Steyr AUG US Sales Will Continue

I spoke with the president of Steyr Mannlicher at IWA and he informed me that they will import the AUG to the United States through their Trussville, Alabama facility. This is good news for AUG fans, especially since the quality control will be under Steyr’s watchful eye, and not a corporate partner. However, I do not have specific dates or prices to report.

European-market Steyr AUG on display at IWA

The Austrian-made AUG has been produced, with several mid-life upgrades, since 1977, and is in use by various militaries around the globe. Demand for the AUG in the US in recent years reached a point that two American companies started to produce domestic AUG clones (with some changes) and Steyr partnered with Sabre Defence in the US to import genuine AUGs. However, the latter venture hit a major speedbump when Sabre’s executive team was arrested and charged with major felonies regarding weapons trafficking.

Andrew Tuohy

Andrew Tuohy was a Navy Corpsman with the 5th Marine Regiment. He makes a living by producing written and visual content within the firearm industry, and he also teaches carbine courses. He prefers elegant weapons for a more civilized age, and regularly posts at Vuurwapen Blog.


  • hardmack

    I am not an expert in all things but is that tactical scope (leupold CQ/T style) on backwards?

  • Bad Guy From Die Hard


  • Chase

    Hopefully they can bring us the version that takes STANAG (AR-15) magazines.

  • Jeff Smith

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but is that scope on backwards?

  • Colin

    Is that scope on backwards?

  • Paralus

    Good news. I was hoping they would realize the error of not importing AUGs into the US.

  • Komrad

    very good
    the aug is such a cool gun, it would be a shame if it went out of importation again, but it isn’t

  • ANGRY Ike

    Any word on whether or not any of the changes mentioned include changing the magwell to accept AR mags like Pmags and such?

  • Avery

    Hopefully this means that there can finally be a reliable supply of AUGs. MSAR has been having financial problems over the last year that have hopefully be resolved and TPD hasn’t been able to match the demand with their AXR.

  • thomas

    I am glad to hear this. Now if the other European manufacturers will follow suit.

  • SpanishInquisition

    @ANGRY Ike :

    Steyr makes a “NATO stock” for the AUG that accepts STANAG mags. It was already featured in this blog some time ago.

  • Andrew

    That is Steyr’s 1.5x optic for the A3, not a Leupold CQ/T. It is mounted correctly.

  • Rohan

    @ANGRY Ike :

    One of the major issues with 5.56 is the M16 STANAG magazine.

    239 out of 882 jams in the M4 dust test were magazines.

    Why the hell (except cost) would you want to go and use old thin mags, steel, alloy or P-mags when the Steyr are thicker and stronger and go into a bigger magazine housing?

  • jamieb

    I would love to see steyr augs with a full length rail with flip up sights. Similar to keltecs new shotty. Extend the rail forward I think the word is cantalevered so the rail goes right to the muzzle break or flash hider.

    Same goes for fn ps90 and fs2000.

  • Any word if they’ll have color options for the stocks? I like the green ones best. I was always jealous of the Kiwis I worked with in Afghanistan.

  • K-dAUG

    People may want pre-ban STANAG mags to legally get around state laws with 10 round restrictions, or possibly want to use mags they already own.

  • James

    @Rohan: Easy, magazine commonality.

    I have an AXR and although I run nothing but PMAGs, in a pinch it can work with my extensive collection of AR mags, of which I probably have around seventy or so.

    AR-type magazines are also much easier to acquire and replace. Keep in mind that magazines are a disposable item. When they give me trouble, I generally toss them (or rebuild them with Magpul parts if they’re GI mags and the feed lips are in good shape.)

    You mention that AUG mags are thicker – this is not a selling point. I have plenty of gear that works just fine with AR-15 mags, but it’s very hard to find gear that works well with AUG mags because of the size.

    Additionally, PMAGs have been nothing but reliable in the rifle.

    If you’re only going to own one rifle and you don’t care about finding mag pouches that fit, AUG mags make perfect sense. If you already have a collection of guns including AR-15s, AUG mags make very little sense.

  • Simmons


    Its not a cqt its a 1.5x sight steyr either makes or has someone do it on contract for them. It’s a lot like the ones that were integrated into the aug a1. They do look pretty similar with all those rails though.

    Good news about them making more, though I hope they get hammer forged barrels this time. It would be nice to have a steyr Aug to go along with my MSAR which has been a great little clone in and of itself.

  • John

    Pretty sure that the deal with Sabre was that the guns were mfg in the US under Steyr drawings and specs because AUGs don’t meet import requirements set forth in the 1989 import ban (same thing that killed the HK 90 series, Beretta, Sig, and other ‘assault rifles’ here in the US). The guns plainly are marked as being made in the US by Sabre for Steyr. My Steyr bolt action was imported with no problem. Really nice rifle though – wanted one since the mid-80’s I guess, and was able to snag one of the remaining Sabre guns before they dried up a month or so ago. Will be nice to see them imported if possible.

  • jdun1911


    You need to do more research on the subject.

    There is nothing wrong with GI magazines.

  • Gerald

    I’m afraid I have to agree with Rohan on this one. Having thicker feed lips is not a disadvantage in any way shape or form. Owning an AUG myself, I am of the opinion that the AUG mags are superior to any GI magazines. The polymer lips won’t bend like aluminum or steel, eliminating feed-lip creep, and they are thicker than polymer p-mags and thus less likely to crack or fail. The only real advantage to GI-mags is the universal compatibility. Pound for pound GI mags are far from the best magazine type around. Not that there is anything wrong with them, just that simply because they function properly does not mean that there isn’t something a little bit better out there as well.

  • Andrew (European Correspondent)

    The issue for me is not thickness, but design. The AUG was designed to work with the AUG mag and the AR platform was designed to work with its magazine. I would rather not have one using the other magazine.

  • Rohan


    “There is nothing wrong with GI magazines”.

    If that was the case folks would only use GI magazines and Magpul would be bust.

    No need for tan, black and all the types of followers.

    charles222on 20 Oct 2010 at 5:09 am

    Anyway. P-mags are a hell of a lot more rugged and well-made than USGI are. I love mine, and kudos to the Brits for buying quality magazines.

    jdun1911on 20 Oct 2010 at 3:04 pm

    By creating Emag Magpul admitted that the Pmag does not work across the board. They should get rid of Pmag and make Emag the standard.

  • Steve M

    Great news! Please, oh please, label the reciever “Steyr Sporter”, and bring it in with a 20″ bbl. I would be very happy.

  • Spiff

    All this chatter about “GI” magazines, and the dozens of after market AR magazines, is totally unnecessary if you use the Steyr AUG factory magazines. These magazine have been around awhile, and are built to NATO standards, so, unless you are in the habit of throwing your magazines away, get the Steyr AUG with the factory mags, plus about 4 more, and you will be set for many magazine non-malfunction years of use…

  • Jonas

    Is that scope on backwards?

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