Girl, age 8, gifts teacher a loaded .22 pistol

An eight year old girl at Allamanda Elementary school in Palm Springs, Florida, gave her teacher an end-of-term present containing toiletries and a loaded .22 pistol. It is thought that the girl added the gun to the parcel without her grandmothers knowledge.

The mainstream media have focused on the unusual gift, but a loaded gun in a box or parcel is very unlikely to cause harm, but a loaded gun in reach of an eight year old is a disaster waiting to happen.

Steve Johnson

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  • Mike

    I had a .22 when I was 8 and I don’t recall any “disasters” occuring. Shame on you for buying into the left wing media’s bs. A child is just as capable of safely handling a firearm as anyone else with proper instruction and supervision. Children can be safer than adults because they don’t assume they know everything about guns and can be easily taught the rules of gun safety and abide by them.

  • I grew up in a house full of guns. So did my daughter. Both of us were eight during this period. No disasters. None. Common sense indicates we not have loaded guns available to unsupervised children. But, even this outlandish case proves disasters, thankfully, are rare. Even kids have a natural respect for firearms.

  • Winston Smith

    I thought this was about “guns not politics”. Loaded guns in the reach of an 8 year old is subjective; some 8 year olds may be able to handle it just fine, others not. Either way, it’s a family’s choice, and trying to enable/disable a family from making that choice is politics.

    • Winston, where did I say that laws should be passed to ban children from guns? I didn’t. But still, most people do not believe eight year olds have the decision making skills to be around loaded guns unsupervised … clearly that girl did not.

  • The bottom line is this…the best way to protect our 2nd amendment right is to teach our children and others about gun safety. Why? Because the second a story like this comes out, politicians jump on it to push anti-gun legislation. Thank god nothing bad happened to the girl or the teacher.

  • Hryan

    And why is this news in Edinburgh, Scotland?

  • Andrew (European Correspondent)

    I dunno, Steve…Millions of child soldiers in Africa can’t be wrong…

  • AK-Adventurer

    “”but a loaded gun in reach of an eight year old is a disaster waiting to happen.””

    Only if that eight year old is not properly taught! (as apparently this one was not) When I was 8, I had been shooting for 2 years, and damned well knew not to touch a gun at all without immediate adult permission and supervision. I also knew all safe handling practices.

    I sincerely hope that any and all gun owners with kids instill that same knowledge by the time they are 8, or younger.

  • Counsel

    Not always… I take my sons shooting, and both of them know what to do and not do when ut comes to firearms-loaded or not. While it is illegal to leave a loaded gun where a child can gain access to the gun, many of those states sell hunting licenses for kids to hunt wirh…you guessed ut…loaded weapons 🙂

  • Flounder

    I think this was an epic fail but I appreciate Steve keeping us informed. Yes some children are more mature than others but takin a loaded gun to school obviously shows that someone made a big mistake.

    I wish I could see the teachers face when she realized what was in that gift basket.

    And I am very glad no one was hurt.

  • Laserbait

    What a thoughtful gift! I bet the teacher didn’t get another gift like that from anyone else.

  • Squidpuppy

    “a disaster waiting to happen” is no less true if every child in the house is well trained – just saying: logically & rhetorically.

    I too grew up around guns, basically from age 0 onward, so did all my cousins and other relatives – nary an accident, even though we all knew where the guns were, and nothing was locked up. That never mitigated the potential for accident; there just weren’t any accidents.

    Personally, I find laws that absolve people of individual responsibility, accountability, and adult behavior offensive, stupid, and misguided beyond any notion of rationality & reason. Do we all want to be treated like 8 year olds? I don’t think so… heck, I know some 8 year olds with more sense.

  • Sean

    And the teacher couldn’t just say “thank you”, and accept the gun?

  • Mountainbear

    .22… I grew up with a cop as father. The lowest caliber we had was 7.62. I knew what to do with these things. I learned from my father that those aren’t toys.

    I started hunting when I was 16… Never had any issues with any of it. It was always clear. That’s a real gun, you need to handle it properly. Period. That was always clear for me.

    I can imagine the reaction of the teacher. “OMG! GUN! AAAAH!” Teacher probably thought the 8-year old is trying to kill her.

  • RustyShovel

    I am an unapologetic supporter of an American’s right to purchase, fire, store, and enjoy to the peace of mind that stems from firearm ownership.


    I am also bullish about firearm safety. Sure, I’ve taken my 8-year-old girl and taught her to shoot–under my direct, and sometimes stern, supervision.

    All children should be taught firearm safety, but children shouldn’t be allowed unsupervised access to firearms. A safe, or at least a locking cabinet, is a must for any gun owner with children.

    I have a rule in my house: If I happen to leave a weapon untended, and my kid calls me on it, I’ll take them to the toystore and let them choose anything he/she wants. If they touch the weapon without permission, however, they get a get a vigorous spanking instead.

    It’s happened once. My son stuck it to me and asked for a bike. Obedient AND smart; I couldn’t be a prouder.

  • Scott

    Please fix that headline. Thanks.

  • Airrider

    Come on, people, it’s just an anecdote. Besides, it’s not like this girl knew anything about firearm safety, which is why things could have turned bad. Thankfully they didn’t.

    This is why gun safety needs to be taught so anecdotes like this stay anecdotes.

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