Flashbang Bra Holster

Flashbang Bra Holster is an interesting concept. According to the designer, the gun can he unholstered and fired in under 1.5 seconds with very little training.

Would this be a comfortable way to carry? Having never worn a bra, I have no idea. Maybe some of our female readers can share their opinions in the comments.

It is currently only sold on ebay. The holster costs $40 and is available for the Kel-Tec P3AT, S&W J Frame, S&W Bodyguard 38, Ruger LCP and Ruger LCR.

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Edward

    For some reason, other than the last draw/fire sequence, the draw seemed to be a very conspicuous motion, and the “fires” were all from the hip… I wonder what the times would have been like for draw/aim-down-sights/fire?

    The main problem that stood out to me though is that in the event of an accidental/negligent discharge when holstering, it seems like an awfully unsafe position for that compared to a downward-pointed holster, whether on the hip, thigh, IWB, or even cross-draw.

  • Kempy

    Two seconds is fast. But, are you going to walk around with a round chambered? I don’t know if there’s a safety that she’s hitting, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar video on YouTube of a girl shooting herself in the left arm while taking it out of her shirt.

  • Oswald Bastable

    I can see the gals from my books using one!

  • MibZ

    Not a bad idea, but as it has been said before I can easily see some pain being inflicted by this with a lack of training.

    But I can’t deny that it would be a very inconspicuous way to carry, especially while wearing tight clothes; she had a relatively tight shirt on and you couldn’t see the gun, and with women’s jeans you could never hide an in the belt holster very well.

  • Huey148

    Why carry without one in the chamber? If the holster is properly designed to cover the trigger guard area (ad it appears it is) and the shooter is properly trained to keep their finger off the trigger until ready to fire I don’t think that there is much of a safety issue. As for holstering, as per most people, you shouldn’t be constantly pulling and holstering your CCW anyway…put it on deliberately before you go out and leave it alone unless you need it…not flashing your piece is one of the “commandments” of CCW…

    My concern would be for other females that may not have the….how should I say…assets…to hide the outline of the pistol under their shirts like this young lady…

  • Jay

    It would be very difficult to accidentally shoot yourself with the type of pistols the holster is made for. Plus it is said that when holstering you should do so leisurely. Chest mounted pistols are more of a danger to the person standing next to you or in that direction rather than yourself.

    This is probably the best way for a female to carry a pistol on her person. If they have a larger enough chest size the pistol should be imperceptible. In addition men will most likely pay more attention to the upper portion (cleavage) of the chest.

  • michael

    Definitely a C or D item. With an A, and maybe even a B, she’d probably lose the concealability factor.

  • Kempy

    I can’t imagine they teach you, or command you, to carry your pistol with a round chambered and the safety off. Are they teaching people how to defend themselves, or how to aggressively assault structures under heavy opposition?

  • Kempy

    News at 9, woman shoots off left breast, fatally shoots boyfriend in head.

  • Marsh626

    This just pisses me off even more. Female shooters already have the perfect gun carrying device – the purse. Hell, if I was allowed to carry a purse, I’d be carrying a full sized handgun with an extended mag, optics, light attachment, extra mags, etc. Now they have to rub salt in the wrounds by being able to carry guns in their cleavage. And to make things even worse, most females hate guns and don’t take advantage of being able to carry them so convienently.

    Which doesn’t make any sense. Guns are the ultimate equalizer. Due to their small size, the only thing that’s going to defend them from a male attacker would be a gun. Rape and muggings would become an obscure crime of the past – like shooting someone with a bow and arrow – if females would just start freaking carrying guns. Snap to it ladies! And fellas, convince the anti-gun females in your lives to come around and start carrying!

  • MibZ

    I see it being similar to having a firearm in your trunk. You’re bringing it with you for whatever reason, but unless you’re going hunting or to the range you don’t actually plan on using it, it is just with you in case you need it. You wouldn’t keep your oven preheated just in case you get hungry for pizza some time during the week.

  • tincankilla

    Better stated, the price is $40 + $3000 for a breast enlargement. This definitely would not work for my girlfriend – she’s much more petite than this gal.

  • Huey148

    Well Kempy, a gun like that doesn’t have a manual safety…the long trigger squeeze and the shooters training IS the safety….when you might actually need it to defend yourself do you want to be able to draw and fire first or draw, have to chamber and then fire? Think about it, does your local police department carry with nothing chambered?

    Check out the video again and look at her trigger discipline, her finger comes off the trigger after she has taken each shot and assessed the target..that is training in action.

    And I never said carrying with one in the pipe was a “commandment”…not needlessly flashing your piece in public and constantly drawing and reholstering was…if you want to “Israeli Carry” with nothing in the chamber fine, go ahead and do so. I have nothing against that if it works for you. Its up to each permit holder to decide when and how to carry based upon their own evaluation of their situation and training level.

    And how do you make the logic jump between my comments about carrying with one in the chamber to assaulting structures under heavy opposition?

  • DaveR

    How many women are going to take this to the range to practice?

    And there’s just way too much time spent with hand on gun and the muzzle pointed at ones own body. Just seems like a recipe for an accident.

  • I teach / encourage people to carry with a round chambered. We’re not filming a Hollywood movie. If someone becomes engaged in a gunfight, then it is likely to be nasty and short. Practice trigger discipline under stressful situations and spend at least as much money on training as you do on the firearm (holster, etc).

  • Hogan

    Neat idea, but seemed a little “sweepy”
    Re-holstering seems straight up dangerous.

    Still, its neat to see people trying new things.

  • I’m unimpressed with the time-to-first-shot if the first shot is an un-aimed shot into the backstop. I would also be very concerned about pushing an un-trained shooter for speed in a drill that did not include seeing the sights on target. All it’s going to take is one time where her finger gets ahead of her hand and she’s going to put a round into the air, the person to her left (hypothetically–there was no person to the left in this drill), or her left arm.

    Actually, back up. I take that back. I would be very concerned about pushing an un-trained shooter for speed… at all.

  • Bryan S

    Kempy… maybe that pistol doent have a “safety”, and maybe some people dont like trying to fiddle with other controls while in a high stress situation.

    Maybe your cup o tea doesnt work for others.

    Dunn about you, but my safety is located 3 feet above my rear end.

  • Sian

    @Kempy all of the pistols this holster is made for are simple concealment DAOs or revolvers. None of them have a manual safety, relying instead on a long hard double-action trigger pull and the user’s gray stuff to prevent accidents.

  • Mark C

    Round chambered is just common sense. It’s meant to defend you, so why in God’s name would you carry a weapon that you’d need to cock first before being able to use. Safety on is generally the best policy, and was taught to me when I went through concealed carry training. That being said they can only suggest about your carry. You couldn’t train with anything less than a .38 but you could carry a .22LR. Also, the reason she’s firing from the hip? It’s because it’s demonstrating a close-proximity attack, like a guy suddenly trying to grab her on the street or near where she lives. At those ranges, the target is much bigger so you can hit it fairly easy, hence the hip shot.

