Taurus Carbine CT & Grenade Launcher

At the LAAD ’11 expo in Brazil Taurus exhibited a version of their Taurus Carbine CT G2 with a quad rail and folding stock. The model that goes on sale later this year in the US lacks side rails and has a fixed thumbhole stock. Taurus needs to bring this model to the USA ASAP.

Also on display was a Taurus grenade / less-lethal-grenade-like-ordnance launcher. It looks smaller than 40mm in caliber.

[Hat Tip: He219 @ MP.net]

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  • Mechman

    I’m not sure I’d be super comfortable firing a grenade launcher at the ranges I’d use a pistol cartridge at.

  • Ah, ganda Brasil!
    Go, Brazil, go!!!

  • gary

    would move out of new york just for this, SCARish pistol caliber carbine. Id like to see it in some weird caliber

  • Tahoe

    That looks awfully big for a 9mm carbine….or is that something besides a mag sticking out of the bottom?

  • Victor

    There was a 40mm version on display of that grenade launcher, but that’s the less-than-lethal version.

  • Other Steve

    Cool, a 9mm ACR clone.

    Odd, any grenade launcher on a 9mm.

    Dumb, that this version won’t make it to the states, but the ugly about to be wildly unpopular fixed stock version will. Great. Good job Taurus.

    How hard can it be to actually give your customers what they want? Right now the closest thing to this would be 9mm UMP but those are non-existent and $3000. 9mm ACR conversions are probably a ways off until Remington gets their head out of their ass and lowers the price on the ACR so someone might actually buy them.

  • Hank

    Boot-shaped stocks must be the new black.

  • Rafael

    The old guy with the yellow tie is the brazilian Minister of Defence Nelson Jobim

  • Burst

    @Other Steve
    Back in the 90’s, the British firm ISTEC developed a launcher for the MP5.
    It looked pretty sexy all put together, but didn’t exactly take off.

  • Erik

    ‘Other Steve’ pretty much summarized my thoughts on this. Solid idea- poor execution (as stated anyway). What kind of mags does this take?

  • Maxpwr

    Since they have to be manufacturing parts for their “civilian” 9mm carbine here to get around the import laws, it is too bad they don’t use a standard pistol grip. I suppose it is just cheaper to manufacturer and change out as few parts as possible.

  • Chicovsky

    Ugly tie!

    This gun must be chambered in .40 ;

    The grenade launcher is 37mm, standard for less lethal in Brazil;

    The Taurus CT .40 is a fiasco, it was based in the SG 540/542 produced in Chile by FAMAE, it has a really big reliability problem. It´s issued most for police units, not avaliable for civilians, and since police training in Brazil is so rare most of them don´t know that their gun don´t work!

    Let´s see if Taurus corrected it´s issues with this G2;

  • Lance

    I like a 5.56mm version But get the Brazilian army stock I think the one that comes with this sucks too much plastic and odd shape.

  • Jeffrey H

    @Other Steve it is possible that if it has a folding stock the ATF would say it is non-sporting and ban import. There is still that whole 922r problem.

  • Vitor

    It’s basically said that the IA2 had a lot of endurace testing, about 70k hours, and also input from brazilian special forces.

    It looks much better than the first MD97, but it is easy to top that piece of junk.

  • Beaumont

    Well, they need to LIGHTEN the bloody thing too. And increase mag capacity — or better yet, mod it for existing magazines (UZI, Thompson, etc.)

  • John Connor

    @Hank Cannot unsee 0.0

  • cloudhidden

    @Steve: If they’re doing a fixed thumbhole stock, they’re probably doing that because they’re going to be manufactured over in Brazil then imported into the U.S. and need to comply with ATF rules. Think 5-shot magazine for Winchester’s SXP Defender (made in Turkey) and “sporterized” Saiga AKs (from Russia).

  • Thom

    I agree with Other Steve. If a company like Taurus going to retail a firearm in the USA (one of the BIGGEST potential markets for such products), you would be absolutely INSANE to market an inferior model!

    It would be like selling a brand new Rolls Royce or BMW somewhere with great personal wealth and disposable income (like certain high-GDP parts of Arabia); yet only retailing the two door version in countries where most buyers will have drivers or chauffeurs.

    Please forgive my wild stereotypes, I hope you can see my point.

  • Laenhart

    Not interested if it doesn’t use 1911, glock or m9 magazines. I simply can’t be bothered with a PCC that doesn’t share mags with the handguns I might carry – might as well just shoot 5.56 at that point. There is already stiff competition in PCCs and since Taurus isn’t making a handgun popular enough to have plenty of people with magazines already (like Ruger of S&W) they need to incorporate other manufacturers.
    In addition, the forward mag well just increases its overall length unnecessarily (although I know some of you prefer that.)

  • Victor

    The forward magwell has the increased lenght for those who like to grip their guns with a more compact stance by wraping the hand around the magwell.

  • Laenhart

    I knew that some people liked the traditional setup (because they had been trained on ARs) but I hadn’t thought of the magwell as a forward grip.
    When I say that I prefer the in-pistol grip magwell I am thinking about how many inches are forward of the barrel to keep this from being an SBR. With the traditional setup you have a 16″ barrel, plus the length of the action, plus the length of the stock. A pistol grip magwell can shorten the weapon by the length of the action. Essentially it is more like a bullpup. Plus you could just put a forward grip on an underbarrel rail and get the compact stance.
    Always interesting to hear design preferences different from my own.

  • Jamie

    I doubt they extended the magazine well for comfort. We also need to factor in that they extended the length of the action as well. It looks like they have big plans for this platform. My guess is the only thing that version is missing is an extended ejection port and a PMAG loaded up with 5.56.

  • C J

    Taurus has been making a full auto version of this “carbine” for the Brazilian police and military for a lot of years. It just makes sense to utilize existing machinery for a “new” model.