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  • Peter BE

    They mag looks like a shortened sten mag.

  • Yah its home made or a factory produced knock off. Wouldn’t be hard to do either really.

  • Theodoric

    They even stuck a cheap little laser dot on it.

  • Ray

    I don’t know Polish law but if they sell deactivated guns this could be a frankenMac-10 made from untouched parts and re-welded. Failing that it could indeed be a homemade one which lets face it wouldn’t be that hard, the only obstacle I could see is the barrel.

  • Yves Bonnet

    Steve please…
    We need a tutorial 😀

  • User

    Sten mags (and it’s not a SWD), and that crude safety lever is in the wrong position on the gun. Should be at the front.

  • MibZ

    I wonder if they managed to make it fully automatic, any information on that front?

    • MibZ, it was probably automatic only. Easier to make it auto-only that to create a selector switch.

  • Lance

    Both the Sten and Mac SMG are so simple anyone could make them as long as there a machinist and have some basic tools. The trick is is the metal strength safe enough to stand heat and pressure of automatic fire.

  • Jasta

    Well, it’s almost impossible to find original MAC 10 in Poland. This weapon has never been used anywhere in the neigbourhood, illegal firearms flow to Poland from Czech Republic, in some extent from ex-Soviet countries and Western Europe. None of them seems to be likely a source of Ingram. Smuggling a weapon from United States also seems to be unlikely. As far as I know any civilian version of Ingram has never been sold here.

    So it’s probably a homemade one. First, Denkowicz (the man who commited a crime using this weapon) is an automobile mechanic and owner of a garage, so he had all the tools required to fabricate such a simple SMG. Second, he is 48 years old, so it’s very probable, that he had been working and living some time in the United States, in 80’s or 90’s, and it’s easy to imagine that he or somebody of his relatives or colleagues had MAC 10, and made possible to Denkowicz to familiarize with the weapon.

  • Komrad

    DIY sub-guns are surprisingly easy to make with basic machining tools and knowledge, there are manuals out there for tons of them free on the internet

    usually the barrel and the magazine are the only two difficult parts because the barrel needs more specialized equipment and the mags are usually stamped whit is harder to do without the stamping presses

    DIY guns are made all the time, usually crap that’s dangerous to fire, but this looks well made

  • to build a barrel? no biggee! all yous gotta do is know how many inches per twist ya need. for a tool maker to make a rifling setup is easy. to rifle a barrel up to 6 inches is simple. for auto weapons smooth bore works fine. at 22 cal. the bore minus rifling is usually .217 inches. with smooth you can take it to to .219 inches allowing for round compression. if you don’t know what i am talking about or do not have these skills, try porting a pellet gun barrel(.22) as long as it has more than 1 twist in 10 inches for a .22 smg. enjoy you fellow sociopaths!

    • killwill89

      Who has one for sale i just got robed last week its hard to buy this shit leagly sence iam a fucking felon and i dont have the brains capable of making one

  • Guest

    Lol. That looks like mine, and mine is the real deal 🙂 All of the MACs where folded and tacked sheet metal – so all of them have that homemade look.