  • WeaponBuilder

    Kempy must be new to CCW…

    A round in the chamber of a firearm is a necessity. In all 21′ defensive engagements, and tests thereof, there has ***NEVER*** been a single person that can DRAW a gun, CHAMBER a round, and FIRE within the time an attacker with a knife can close the 21′ legal defensive distance. NEVER.

    To carry a gun without a round in the chamber is completely useless, and rather ingnorant.

    Whether or not the gun has a safety and it is ‘On’ is irrelevant unless we’re discussing single-action pistols with light triggers in ultra-compact designs. Of which, there are extremely FEW such guns on the market today. A vast majority of these ultra-compact CCW pistols are striker-fired or hammer-fired and they have LONG, HEAVY, double-action style trigger pulls just like every other revolver that has been on the market for decades. Such guns almost never have safeties, and with such a long, heavy, and deliberate trigger pull they really do not need a mechanical safety.

    ‘They’ DO teach people to carry guns with loaded chambers – even if the gun is without a mechanical safety.

  • No, I couldn’t recommend this holster. The thing requires a very dangerous sweep of the chest/upper arm and an AD could result in a very dangerous or fatal wound.

    Definitely not recommended.

  • James


    Why would anyone carrying for self defense NOT have one chambered??
    Take this holster for example, it already averages 1.5 seconds to draw and fire, now add taking off the safety and racking the slide and you are at, what, 3 seconds?

    Look up the security cam video of a jewelry store owner being shot and killed by thugs as he fumbles to get his safety off and rack the slide. After seeing that, I never carried with an empty chamber again.

    As for this holster, my first thought is like some others have expressed, that the positioning seems to be dangerous as it points to either the left arm, or even the breast, but, like someone else also said, the wearer shouldnt be holstering and unholstering anyway, so I think it could be a viable CCW holster.

  • Your best safety is the one attached to your hand.

  • Hham

    I believe she is carrying a p3at. It has no safety. If she was attacked, with one OUT of the chamber, she would be dead. To draw a empty pistol in a attack, will, most likely, get you killed. Now, that being said, it is more dangerous to carry with one in the pipe. Hell, is it not inherently more dangerous to carry a gun to start with?
    All things considered, with proper and continual training, this looks to be a great holster for females. Tight clothes, small purses, fashion is against CCW women. This seems to help bridge the gap.

  • charles222

    can’t imagine that front & rear sight posts potentially rubbing on your boobs would be all that fun.

  • PKelley

    I don’t know if I can make a decision on this without seeing in on a live model.

  • Bandito762

    Yes you should carry with a round in the chamber, but of course you are going to have the safety on.

  • As a man I wouldn’t mind having the same holster when I wear a loose fitting buttonup shirt. Don’t know how to size one for man boobs but it has some advantage over other consealed carry for sure. As always any and all products for carrying a firearm should be done by a trained and or experianced individual.

  • Karl

    I too, wonder about the time to take an aimed shot from the draw. As for safety, it appears that the holster is designed properly and covers the trigger. Not to mention the fact that all the weapons that it currently accommodates have heavy double action triggers, which negate the need for external mechanical safeties, provided that the operator is properly trained.

  • Billabong

    POP! Heart shot!

  • fw226

    With all the safety systems in guns nowadays (grip, trigger, trigger blocks, etc), it’s not unreasonable to carry with a round chambered and no positive safety. I might argue that you should have some experience before you carry in that manner, though.

  • Dom

    It appears that the holster will only work well at concealing the firearm with, uh, well endowed women. Those who are less busty may not be able to conceal as well.

  • Patrickcudd

    Hey Kempy, you ever heard of a Glock? If so, do the thousands of cops that carry them chamber a round or click off the safety when they draw?

  • It looks dangerous to me…

  • treestump

    Police carry with the safety off and the round chambered all the time. Its called a glock. Very few things are more useless in this world than an unloaded gun…

  • Lance

    it will make the Victoria Secret fashion show more fun to watch now LOL :X

  • Shootin’ Buddy

    You can see how concerned for safety the designer has by the way he protects the girl’s eyes.

    She laser her left arm every single time she drew. Enough cops shoot themselves in the arm with those goofy tv cop drama shoulder rigs.

    This video illustrates what is wrong with the gun culture (at least some in it) in its disregard for safety. “Well, no one has been shot yet so there’s no reason to worry.” Disgusting.

  • Zach

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks like the muzzle would be digging uncomfortably into the left boob in that picture?

  • jdun1911


    Real life isn’t a TV show, movie, or game. Don’t mix fantasy with reality.

    You carry one loaded or don’t carry at all. Most handguns don’t have manual safety. While I’m not sure what type of handgun she used in the video, my bet is it either DOA or strike fire which in 99% of the cases doesn’t have manual safety.

    Carrying one loaded is normal training. The big boy rules applied. She did not break any of the rules in the video.

    Gun Safety Rules:
    1. All guns are always loaded.
    2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
    3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
    4. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

  • jdun1911


    She is point shooting. Some people don’t like point shooting some do. There are schools that teach point shooting. For me it just another thing to learn.

    Horizontal holster have been in used for something. Horizontal shoulder holster is most seen on TV cop shows. Horizontal back holster which I admit I used from time to time because it is very comfortable for conceal carry. The bra is just another take on it.

  • Kate

    Am I the first woman to comment on this so far?

    Seems like an awesome way to carry, although I wish they had something similar for slightly larger pistols. I never liked the tiny light ones.

    I personally carry a full size Dan Wesson 1911 under my breasts, but it’s a more elaborate chest rig (not originally made for female chests either) and would never work with a tight shirt on, the gun outline would be totally visible.
    But with a sweater (even a girly semi-tight one) it conceals very nicely.

    I’ve always been of the opinion that nature gave us breasts to hide guns underneath. It’s just so perfect for it, a natural overhang that keeps the clothes away from the body enough that you can’t spot the gun beneath. I wish there were more bra-holsters out there.
    Of course, it wouldn’t work if you had very small breasts, or if you had a gut.

    • Kate, thanks for your comment. Who makes the chest rig you use? Are you able to draw it without pointing it at your heart/stomach/breasts/etc ?

  • KBCraig

    Kempy, I’m not being sarcastic here, but… have you ever actually carried a defensive handgun?

    Of course you carry with a round chambered! Why carry an unloaded gun? As for the manual safety, or lack thereof, a small DAO pistol works exactly like a DA revolver: the only safety needed is the long and relatively heavy trigger pull.

    Edward, this is a self-defense tool, not competition. Even drawing from a belt holster at 6:00, I usually practice firing exactly the same way. It’s called firing from the retention position, one-handed with your strong elbow locked to your hip. Why? Because at real-world self defense distances, a full two-hand extension means making contact with the bad guy.

    I practice firing from retention starting with both hands on the target, close enough that my elbows are almost touching it. Push back, rock back while drawing, fire one shot, take a full stride back and establish a two hand grip, fire again, then get even more distance while continuing to fire if necessary.

    There’s no such thing as aimed fire at 3-5 feet. Just shoot!

