A woman’s review of the Flashbang Bra Holster

Bitter was initially a skeptic of the Flashbang bra holster but, after trying it out, she was surprised to find that it worked well.

Bitter says

I was wearing a ladies t-shirt in a solid color, and Sebastian said he could tell from some angles that something was there, but he could not tell that it was a gun. We also experimented with drawing it, and it was easier than I thought it would be. They describe the holster portion as “thermo-plastic molded clamshell designed to snap in place over the barrel/slide and trigger guard of many small .380 pistols and j-frame revolvers.” Snap indeed. It’s different than anything else I’ve drawn from, so I would suggest that any woman who buys it practices some dry runs.

Steve Johnson

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  • 032125

    Thus the folly of knocking what hasn’t been tried.

  • SpudGun

    Like Bitter, I too was skeptical to the practicality of the Flashbang, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

    I’m an advocate of ladies not carrying a gun in their purse as there are so many things that can go wrong – purse snatchers, accidental discharges, inquisitive children, etc., so this might be a better option if they’re unable to hip carry.

    I’d like Bitter to do a follow up piece, not so much based on different types of bra but on different clothing styles. Men are easy, we have a t-shirt or a button shirt and that’s about it, but women have more ‘esoteric’ choices and aren’t always in an easy access garment.

    Finally, I have to say it – is that a gun in your bra or are you just pleased to see me?

  • Lance

    Looks HOT!

  • Eric

    I really like the idea. No off body carry and a high level of concealability.

    I wonder if they would make a version for the guys? Like a belly band, but for higher.

    I almost have enough on to, to be able to use something like that. A dress shirt and tie would provide enough cover.

  • Eric

    that was “enough on TOP, to use something like that”

    Where’s the “EDIT” button??

  • dwbliss

    I am super pumped about the flash bang! I had to move it around a little bit to work right with my brand bra and different shirt styles, but so far so good.
    I was a little worried at first as everytime I bent forward it would flip up and stick out, but I tried the different sized leather snap straps until I found one that worked and I also changed placement strategies inside my bra. I’m also not well endowed up top and very high waisted but the advertisements with the pregnant lady made me feel like I might have a chance with it.
    I’m a little anxious to see how sweat affects it and my kel-tec, I am very active outside and I don’t like to go with out my little friend. However, I’ve been having to carry my kel-tec around in my purse or my back pocket and gotta be real honest that its stood up to all sorts of goo that finds it’s way in there including cheetos, dog treats and horse food (i’m a mom what can I say). I haven’t had a chance to wear it riding a horse so i’m not sure what that kind of bouncing will do to it’s positioning. But I am definitely not appehensive. It also feels absolutely secure. The trigger guard is so very secure that I am not nervous at all about pulling it out. But I figure I’d rather shoot my boob than get kidnapped, strangled, or raped.
    I definitely recommend it!

  • Miffed

    Too bad the company isn’t more professional. You can only purchase this through eBay and they sit on their product FOREVER before shipping it. Frustrating to be treated like a lesser priority when you’re a paying customer.

  • pjs

    My question is… just how long are the straps that attach it to the bra? Like will it snap onto a bra with a 4 inch band between the girls?

  • pjs

    I am glad to see these reviews, I have been hoping to find someone that has actually tried it! I just emailed them with some questions. Will post when I get a response!



  • pjs

    I contacted them through http://www.looperbrand.com and got a response within 2 hrs. I do not work for nor am I affiliated with the makers of the “Flashbang Bra Holster” This is a copy of the email I was sent:

    We can custom make a strap for any bra band. That’s not a problem at all. If you order online you can write in the comments section that you would like a strap to fit a 4″ bra band. Or if you purchase one from a retailer just shoot me an email with your shipping info and I’ll send you one.

    Thanks so much!
    Lisa Looper
    Looper Brand
    2124 S Prospect Ave
    Oklahoma City, OK 73129
    800-299-5667 phone
    405-677-1555 fax

  • mica

    intresting new hideing spot for a firearm however i forsee futuer issuse,s in pre discharge befor full action

  • machodog

    I bought the Cozee holster and I love it. It’s under my arm out of the way and it doesn’t matter how I bend…it doesn’t gore me like a holster set below the cleavage would gore you in the stomach each time you bend over. Also, how are you supposed to draw your cleavage gun if you’re grabbed around the waist?
    . Once you put it on, after 5 minutes, you forget it’s there. Padded and very comfortable.