

        Again, this is caused by an oxidative process, with different temperatures producing different colours. You can see something like this occur on the chrome-plated headers of motorcycles. I would like to get a P239, but it would have to be a Tactical, owing to Canadian law (since 1995, <105mm barrels are 'prohibited'). One of these is just over a thousand, up here.

        You should check out My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. You'd be surprised at this show, and the very large male fan base, including military personnel:

  • Carlos Peraldi

    Taste the rainbow……… Tastes like lead……..

  • Adam

    Here, in Canada, this is all moot, since only the ‘tactical version (>105mm barrel) is legal.

    The finish is actually produced by an oxidation technique, rather than anodizing (as with aluminum):

    Ti has good fatigue resistance, so wouldn’t be a bad thing for a slide. And it is amenable to superplastic forming, which is cheaper than either forging, or machining from a billet, so costs might be a wash, compared to steel. Note that whatever is good for making, say, connecting rods, or suspension components is good for guns. Some company out to make guns out of austempered ductile iron (10% less dense than steel, superior fatique resistance, and can be integrated with the Tennifer treatment), but that’s another thing entirely.

    I’m too much of a dullard for something like this, or even colour case hardening (remember all of those tacky clocks, in the 1970s?). But I could see one of those crazy bronies picking one up, especially if one is a Rainbow Dash fan:

  • Susan Wesa

    I love mine, I think it is just beautiful. I had to wait 9 months to get it. Firing it is a real joy.
    I was stupid and left the manual booklet in the case. I now have slight scratches on the barrel above the safe……………… no one seems to be able to tell me how to get them out.
    I’m so mad at myself, wouldn’t you know after finding the one gun I just love this happens.