  • Beaumont

    Errrr….Kempy, the most popular pistol in the world, the Glock, has no manual safety. Many other modern pistols lack a manual safety as well. The pistol in the video appears to be a Kel-Tec .380, which, likewise, lacks a manual safety.

    Police officers, military members, and armed citizens, who carry Glocks carry them with a round in the chamber. The reason is quite simple: it would be quite difficult to respond to a threat adequately if one was required to rack the slide before firing. Your reaction time is too great to permit such an action before your opponent — who likely DOES have a round in the chamber — can put you down.

    By the way, regardless of the presence or lack of a safety, the so-called “Modern Doctrine” of carrying the defensive pistol with a round chambered has been accepted for some fifty-odd years. I suggest you read some of Jeff Cooper’s writings on the subject.

  • Mark C

    While I admit that the positioning of the barrel isn’t perfect, neither is pointing a gun down your leg, either. Hell, carrying a gun period is dangerous, that’s why we train. At least those of us that CAN carry. Since I now live in the Republik of Kalifornia, I have two choices: suck the Sheriff off to get concealed carry permit, and shell out about half a grand in the process, or open carry with a completely unloaded weapon. Until this state becomes Shall Issue, I’m sticking with my blades, at least those haven’t had stupid laws that don’t affect anybody but law abiding citizens passed. I swear the people in this state need to grow a pair and realize they are making a state of victims.

    “Cum catapultae proscriptae erunt tum soli proscript catapultas habebunt”
    When catapults are outlawed only outlaws will have catapults.

  • Kemy

    I’m not going to argue with you trolls. There is nothing to gain by it. You’re all experts. A gun has never gone off unintentionally. Semi autos are more reliable and safer to carry than a revolver with the hammer down on an empty cylinder.

  • Kemy

    Now the trolls are going to rape me because I typed cylinder instead of chamber, before they read the next comment, lol.

  • Patrickcudd

    Shootin’ Buddy: The guy in the video is not the designer…. Go to Flashbang.com. The designer is a woman. The guy and the girl in the video are customers of the designer.

    Kate: I’m sure you could custom order one for a 1911. I’ve known the owner for a while and they may be willing to do a custom for you.

    Kempy or Kemy: How is someone pointing out your error a troll? You seem to need more education in firearms. Please read and learn and don’t be so quick to anger when someone (or everyone) disagrees with you!

  • Khorre

    @Kemy: calling people trolls is never a good way to get respect or listened to.

    I for one would like to hear more from Kate, since this holster is meant for female shooters, I would like to hear their take on it. Especially if there are any who have actually tried this holster themselves.

  • SKSlover

    @kempy, chill out dude.. everyone’s intittled to their own opinion.

  • Sean Casey

    No eyepro on the shooter. There’s safety problem number one! I’m not going to wade in on the rest but to say that my well endowed wife thought this was NOT for the busty woman but a more moderately sized, shall we say, shooter. It looks like the model is perhaps a C cup and my wife, watching the video and utilizing the same motions to raise her shirt and acquire an imaginary gun in the same area as the holstered weapon in the video, could not accomodate the mechanics of it. She is a DD.

    Maybe as a last chance if it were comfy and unobtrusive she says. Her S&W M&P9C, IWB, is still her best option.

  • Sean Casey

    p.s. Isn’t Kempy or Kemy the troll? What gunnie doesn’t know about Condition One?

  • MibZ

    Someone I know went through firearms training for the military and the first thing they were taught about their service rifle (the M4) was that all the safety devices would fail, and to make sure no one got hurt who didn’t need to was up to them. The instructor then chambered a (blank) round, put the safety on, and hit the stock down on a hard surface, making it fire.

    That said, they’re in the military and as the “assaulting heavy structures” comment implies, they need to be prepared to fire at a moment’s notice. They intend to use their weapons and more than likely use them on a daily basis.

    I don’t know about you, but every firearms safety course I’ve ever taken instructs you to keep the chamber empty and the safety on unless you’re getting ready to shoot, like staying unloaded until you get to your hunting spot and then when you’re ready to wait THEN chamber a round.

    I’m not saying it is a good idea to carry a weapon that takes longer to prepare to defend yourself, but if you’re in a situation where if you can’t fire fast enough you’re dead, I wouldn’t pull a gun in the first place. The only time I would pull a gun would be either if I KNEW I was going to be attacked or if I knew I had time to get it pointed at them and scare them off.

    If someone is two feet away from you threatening you with a knife common sense says don’t make any sudden movements, because then you get stabbed like the fool you are for moving.

    I’m still going to say carrying with a round in the chamber is more dangerous than not, because the time you spend with your weapon capable of killing whatever it is pointed at will greatly exceed the time it spends being used for defense.

  • MibZ

    *I forgot to mention that every firearm safety course I’ve taken has also taught that safeties fail, so it is up to both trigger discipline and only chambering a round when necessary to make sure someone doesn’t die.

  • James


    People haven’t carried with an empty cylinder for decades. Unless, of course, you are still carrying a Colt Single Action Army or one of the many reproductions of it.
    Modern DA revolvers have been designed to prevent discharge from dropping.

  • gunslinger


    i doubt these people are “trolls” and i would argue that your previous comments would have you fall under the “troll” category. and against better judgment, i’ll ignore the “don’t’ feed the troll” rule

    I don’t think most of us here would say that a gun has accidentally gone off with a chambered round. i recall a few stories on here about cops firing a round when re-holstering.

    what most people would argue is that
    1) carrying a gun is inherently dangerous.
    2) choosing to do so one accepts the risks and does their best to address the issue
    3) that the risk vs “reward” of carrying a loaded/hot/ready/whatever weapon would fall to the “reward” side of the coin. i would much rather risk shooting my hip/leg/arm/etc. than have to worry about cambering a round in a semi-auto pistol

    also, i doubt people will “flame you” for misspeak about the revolver. but i ask how a down hammer on a revolver (single/double action, sao, or dao) is safer than a semi? because if the trigger is “tripped” then the cylinder would advance to a chamber with a round in it.

    anyway, the argument is “does carrying a loaded semi-auto pistol make a more dangerous situation than having the firearm w/o a round in the chamber?”

    you say yes, while most other people say no.

  • peter

    Reasons to carry chamber empty:

    Not advocating it, just offering another viewpoint.

  • jdun1911


    You are mixing fantasy with reality and your lack of firearms knowledge shows. Tell me have you even shoot a gun before?

    What the other posters and I told you are the truth.

    Eyeballing it I would said that over 90% of all handguns made by model type do not have manual safety. People have always been carrying one in the chamber.

    The avg non-military gunfight is two seconds, between two people, and probably at night. From the first shot to the last is two seconds close and personal. What this translate to is that in one second or less you have to able to react to threat and take him out.

  • Rabbi Tommy

    Kempy, you need to learn about the specific weapons before commenting, it would make you seem better informed (less ignorant) and less of a knee-jerker.

  • jdun1911

    Shootin’ Buddy,

    If you think that’s unsafe than you probably have an heart attack if you ever take advance firearms training where you are part of a group of fighters.

