Leupold VX-R 1.25-4 Pig Plex

Over at GunBlast Jeff Quinn reviews the Leupold VX-R 1.25-4x illuminated scope with the Pig Plex reticle.

Jeff says

The unique Pig Plex reticle of the VX-R Hog uses three heavy posts for the bottom vertical and the outward portions of the horizontal crosshairs. These are heavy and bold enough that Leupold has plenty of room to place the words “Pig” and “Plex” within the horizontal crosshair. These heavy posts naturally and quickly guide the eye to the center, where Leupold uses a circle-dot, with two additional aiming points below the circle, giving the shooter a total of six aiming points, using the edges of the circle, the center dot, the lower cross wires, and the top of the bottom post. In addition, on the thin portion of the horizontal crosshair, there are two hash marks to help with the correct lead on a running animal.

The Leupold VX-R debuted at SHOT Show. The quality of the glass, I was told by a Leupold rep, sits in between the VX2 and VX3 glass quality. They are really nice scopes and I plan on buying one in the near future.

Steve Johnson

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  • drewogatory

    Ok, but why the 30mm tube? It’s not needed and makes the scope far heavier than it needs to be. For example the Millet 1 x 4 is a joke, that thing is as big and heavy as my 3.5 x 10 FF Mark IV fer pete’s sake! Other than that, this takes the 1.5 x 4 Turkey Plex shotgun scope that I use on my Beowulf and fixes every issue I had with it, but at a much higher price point and in a bigger package. I guess I’ll need to handle one to see if the weight is an issue.

  • texasaggie2005

    Great looking scope, but that Pig Plex in the horizontal crosshairs would drive me nuts.

    • texasaggie2005, I agree. I like the reticule, its like a enhanced German-#4, but that writing would also drive me nuts.

  • Axel Nordberg

    Way too much stuff in there to ever be a reticle in any scope of mine.

  • drewogatory

    Do the other three reticles have the writing? Hard to tell from the Leupold site, but doesn’t look it. Looks like we would want the “Fire Dot 4 (metric)” except it doesn’t have the hold overs either. Wow, Leupold, way to f’ up the most useful reticle.

  • solen

    Does anyone know, How heavy and bold are the horizantal crosshais of Leupold VX-R 1.25-4 Pig Plex at 1x and 4x powers respectively .
    if the crosshairs are thinner at 1x but getting bolder and heavier at high powers 2x, 3x, 4x than it is adifferent issue.
    I have DOCTER 1X4- 24 30 mm scope .
    1x the cross hairsat 1 x power are very thin but rotating to heavier power settings the crosshairs get bolder and heavier.
    What is the situation for Leupold VX-R 1.25-4 Pig Plex.
    Can any one post two pictures of the crosshairs at 1x power and 4x power so that we understand the difference.
    Thanks in advance