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  • Don

    I used to have a cheap red dot mounted on my 1894. It was fun for a bit, but ghost rings are even better!


  • Joel

    John Moses Browning is doing barrel rolls in his grave…..

  • Anton

    This rifle needs a black action and stock, also a couple of utility rails here and there, and a full length handguard. :p

  • MibZ

    That looks ugly as hell. Blued steel doesn’t go well with matte black.

    On top of that, a suppressor with a lever-action? That just seems wrong to me.

  • Daniel

    I agree. I’m all for it minus the Magpul AFG.

  • cc19
  • crisara722

    …why not to pimp out my old wolksvagen 68 to look like a pimp ride…

  • Matixon

    Why not give it a pistol grip and a collapsible stock?
    Oh yeah and don’t forget the GL 😀

  • G

    I would have gotten a sound suppressor for my Marlin 1895 GBL if there had been enough space for the threads on the end of the barrel.

  • Chase

    There was a huge thread on this over at not too long ago. I personally love it.

  • Dangermouse

    I wonder how he managed to get the moderator to fit on the barrel?

    I looked at this and could not see a way of doing it with my Marlin 1894C, The magazine tube interferes,


  • cloudhidden

    Where’s the quad-rail and light? (j/k)

  • charles222

    I remember a guns & ammo article about lever-actions like these from the 90s. No optics, but same general idea.

  • Ryan

    Actually I think the Magpul AFG looks good and might aid in shooting comfort. I’m not a purist so I would withhold judgment on the grip until I’ve fired a few 1000 rounds from said gun… so if you could just send it over to my house and I’ll send it back after a month or two of “testing” ;-D

  • A vertical grip would have been better, since the AFG works best when placed well forward, and are intended to be used with the thumb wrapped over the top of the barrel.

    Which wouldn’t work too well on the uncovered barrel, I’d think.

  • Raymond

    SWAT magazine did have an article some time ago about converting a lever action into a tactical scout rifle to function as sort of a rural assault rifle. Even still, this picture is ridiculous and I can only pray it’s fake

  • I’ve seen photos of the Maxim Silent Firearms Company M1910 sound suppressor fitted to lever action rifles. This application is even depicted in some of Hiram P. Maxim’s suppressor patents. It was Maxim that coined the name “silencer” for these devices.

  • andrew

    I think John Browning would find this to be pretty cool – that another one of his designs was still being enjoyed almost 120 years after its inception.

  • Rob

    Why all the AFG hate? If he thinks it makes the gun more comfortable to him or whatever, where’s the harm in that?

  • Anton

    @Rob I Agree. How cool would a lever action be when it would be completely purpose build tactical! 😀

  • Phil Wong

    OK, this *is* pretty hideous, visually speaking – but, if this is someone’s home-defense rifle, I can understand the reasoning behind the mods:

    – The suppressor makes sense if the user plans on having to fire the gun indoors, so that they don’t get stunned/deafened by their own muzzle blast;

    – The EoTech makes sense if the user has visual problems that make it difficult for them to focus on the front sight, especially if they need glasses or contacts that they take off at bedtime;

    – The AFG makes it easier to apply rearward pressure to keep the buttstock anchored in the shoulder while working the lever, especially if the user has arthritis or low grip-strength – and this rifle has a smooth, un-checkered fore-end, unlike a Marlin 1894 or Winchester 94;

    – A pistol-caliber carbine firing .38 Spl, .357 Mag, .44 Spl, .44 Mag, .45 (Long)Colt, or one of the Cowboy-Action cartridges like .38-40 or .44-40, is certainly NOT ineffective at typical indoor ranges – sure, they don’t have quite the range or power of a rifle-caliber like .30-30 Win, but they don’t have quite as much recoil, either(important if the user is physically frail, debilitated, or small-framed), but a well-aimed .357 bullet fired from this carbine will stop a human attacker in a house just as well as a .30-30, a .223/5.56, or a 7.62X39 bullet will.

    Bottom line – function trumps form, and those of us who are mocking and bitching about what we would or wouldn’t do differently, AREN’T the ones who own this gun or who may have to use it to save their lives…remember, if it looks stupid, BUT IT WORKS, it’s NOT stupid.

  • vtb

    There are Browning BLR and SAKO finwolf lever action rifles.
    Mag-fed. .308WIN. under 1MOA accuracy.

    And i think is lotta faster for follow up shots than Blaser R93. =)
    So idea is not old – but it could be impoved.

    all goes from the task. take a mag-fed lever-action .308 rifle to the competitions in Manual-Operated Rifle class and it will run circles around any bolt-action.

  • Beaumont

    I’ll keep an open mind on the AFG. As for the rest of the package, a lever-action with ghost ring sights and a moderator would provide all the “tactical” flavor most people will actually need. An afternoon’s worth of training with such a carbine will probably yield higher hit probability that an equal amount of time training with an AR.

  • RollTide

    I love it. What he has done is all useful and purpousful. I prob would not do it if it were mine-but it’s not! I gotta respect any person or idea that takes something useless(for intended use) and turns it into useful for a few bucks! Plus the firearm is happy now! It got a new lease on life! I hope when I’m old and not as useful someone can give me new purpose and make me useful! I also think JMB would love it. Knowing his design is still in use able to be “updated” for today’s use. Now just send it to RedJacket for a lousy black out paint job…..RollTide

  • G