    There was a thread on Arfcom discussing muzzle sweeping. In some cases muzzle sweeping in a gunfight cannot be avoided. That’s how gun fight are. Some muzzle sweep is out of your control like in this video:


    Remember you are allow to break one of the four main safety rules. If you break two of the safety rules you probably screwed.

  • gunslinger


    you mention every “firearm safety class” you have taken. of course they would say to keep empty until ready to fire.

    have you taken any concealed carry classes or personal defense classes?
    if so, what did the instructors say?

    i ask anyone else, if you have taken safety/ccw/pd class, what have the instructors recommended in terms of carrying? just looking for what others have been taught.

  • Sian

    @MibZ When you’re talking about range shooting, you’re absolutely right. A sidearm or CCP however needs to be able to brought into action immediately and with one hand. Carrying empty chamber is safer as far as accidental discharge is concerned. However adding one more arguably complicated operation in a self-defense situation is just asking to be let down.
    Anything more complicated than draw+fire is adding a layer of complexity to an already stressful situation where failure=serious injury or death. Best keep it simple, and just limit your holster/unholster maneuvers to the least possible in order to minimize your risk.

  • CDM2KK

    I am a female and conceal carry everywhere, everyday. I don’t make it to the range as often as I like, but I do dry fire and practice un holstering often. I have been carrying in my bra for over 2 years now. i have a keltec 380 and i have a gun sock for it that keeps the metal from being against my skin and I slide the gun with gun sock on into my bra from the neck line pointing down into the arm pit or axilla area. using the bra as the holster. I have worn it for 16 hours straight with no discomfort and it is secure. I live in south Texas as well and the heat has not been a factor either. I would need to try this holster to see how secure it is hanging from bra and I’d be concerned with it falling out while doing everyday things like bending over grocery carts & carrying or grabbing bags to load into car? I have a 4 & 5 year old that I pick up and hug etc. I feel it would be too noticeable and bothersome for daily wear. Also, I’m concerned with the sweepy action and what if the shirt is belted or you wear a dress etc. kind of limits you, assets aside. A previous poster commented about carrying in your purse, and I just have to say that is the most moronic place to carry your gun!! Thieves target the purse for one and goal is to have law abiding people with more guns than the criminals, not to give them more!! Also how many times have you seen or heard a mom tell their kid to get something out of their purse, gum, tissue, etc..? Come on people, use your heads. Good to see people working on different ideas though.

    • Annie

      i just want to say that you are awesome and inspirational.
      a gun in a purse is ludicrous with a child. i will gladly put up with discomfort and possibility (?) of a brachial shot if it means protecting me and my little girl from this felon-ridden filth-hole they call California.

  • jdun1911


    Those classes you’ve taken are very basic. It’s for people that are not comfortable or new to firearms. In more advance classes where there is no fireline and you are allow the freedom of movement, I can assure you everybody in the class carried one in the chamber.

    I’ve never taken a Magpul classes but from the videos it looks like everybody carried one loaded at all or most of the time.

    This whole thing about carrying it unloaded all comes down to experience and general knowledge. People that been around guns all their lives will have no problems with a round in the pipe. If fact they expect it. People that have very little or no firearms experience will be terrified with carrying one in the chamber.

  • MibZ

    I’m actually only 19, so no I don’t own a handgun nor have I taken a concealed carry course.

    That said, I do carry a knife with me on a daily basis (outside of courts and schools and whatnot) and the draw motion involves pulling up whatever shirts I’m wearing with my left hand and drawing with my right, which can be done in less than a second and a half with your hands at your sides.

    With the same kind of motion I could quite easily pull up a shirt, get my right hand on a pistol, angle my left hand to chamber a round while drawing, and rack the slide on the way to a shot.

    If concealed carry laws don’t end up getting shot in the foot by the time I own a handgun I’ll be carrying without a round in the chamber because of my experience carrying a knife. The only times I’ve had to draw my knife were for using it as a tool. I almost had to use it once, but the only time I was afraid I might have to defend myself I knew the situation was coming at least 10 seconds before I was in it, and I was prepared.

    The risk involved with the time I’d spend carrying a gun that is pointed at me would outweigh the risk involved with needing an extra half of a second.

  • Pat

    I still feel an unconcealed samurai sword slung across the back is the best defense weapon for a female.

    Most assailants have seen Kill Bill and would just go for an easier target lol

  • Maryteresa

    Hides your gun AND promotes good posture!

  • mike

    I like it.

  • Sam

    That is very nice and I approve………will be seding e-mail to all my fellow lady shooter’s

  • fw226

    That link to the C3 argument was a good one. And I think it makes sense to encourage empty chamber carry for folks without training in some situations… Especially for people who don’t use proper holsters. For me, though… no thanks. I’m happy with my heavy DA/SA pull on my Sig, and I keep my Glock well holstered. Since when I pull my Glock, my other hand is busy displaying a badge, it’s impractical to have to rack the gun. Maybe it is more of an individualized question than I thought at first.

  • fw226

    I should say that reholstering my backup weapon (MP340 revolver) in my body armor holster scares the heck out of me, even with a 12 pound trigger pull. That was my first thought when I saw this video.

  • Mike

    Anyone wishing to comment should also mention their level of training. I get the impression that the couple people talking about carrying paper weights have little to no experience with defensive pistols. Hunting and stationary range time, maybe. Carrying and deploying a handgun under stress in the real world, doubtful.

    I’ve taken more than a few advanced handgun classes, far beyond the state required basic CCW class needed for my license to carry, in addition to carbine classes and shotgun classes. I like to shoot. A lot.

    That said, the idea that I would ever carry with an empty chamber is preposterous. If you’re so afraid of your gun, try this: Carry your gun cocked and ready to go as if it were loaded and how that gun should be carried (for SA, DA/SA, DAO, etc), but with the chamber empty. Check it at the end of each day. I’m willing to bet money that if you have a proper holster, you could carry it every day for months, and the hammer/striker would never drop. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. Modern handguns are kind of designed to only go off if there is a deliberate trigger press.

    Stop the hand wringing, stop reading endless internet conjecture, and go get real world training, or at least read the opinions of those who teach real world training, and carry the way the gun is supposed to be carried. Loaded, in a proper holster that covers the trigger guard.

  • MibZ

    I’m not afraid of my gun and I’m quite confident in my abilities to use safety functions. I’m afraid of an accident happening or a safety failing, and then getting shot.

    Likewise, I’m not afraid of my car and I’m quite confident in both my driving abilities and my abilities to use safeties and escape a possible crash when necessary, but because of those things I don’t stop looking both ways at an intersection to see if someone is running a light or stop sign.

    Cars, roads, and traffic laws are set up so you don’t get killed, but people still get killed now and again.

    A firearm having a safety does not mean it won’t go off by mistake, and even with a heavy DAO trigger a nice leather holster used for a long time can get a worn down spot that causes an accidental trigger pull, as seen in a TFB article not too long ago.

    It takes a split second longer to draw and fire, sure. That said, if I really need to draw a gun so quickly that an extra half a second tops is going to get me killed, drawing the gun is a stupid idea. Give them your wallet, when they turn around shoot them in the back.

