Rossi Circuit Judge .44 Magnum

The Rossi Circuit Judge, originally introduced last year chambered in .45 LC / .410 shotshell, will soon be available in .44 Magnum.

This model has been designed for scope use and features a cantilever scope mount and hammer extension, although it does retain the fiber optic open sights. The barrel is 18.5″ long with an overall length of 33.3″. The MSRP is $633.

Steve Johnson

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  • Mr Maigo

    now this is the one to get

  • Kevin

    I wonder what the effective range of a .44 mag fired out of a carbine barrell would be?

    Would this be a 100-200 M gun, or 50-100 m?

    • Michael

      With the nearly 20″ long barrel, you would easily double the typical 6.5″ barreled .44 magnum ballistics, e.g., with a hot 240grain load, the Circuit Judge should give you around 1,600 ft-lbs at the muzzle, 1,000 ft-lbs at 100 yards, and 660 ft-lbs at 200 yards. With this being the case, I’d say it’s easily a “100-200m” gun.

  • howlingcoyote

    Bring this out in 41 Mag., 357 Maximum, 475 Wildey, 50 Action.

  • Jake

    I would prefer this over a Marlin 1894. Less chances of a malfunction with a revolver and easy maintenace. Would this be a five or a six shot?.

  • Pa44fan

    I’ve always been interested in revolver carbines and rifles. I had the Uberti 1858. It was quite accurate. If I didn’t have a Marlin 1894P with the 16.5 inch barrel, I’d probably buy one of these. The 1894 did loosen up with some of my hotter loads. It won’t handle what an 1892 action will take. I’m not sure how well this reveolver would handle a hotter 44 magnum though. If only Ruger would build something like this on a Super Redhawk frame. 2 to 3 inch group at 100 yards is common with a 44 magnum carbine.

  • Jake

    Getting impatient when is this coming out?

  • Does anyone know where good Ballistics and Trajectory Data is for the .44 mag out of a gun like this.?? Obviously the Trajectory and Ballistics Data I am finding for the .44 magnum is way off, I am getting bullet rise out to 100 yards so far still, and most data shows that if you had zero’d the round at 50 yards it should drop a few inches at 100 and it’s not it’s rising. Just got my Circuit Judge last week and been looking for some answers before I drop good money on optics.