Sig Sauer 1911 TACPAC & New Sig 1922-22

The Sig Sauer 1911 TACPAC includes a Sig Sauer 1911 TACOPS (Tactical Operations) a 1911 Nitron (but with thud addition of the Ergo XT grips, like the TaCOPS).
, roto-paddle holster with integrated magazine pouch, Allen wrench, speed loader, and hard carry case. The MSRP is $998.

1911 TACPAC Kit

Also new from Sig are Sig 1911-22 pistols in OD Green or Flat Dark Earth finish with U.S.” engraved walnut grips. The MSRP for these is $420.

UPDATE: The TACPAC includes a 1911 Nitron, not a 1911 TACOPS. Non the less, Jeff’s review of the TACOPS is still worth reading.

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  • Todd

    There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of info on the Sig 1911-22 in the wild. How is the build quality? What is the street price?

  • schadavi

    The Sig 1911 22lr is the same gun as the GSG 1911, just painted differently.

    And it makes me angry every time Sig Sauer releases a new cool product, but we germans have to re-import them to get them. Makes me want to drive to Eckenförde and give them some direct customer feed-back (consisting of actions between my feet, and their ceo’s back)

  • Bryan S

    Nice to see the iTac holster getting some love. Ive been running 2 of them for about a year and a half, with good results, including a lot of tugging during a retention seminar / class.

  • Matt

    A am becoming addicted to 1911s in fde.

    But I still contend that a 1911 that will be used in a “tactical” Mil or LEO situation needs to be double stack and will need to have most or the frame/slide rail cut out. I think the full length rail is the only reason alot of 1911s won’t run dirty. Look at all the new polymer guns, they’ve all got for little short rail nubs at the corners instead of a full length rail. This allows debris to fall out/ be swept away from the slide channel. Why has no one done this?

  • AnointedSword

    Yup, and it will only cost you an arm and a leg. I will stick with my plastic pistols that get the job done easily.

  • I really like what they’ve done with the slide! Removing that freaking Sig slide relief that they had on the sides smooths it up and makes it amenable to more holsters. And YOU know it’s still a Sig, so there’s that reassurance thing.

  • Wow. These 1911’s look great. Even the .22 cal. I realy like the Sig name and have been a fan for more than a decade. Good stuff.

  • These are really nice. I actually even like the .22’s. I guess, you can’t go wrong with a Sig.

  • Bill

    Are Sig 1911s still ‘non=standard?” in dimensions with other 1911s? I have a Gov’t length carry model that is too tight to fit into a Serpa holster, suggesting the slide may be a tad wider than other 1911s.

  • Hmmm, guess Sig and Springfield Armory get their grips at the same place? Those grips on the 22’s are identical to my Springfield Armory 1911A1. Are the Sigs made in Brazil too?

  • Jim

    @Rafael… I agree, even the .22 looks sweet.

  • michael

    I was wondering if i should pick up the sig or the para tac 1911 i have owned a springfield that i loved ang regetted selling and i would like to know which would be closer to the way my springfield handled and fired ?

  • David Poulain

    I just bought a Sig Sauer 1911 22. Have not had a chance to fire it but I am so pleased with all the favorable reviews on this site. I have a good selection of 22 ammo from CCI HP and LRN 1080 FPS. Some Winchester Target? HP, Federal Gold Medal LRN. Remington Thunderbolts LRN, Sellier and Bellot LRN[seems dirty]. I don’t have any Mini-Mags. Some reviewers think the Mini-Mags work best. I’d like some feedback from shooters who have found the “Magic Bullet” for this beauty. At Scadavi, the fish we buy here says, Product of China. As a Maritimer that blows my mind. Thanks.
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  • Scott

    Ok folks. I could use some advice. I attempted my first shots today and found that my new Sig 1911 would not feed 230 grain ball Winchester or function with any mag other than the Sig factory mag. It would feed Remington Golden Sabers. I would like to know if factory mags are the only acceptable mags because with the Chip McCormicks the pistol would not lock in battery. I was led to believe that the weapon would function with other 1911 mags.