  • Mike in NV

    My CCW instructor recommended we carry with a chambered round. If the weapon needs to be drawn it better be ready for immediate use. The extra action of chambering a round is precious time lost (assuming both hands will be available at the time).

    We also practiced (slow of course) drawing and firing from the hip because if we ever need to draw more than likely it’ll be against someone already within two to three feet.

  • Houston

    This is not for your primary carry, obviously. This is the equivalent of the holster/gun I carry in my boot. It holds a tiny gun, and is not easy to get at (only mine is much easier to disguise than this one). Like another poster already said, women already have the perfect primary carry tool, their purse. If you are only going to carry one, carry a big one that is easy to get at. I would only consider this as a deep concealment back-up (due to the size of the gun and the draw procedure), although it doesn’t conceal like a deep concealment gun should.

    Also, I do know what it is like to wear a bra…because I have used shoulder rigs in the past. It is a pain in the arse, and I am just talking about all the straps…I can’t image how it is with the boobs, and the weight of the boobs. To add a gun to the front of that rig doesn’t seem practical or comfortable. …but then again, a number of the ladies on our email list have voiced curiosity about this item, so we will see.

  • Houston

    oh ya, and as far as chambering a round…for primary, yes, always. For deep cover, not necessarily. It is not a weapon that you will be using in a hurry…plus, a lot of them, like the one in the picture, are crappy guns that I don’t trust to carry loaded. There are certain guns designed to be carried “cocked and locked” and other that aren’t. The Keltec is not, and not just because it has no safety. Don’t get me wrong, I have them and use them for deep concealment because there was nothing as small, thin, or light (until Ruger starting making theirs) but they are a total peice of junk that I never carry with a round in the chamber.

  • treestump

    Purse carry is a great idea… except for one little problem. if you’re getting robbed as a woman, what are the thiefs going for 9/10 times? they are gonna snatch your purse and run. BAD IDEA

  • Houston

    Women who purse carry are usually following the rules of awareness. I know a lot of purse carriers, and none has ever lost their purse to a thief, yet two have used their purse carry to defend against an attacker.

  • Boston

    Um, I don’t know if you guys are familiar with padded push-up bras, but after reading some of the comments, it doesn’t matter if you are well-endowed enough or not as a woman for the holster and gun to be concealed. Victoria’s Secret has a padded bra that will enhance your breasts by 2 cup sizes. That being said, any sized woman can use this holster without being concerned that the gun and holster will show.

  • Derek

    MibZon 10 May 2011 at 1:06 am link comment

    I see it being similar to having a firearm in your trunk. You’re bringing it with you for whatever reason, but unless you’re going hunting or to the range you don’t actually plan on using it, it is just with you in case you need it. You wouldn’t keep your oven preheated just in case you get hungry for pizza some time during the week.

    Surely this is the whole point of CCW..??
    It’s there if I need it – and I pray to God that I never need to…???

  • Lunachick

    I agree with CDM2KK. I am also a woman, and I think the idea of carrying a gun in your purse is ridiculous! What’s with all you guys telling women to keep a gun in their purse??? If the attacker is a thief, it will be his first target. If the attacker is a rapist, it will be his first target. Just about every attacker assumes a woman could have something in her purse. And here you all are, arguing about the time it takes to chamber a round, but did any of you consider how long it would take to unzip/unsnap a purse and dig around for weapon?
    “Hold on a second now… lipstick, wallet, tampons… Oh, There it is!”
    Here it is in a nutshell:
    If you’re going to carry a weapon (man or woman) go get some training! A LOT of training! And then PRACTICE! If you’re not comfortable with your weapon in every way, in every situation… then you’re not ready to carry it. For God’s sake, you wouldn’t jump into the deep end of a pool if you didn’t know how to swim! There are a few things in life you just can’t “fake”. Swimming is one of them. Safely and proficiently handling a lethal weapon is another!

    Just my personal opinion. 🙂

  • James


    Would you keep your fire extinguisher empty, and refill it only when it’s time to use it?

    Like I said before, look up the video of the jewelry store clerk killed by robbers as he fumbles with his safety, and trying to rack the slide…. Having a gun that was not ready to use, cost him his life.

    Before seeing that video, I too carried with an empty chamber. Never again.

  • Kempy

    The one thing I like about this is that it keeps the black powder dry if it’s lightly raining.

  • clamboslice

    I do not know what gun she was using, but it seemed to be an unsafe condition when she was taking it out and putting it back into the holster.

  • clamboslice

    Since this is a discussion of the condition of the gun as the lady was handling it, here is my two cents.
    There are now several kinds of semi-auto pistols, and variations of these kinds.
    There are striker and trigger safe types (Glock, Ruger SR9, etc).
    There are guns that have hammer and safety (CZ 75B, etc)
    There are guns that have hammer and decocker (CZ 75BD, etc)

    Some of these guns can have one in the chamber but won’t easily fire with the hammer down (uncocked), you have to pull the trigger hard for “double action”, which cocks the hammer and then fires. (CZ 75b)

    Some can be cocked, one in the chamber, and have a safety on, like the CZ75b. I have no idea who carries them since they are not concealable.

    But either way, the thing that surprised me in the video was that the lady seemed to be putting the gun back into her holster while it appeared to have one in the chamber and also cocked, *immediately after firing* an unsafe procedure probably.

    My opinion is that lady in the video could be carrying a baseball bat in the back of her jeans and no one would notice at all 😉

  • MibZ

    James, that is a fairly ridiculous comparison.

    The tank for a fire extinguisher is like the magazine on a firearm, not the chamber. Pulling out the safety pin is like having a round in the chamber.

    There are valid points, but I’m still going to stick with what I’ve said. In my mind the time a bullet ready to fire is pointed near my body would outweigh an extra half second. When I carry I’ll practice drawing and include a rack of the slide. If I’m in a situation where a half second could cost me my life I wouldn’t draw in the first place.

    Also Lunachick, THANK YOU for saying what I wanted to say. You all scold me for a half second extra yet you say purse carry would be great! A purse is on a strap, which is loose. On top of it not being in a fixed spot it has all kinds of zippers and clasps and likely a whole bunch of clutter in it. In the same situation, someone carrying with an empty chamber would have a lot higher chance of drawing and firing than someone carrying with one in the chamber with no safeties in a purse. I’m going to venture at the very least an extra 3 – 5 seconds on draw time there.

  • Kempy

    Some people, with their high tech, expensive, Hi-Point .45s, who haven’t accidentally shot themselves in the leg yet haven’t realized that the really elite way to carry is with only a knife and a sharpened stick. Like Rambo and me. please don’t censor this one, this is my last post i promise okay?

  • Madam Ori

    I have never tried this type of holster, but I have used the bellyband, an IWB holster, purse carry, and paddle holster OC. I am always looking for a new way to CC, as it’s really hard to conceal while wearing a skirt–just isn’t enough hold in the waist. I’ve even tried experimental thigh holsters (mostly unsuccessfully). I imagine the problem only happens for women who wear extremely feminine clothes like me, otherwise carrying the way men do works just fine.

    I’m completely against purse carry, except as a last resort, because I hate carrying a purse. Before I took classes and started carrying, I’d drop it anywhere–in my shopping cart, the passenger seat, hang it on a hook. Now, even when I won’t need my keys/phones/wallet, I have to keep it with me so no one makes off with a shiny Sig Sauer. Plus, I’d rather have it ON MY BODY. I still don’t want to have to rummage for it while dealing with a BG. (And before anyone mentions the gun show purses–THEY ARE BUTT UGLY.)

    Personally, I use the bellyband 90% of the time, followed by the paddle holster, then the purse carry. I am really looking forward to giving this one a shot though. Makes me happy to know people realize that women did a diff option when it comes to carry.

  • Whind Soull

    I know a few girls who could probably conceal an MP5 in one of those…

    • Rusgunnut1

      An M240 and I’m interested…

      …Sorry, was that hugely offensive?

  • Most bras are uncomfortable enough without the addition of a holster stuffed between your breasts. Also, I don’t want a hot gun pressed anywhere against my skin.

    I agree that speed is less important than aim, and quick draw on a novice is a bad idea. It only takes one slip to pull the trigger too soon and shoot someone nearby. Interesting concept, but not quite ready for mass production.

  • Anna

    I am seriously considering getting this for running. It sounds like the most comfortable option yet. Nothing is perfect but all other options jostle around SO much and create chafe, etc… I am super excited about this one!
    Anna in NH

  • MindyXIII

    I for one am a female speaking from experience about carrying a Beretta Tomcat .32 in my bra. It’s a comfortable place to carry daily but draw time is really hindered due to the position and chest size. Shopping for correct bras that can hold everything in place can be a bit tricky too. If this holster was made for my caliber weapon, I would definitely purchase this item. The only real drawback I can foresee is that the average woman wouldn’t be able to wear any of the “babydoll” t-shirts that are tight around the mid-section, which seem to be the most common style available right now.

  • Woodcock

    Look ma, an at home mastectomy kit!

  • Emily

    Marsh626 I think you should visit Texas someday, round here women are just as into firearms as men are. At least in my neck of the woods they are.
    I’m a strange chick, I rarely carry a purse so this would be perfect for me. I’m with Tonia, I want one!

  • Madam Ori

    Carrying this way appears as safe as carrying an IWB holster. Keep your safety on, one in the chamber, and you should be all set. I agree with some of the other women here, it’s perfect for running or when you don’t want/need a purse.

    As for Graygrrl: Hopefully you wouldn’t be firing then putting it right back in the holster! That’s not it’s expected usage.

    And honestly, choosing between not carrying, purse carry, or this, I’d definitely go with Flashbang.

  • Lunachick

    It’s nice to hear opinions from some of the ladies out there! While we are on the discussion of holsters, I have a question for the moms (and dads) out there…

    I have been hesitant to carry at all, because my son is a very active toddler. He is constantly climbing on me, hugging me, wanting to be held etc.

    I mainly carry my toddler on my left hip, which is the main reason why I have not considered the use of the Flashbang holster. My gun would be pointed at him most of the day! A round in the chamber or not, this just doesn’t feel right to me! In addition, he would easily feel my weapon under my shirt. He is three years old, and this is NOT something I am ready for him to discover as of yet.

    I am considering IWB as a carry option, but I’m not sure if I shouldn’t just wait until he is older…

    I do not carry a purse, and I don’t consider purses a good CC option anyway (see earlier post)

    any opinions or experience with carrying around children safely???

    • PatriotMom

      Hi Lunachick!

      I have lots of little ones running around and I wear a Crossbreed IWB holster nearly 24/7. I run with it, ride my horse and bikes in it, and carry around kids no problem. The only time it is a problem is when my little 5-year-old runs up on my right side to give me a hug and smacks himself on the holster! Ow. He’s learning to approach Mommy on the right. And…always always teach your children to never ever say anything about Mommy wearing or having a gun. We train gun safety here very seriously, and one of the most important things is secrecy.

      Good luck!

    • guest

      they make purses that have cc compartments. I own one. google it.

  • Anna

    Lunachick–I have six children and I understand completely what you are saying. I don’t consider the Flashbang holster in any way appropriate to CC on a regular, daily basis really, for the reasons you stated. However, it looks like the perfect solution for needing a holster to *run* with. There’s no other option that has worked for me w/running. I am still looking for other CC options for just daily use besides a purse, which is what I pretty much do now. The flashbang seems perfect for specific settings.. running may be one, but not for daily, regular use for most people, especially busy moms w/children climbing on them 🙂 Blessings, Anna

    • Annie

      . exactly. for toddler carry this is not the choice! but when the kid is past the mommy-hold-me stage, it might be interesting to try. if the bra lifts one properly. maybe Victoria’s Secret should partner up with Flashbang.
      p.s. the lack of eyepro and the reholstering by this young gal is shameful

    • Chrissy

      Anna, just FYI on holster for running, I have used Pistol wear running holster for about a year now and it works great. It can be worn over or under shorts, if outside clothes it looks like fanny pack but mostly hidden by tshirt. You can position it low at your center of gravity and there is no bounce, it has an open top for easy access to weapon and you can angle gun to whatever suits your grasp. It works great for running but I am also looking for other options under tighter clothing, I have worn this pouch under looser jeans but that isn’t always the case, so I am looking for something up on my torso. Pistol wear has another holster that rides higher under the bra line but am concerned if it would stay up on my rib cage. Was looking at the bra holster but I don’t wear the low plunging bras so not sure if im going to try it, the search continues.

      • guest

        The flashbang holster is great for low tops. The armpit holster is NOT. flashbang fits snuggly under your boob and your bra. slightly opposite boob, and underneath your gun hand. After you wear it awhile you will get used to it. It’s totally concealed and very handy. I don’t know what piece you carry, but I have a sw 380 bodyguard, and I got used to the holster within a couple of hours. It’s awesome!

    • machodog

      Go to cozeeholsters.com. Their bra holster sits inside your bra in your armpit where it can’t dislodge when running.

  • Lunachick

    Thanks, Anna!
    I agree. The flashbang definitely has its place and would be useful in certain situations. It’s a good CC option for some women. At this point, I am only carrying when I am not accompanied by my child… but this seems ridiculous to me! It’s my responsibility to protect him! I really need to find a holster (or two) that I am comfortable with… he’s just so curious of everything, and nothing gets by him…lol… nothing! I have not heard a lot of input from other moms, and I am really curious as to how they are carrying safely around their younger children…

    • Kag.45

      I carry a 1911 officer. Grip safety + slide lock. They cannot operate it.
      They can pull the trigger on a Glock though. I will only have 1911 style weapons until they are in high school.
      I have several methods of carry, on body and off. I have a Smart Carry, an IWB holster, a Flashbang and a Belly Band. Also a Designer Concealed cross body purse with a locking gun compartment. They all work on different occasions.

  • Dingle

    My Glock 17 fits perfectly in my Maxpedition Versipak bag. Yeah they’re not very girly, but they do the job. I guess you could add some bling to the outside with a Bedazzler! It goes on my right side about where my Glock sits on my waist wearing a holster. I can get it out very quickly if needed. All it takes is unzipping the pocket and drawing it from the holster made for this bag. I practice drawing from it just like I would a holster. There’s also another pocket where an extra mag goes, so if the stuff hits the fan, I have some more bullets.
    I wouldn’t feel very comfortable wearing this bra holster. Not practical if you’re wearing a dress or have to tuck in your shirt. But I must say at least they are coming out with more options for us females.

  • dm60462

    @Marsh626 re: “Female shooters already have the perfect gun carrying device – the purse. Hell, if I was allowed to carry a purse, I’d be carrying a full sized handgun …” We in Illinois are not allowed to carry a handgun at all. We just recently won the right to own one (as long as it remians INSIDE our own house – and not in our posession when we are in our yard or garage, or anywhere else on our property) in Chicago.

  • JeanneS

    Graygrrrl, if your bra is uncomfortable, you are wearing the wrong size. Get thee to a Victoria’s Secret and have them do a professional fitting. I am not a small-busted gal, and my bras aren’t uncomfortable!

    To all the guys — unless you are a drag queen and have lots of experience wearing bras, none of your opinions on bra holsters are relevant or helpful. Ditto for carrying purses (pun intended). The — for lack of a better term — under-boob area is an excellent place to conceal a weapon, whether a lady is a D-cup or an A-cup. I’m definitely getting one of these holsters!

  • Anna

    JeanneS: I couldn’t agree more w/your comment! You made me laugh! Frankly, not only is there the female issue but also, if someone is looking for a CC option while *running* , they need to hear from people who know about that. I think the flashbang is the first option I have heard of that actually would work on a woman who is running. I am totally excited about it!

  • darwin

    Carry a gun in a purse? REALLY? Somebody snatches your purse. They have a loaded gun. You don’t.

    Stupid way to carry.

  • Cindy H

    Just tried this Flash Bang holster today for my Sig P238.
    I am female, 5 ft 5 inch, weight 150 Lbs, bra size 36 C Cup so as you see boobs not large, rest of me not small.
    Results are, it SHOWS, not hidden, could find NO way of positioning where it could not be seen under a loose shirt sucking in gut as much as possible.
    Conclusion, purse convenient BUT way to likely to be the very object a thief try to grab and run away with it look at your address in the wallet come to my house & shoot me in my ass with my own gun, so I will be continuing my search for something different.

  • Ethyriel

    I found this thread by searching for this holster specifically after seeing it on ebay. I was told by my (class three) boyfriend about holsters that hang from the bra, that female police officers used, way back in the day. Currently, I have a Colt Defender that I’m having a hard time concealing, and usually wind up stuffing it in my GTM Raven purse, and actually, it’s not ugly, but it winds up being too heavy, with not enough room for the rest of my stuff. Having said this, that is not the way I’d like to be able to carry. I need to be able to carry on body, for obvious reasons that have already been stated by other people. =) From what I saw on ebay, the flashbang is a clamshell that is spring loaded and the gun is held in by tension. When you draw, you just pull straight down. I am well endowed, and I think this holster would be perfect for me, though I don’t think I’d be putting my Defender in one (if they made one to fit, which they don’t). I’ll have to wait til I get that sig p238 that I want. =) I think the whole point is that it makes use of the space under your breasts. If you have a gut, or no space there, it’s not going to work. Also, as quite a few have pointed out, why would anyone carry unchambered? I like the 1911 designs, and cocked and locked is the ONLY way to go. It’s obvious to me that there are a few people on here that really have no clue what they are talking about. If you don’t have the training, and don’t carry, yourself, you don’t have the experience to talk.

  • pjs

    I also found this thread by looking for the Flashbang holster! I am interested in this option, but …… would like to know of any other bra carry options or on body carry!

    • There’s a bra holster that you carry in your arm pit. It’s nice for the smaller guns like the glock 26, and the LCPs. You might look into that one on your search just put “bra holster”.

      • guest

        it’s hard to get out.. underarm – unless you reach into a low cut blouse.

        • machodog

          I bought the Cozee Holster at cozeeholsters.com and works really nice and very comfortable. When you carry concealed you have to dress for it. I wear a regular T-shirt at times and can reach rather easily down from the top and retrieve it quickly and easily. The flashbang holster you reach up under your shirt/blouse and when you bend over it jabs you in the solar plexus. Not very comfortable. Other concealed carry, you have to wear a jacket.

  • JeanneS

    Okay, my husband actually got me one (as a belated birthday present) and I love it, with only one real criticism: most bras made for a C-cup or larger bosom have underwires, and none of the very nice leather straps (3 different lengths) that come with the holster are not long enough to make the holster sit where it should unless you wear a bra that has a deeply-plunging shape to it. Of the two bras I’ve tried it with, the shortest center fabric of the bra (connecting the underwire from one bra cup to the underwire of the other cup) is 2.25 inches tall, and the none of the 3 leather straps is long enough to accommodate that. I do think with a different bra, it will be perfect.

    But my point is, it works as advertised: you can’t see it when I wear it. And I have a revolver, which most likely doesn’t have as inconspicuous a profile as a semi-auto would. But I’ll be giving it a thorough use-testing (running, jumping, etc) unloaded, until I’m 100% certain my revolver won’t pop out.

    • guest

      buy another gun. get a 380 sw bodyguard. awesome piece.

    • guest

      suggestion,… buy a padded bra, with an underwire and put the piece under the wire. i’m right handed it it rests under my left breasts. Wear it and get used to it.

  • SRQShooter

    I do carry a Taurus 357 revolver in my purse. I am not crazy about the lighter guns either but can’t see me putting the 357 in my bra, although I wish I could, just not the size there. I would LOVE to find a way to carry on a small frame without the bulk or baggy clothing. Living in FL, I’d also want something next to my body that is mesh or breathable, leathers and vinyl’s are so hot that I think they would get slippery.

    The 357 is heavy in my purse and purses are just not (normally) designed to keep your gun on one side and all your “girl junk” in another compartment. Yes, I know they do make purses specifically for this purpose but it’s the unatractive styling that prevents me from purchasing one and the weight on your shoulder that bothers you after a while.

    I would never think of leaving the house with my weapon unloaded. What’s the point? I like the point and shoot feature of a revolver and have never ever come close to shooting myself.

    Here is another issue, most of the time women are attacked going to their vehicles and where do we leave our weapons if going into work or restaurant? ….in the car

    Just my opinion, please don’t verbally beat me up over it.

    • ladyaim

      Try a gun purse. I have one. I also carry a sw 380 in a flash bang holster. It’s awesome. get another gun and this holster hides it all. The sw has and external safety that cannot be triggered by the holster when it’s pulled out, if you wish it to be on to begin with.

  • pjs

    I contacted them through http://www.looperbrand.com and got a response within 2 hrs. I do not work for nor am I affiliated with the makers of the “Flashbang Bra Holster” This is a copy of the email I was sent:

    We can custom make a strap for any bra band. That’s not a problem at all. If you order online you can write in the comments section that you would like a strap to fit a 4″ bra band. Or if you purchase one from a retailer just shoot me an email with your shipping info and I’ll send you one.

    Thanks so much!
    Lisa Looper
    Looper Brand
    2124 S Prospect Ave
    Oklahoma City, OK 73129
    800-299-5667 phone
    405-677-1555 fax

  • Lotus

    The ONLY safety needed on ANY firearm, is the one between your ears!

  • Wow. That’s awesome. Although it requires a little flashing to shoot. Then again, if you have to shoot someone so badly that you’re willing to reach up your shirt to do it, then flashing is probably the last and least of your concerns.

    I wonder, though, how holstering a gun in one’s décolletage would affect bra fittings and size? I recently wrote about the hell of fittings on my blog (http://aemayer.com/blog/2011/08/bra-fittings/), but I am sure that having a firearm in there would make finding the right fit an extra challenge. For one, you’d need a saleslady who “gets” guns.

    PS, since you were up for posting about you might also like this tidbit on SWAT and gals who heart firearms: http://aemayer.com/blog/category/taboo-boos/its-okay-to-heart-firearms/

    Love the blog! Cheers

  • Clau

    Can this holster work for a Glock26?? Say the person is in the range of a B cup, would it still look completely concealed? It appears to be very safe and as per other comments, no one puts the finger on the trigger until ready to fire.

  • As a female, I have a couple things to say:

    First is that I *never* carry my CCW in my purse. Ever. The first thing that a felon will often go for is the purse and I don’t want to have to struggle to access my weapon if I have someone trying to lift it. If someone snatches my purse and I don’t want to have them have my firearm as well – that’s a recipe for disaster. I carry in an inner-waistband holster at my mid back and simply wear an open button-down shirt over my tank or tee to provide full coverage. While Open Carry *is* an option in the state in which I live, I prefer not to get attention when at all possible so carrying concealed is important to me.

    Second is that, while this would work, it would also be heavy (I have a .38 S&W Lady Smith) and cause back fatigue after a while. While the firearm doesn’t weigh much, having an extra pound or so right beneath my breasts would be cumbersome and tiring on my upper back (I have very small breasts also, but that’s somewhat irrelevant to anything other than concealability).

    Third, I carry a firearm with no “safety” at all. The only “safety” I have is a keyed lock mechanism that locks down the whole firearm. While that’s great and all if I’m traveling with it through the airport or train or what have you, it’s not ideal for carry (“Hold on, good sir, let me unlock my gun before I partake of this mugging that you speak of!”). I’ve never shot myself while drawing (naturally, I don’t carry it *cocked*) and am completely comfortable with the firearm. I don’t carry it cocked because while it’s a hair-trigger when it’s cocked and would be very quick to deploy, it makes me a little nervous so I prefer to carry it decocked. Since my firearm is single or double action, I just employ a little more pressure on the trigger and my shooting time is almost unaffected.

    Fourth: With proper training you can flip a thumb safety while drawing, so carrying a round chambered isn’t a problem. I’d rather carry one chambered because if I’m getting attacked that extra second it takes me to rack one in might be fatal for me. I’ve comfortably carried and drawn a full-frame .45 1911, flipped off the safety, and fired in about the same time as it takes me to draw and fire my .38 – it’s all in the practice of it. So carrying a round in the chamber is hardly a “dangerous” thing to do unless you’re either a complete moron or wholly untrained (in which case… why are you carrying to begin with?).

    In other news, I also carry several knives on my person (all legal in the state in which I live) that are easily accessible to me as well. And, while I favor my firearm in situations where I’m out of range of grabbing someone and shanking them, I prefer a knife for in-close work (read: in range of me grabbing them). Of course, I am trained with bladed weapons very well and have spent years honing that skill under strict instruction, my gun work is less polished (mostly because I don’t have money for ammo, sadfase!).

  • Although this is a very creative concealment idea, I personally would not carry this holster.

    #1) I don’t like any holster that forces me to cross draw: not only does it take a fraction of a second longer to cross draw, but you are potentially “sweeping” innocent bystanders with the muzzle of your gun as you draw. Remember: you are responsible for EVERY round you fire. You accidentally shoot someone without legal cause and you could be facing a long life with a very social cell mate.

    #2) There are more than a few cases of holstered guns going “bang!”, I would be worried that if I were to have an A.D. (accidental discharge) the round could very potentially hit the guy standing next to you waiting for his Starbucks coffee; and not to mention it’s also pointed at that vital organ, what’s it called again? Oh yeah, your heart.

    #3) I don’t think this holster would accomodate my full size service pistol.

    Please note, I am not picking on the Flashbang holster, as this is not the only holster that I have these concerns about.
    As for the video, that girl looks great! I’d just like to see her draw and take some AIMED shots now!

  • first i commend the ladies here who choose to carry
    to those who ask about guns around little ones, let them be exposed to your carry at home, then they will accept it as normal other places.
    a lot will scream about that but remember that TRAINING is the biggest safety of all, most youngsters up to their teens who are injured with firearms are those who have never been around them and taught safety in their presence
    both my kids knew where the guns were and not to touch them without permission from the time they could walk and be inquisitive
    neither one EVER mentioned or pointed out my carry because it was “just what dad does” and thought of as normal
    those who worry about loaded chamber, again it comes to PRACTICE!
    (bringing the gun up and out to the fire piosition)
    WITH NO ADDED TIME with practice if it makes you feel safer
    my own m.i.b. draw to fire time is 1.2 seconds cocked, 1.4 seconds chambering as part of the draw…
    again, practice and familiarity

    • IndyRoadie

      Yes. Autos CAN be chambered on the draw… IF you have two hands available! What if you are carrying a child in your arms when attacked? Drop the child to rack the slide?
      Or what if you are attacked and your arm is grabbed? What if you are shot first and one arm is disabled? So on and so on. There are too many scenarios where you may not have access to both hands to make it sensible to carry with an empty chamber. Look up the video of the jewelry store clerk murdered by robbers as he fumbles to chamber a round. After seeing that video, I never carried with an empty chamber again..

  • Paula

    I actually have this holster along with several IWB holsters, a belly band holster and a couple of gun purses. I will tell you that my preferred method of carry is the Flash Bang Bra Holster. It takes some getting used to, but overall I personally feel more secure with my gun being so close at hand. Even my husband never knows if i’m carrying!!!

  • Karen

    I have the holster .. I’m DD bra and I have the problem of the handle on the gun turning up and sticking straight out .. I clave to readjust it every five minutes .. I’ve stopped wearing it because if this 🙁

    • Pjs

      Hi Karen, I am a size G and I had the same problem at first!

      I have my strap attached to the holster with the strap (rough side up)
      stretching out above the holster.

      To put the strap on this way, the strap goes under the bottom of the bra and makes a loop back under the bra and snaps to the holster. The snaps won’t be visible. This makes it way more secure and comfortable and it puts more of the gun under the bra, so it won’t poke out! I also had to use a smaller strap and shift the strap from the center of my bra over to my right. I also had to wear it for short periods of time until I got used to it!