Kahr Arms Files Lawsuit Diamondback Firearms

Kahr Arms have filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Diamondback Firearms, makers of the DB380 and DB9 sub-compact pistols. From the press release …

Kahr Arms, the award-winning manufacturer of compact pistols based in Worcester, Mass, is currently engaged in a patent infringement lawsuit against Diamondback Firearms, LLC, the maker of compact .380 ACP and 9mm pistols based in Cocoa, Florida.

Seven U.S. patents cover Kahr’s unique locking, firing and extraction systems. The incomparable cocking cam trigger system employs a patented cam to both unlock the passive safety and complete cocking and releasing of the firing pin. The system provides a “safe cam action” and unbelievably smooth double action only trigger stroke, fast to fire in critical defensive situations.

Diamondback DB9

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    It looks like a Glock, works like a Kahr, has an Aston Martin designation and the company is named after a Colt revolver. I’d expect that from a Chinese company but not an American one – at least they’re original in that respect.

  • J.T.

    After looking at the schematics for both designs, I think Kahr is just blowing smoke. Both have a cam that the trigger bar moves to cock and release the striker, but the design is different enough that it shouldn’t be a problem for Diamondback. Kahr just seems to be mad that they have competition.

  • Ramsey

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The use of a cam in a trigger is hardly novel, but they may have patented this implementation. If diamond backs design is identical they may lose, but Kahr could lose IP if it is found against them.

  • Billkny

    J.T. said:
    “After looking at the schematics for both designs, I think Kahr is just blowing smoke. Both have a cam that the trigger bar moves to cock and release the striker, but the design is different enough that it shouldn’t be a problem for Diamondback. Kahr just seems to be mad that they have competition.”

    Having experiance with 2 flawless Kahr’s and 1 DB380 that is currently making it’s 3rd trip back to Cocoa FL I think Kahr shouldn’t feel too threatened.

  • Harmon

    Seems like the borrowed the M&P’s slide gimping as well.

  • armed_partisan

    I find it ironic that companies who’s products are based almost exclusively on the designs of John Moses Browning would have the audacity to sue another company who have a design with similar features. Didn’t Kahr jump on the locked Breech .380 idea about 15 years after Kel-Tec brought the idea back to life, and at about the same time that 20 other companies were coming out with a locked-breech .380? The firearms industry should save the lawsuits for the anti-liberty, anti-gunners. There’s enough things to worry about without suing each other over petty, petty crap.

  • I just love how patents encourage innovation!

  • John Bates Thayer

    I call B.S. If anyone were going to sue it would be George Kellgren, owner of Kel-Tec CNC, who would be suing Ruger over their obvious rip-off of his groundbreaking P3-AT design with their LCP (Little Copied Pistol). If anything, the DB380 is closer to Taurus’ PT-709 than to anything Kahr produces.

  • Jeremiah

    So it has a glock frame, M&P slide and a Kahr-ish trigger and Kahr is filing a lawsuit? Don’t give up you day job….

  • What “armed-partisan” said. We’ve got too many attacks from the outside for this bs in our midst.

  • jigi

    Kahr may be reaching on this one. I don’t think they have anything to worry about considering what troubles the DBs been having! The price is 3-400ish yet the guns work no better than $80 saturday night specials! Sure they have good CS maybe but if buyers are constantly sending in POSs that overides any CS advantage. You don’t build a gun rep on excellent CS, you build it on a good gun! KelTec puts out more bad guns than most companies(save Kimber) but the lemon number is still quite low. For the money your most likely getting a great little gun. If you are one of the rare few that get a lemon they have great CS-better than Ruger’s CS for sure! If a gun company constantly puts out crap sooner or later dealers will quit stocking them as simple as that. Kimber puts out guns that work but the lemod ratio is increasing for them. Its one thing for a gun new company to have issues its totally another for an older company that used to be one of the greats start to really loose control of quality! You may get a 100% reliable Kimber nowdays but and overall fit and finish for ALL Kimbers is no where what it used to be! You pay almost a grand or over a grand-(“custom shop”) yet the finish is junk, the guns look like junk compared to Paras or Springfields! 1911s should look good because they cost so much!
    Sorry for off topic rant on Kimber.

    • I have had the great pleasure of shooting a great number of guns from Kimber over the past 25 years…both rifles and pistols…and have used them extensively in competitions, and I have chosen a Kimber pistol as my daily carry gun for the past 25 years or so. I chose the Kimber because I have been in a gunfight where my life depended upon my handgun, and my Kimber saved my ass. It is one of the finest guns I have ever owned, it is amazingly accurate and it works every time without fail. I have owned about a dozen of their fine handguns over the years and never had a bad gun in the bunch. One of my competition guns had more than 100,000 rounds through it without a single malfunction. I can afford any 1911 I choose and I shoot Kimber because it is the best.

      • stiffy

        works for kimber

  • David DB9

    In hindsight, Kahr made a big mistake asserting that the DB9 works exactly like a Kahr. I was about to junk my terribly non-functioning new DB9 to replace it with the Kahr PM9 until now I see they are so similar in operation!

    Does Kahr REALLY want to publicly admit it uses a failed design? Especially the extraction system?!! Four out of five owners that have the DB will know what I’m talking about.

    After seeing the lawsuit/PR Statement/advertisement, I’m inclined to avoid both DB and now Kahr and instead stick with my thick Glock 27. The DB9 is a thin mini Glock, and I own both brands. I would think Glock has the first dibs on infringement here…against both copy-cat brands.

    Diamondback is still new to firearms design and I wish them the best of luck through their growing pains. They will get it right eventually. Until then, the product is hit and miss, miss, miss. Kahr is just hoping to bury them before they get it perfected.

  • pcolton

    I bougt a DB9 about 10 days ago, took it to the range and I couldn’t get through a single mag without a stoppage (winchester fmj and hp, walmart purchased). I was ready to chuck it in the garbage along with my Ruger LC9 that can’t shoot straight. Called up Diamondback and was advised to try a Hogue Handall jr to keep the gun from moving in my hand (big hands, carry a glock 30 normally). So I got one, I also ordered a kel tec pf9 mag spring, modified and installed that for a stronger tension. Took to the range today, 100% improvement. Might help that I was firing Hornady critical defense and Starfire 115 gr through it. The only stopage was a ftf with some corbon 115 jhp, but +p isn’t recommended anyway, so I quit using it. Problem solved. I need to put about 100 more rounds through before I will trust my life to it, but these mods made a huge improvement.

  • Corbin Kingsbury

    Have had my DB9 for about 8 months now. The only ammo it hasnt really liked is Tula (ya, I know. I do try them all). Shoots well, no malfunctions (clean it after every range day), and it is pretty accurate. It does beat the crap out of your hand, but that is to be expected. It is not a plinking target type pistol. I usually shoot it about 100 rounds which is all my hand can take. I have more expensive guns, but this is the one I carry daily. I hope I never need it, but I don’t doubt that if I did it would function just fine. I carry the Federal Guard Dog ammo, and that also cycles without a hitch. Pretty potent small pocket gun.

  • Mike

    I have a DB380 and never got one full clip out without a jam or other malfunction. Sent back for repair and same issues. Should have never purchased a gun from this boat manufacturer. My mission will now to be sure no other poor sole makes the same mistake. Keep an eye out for my lawsuit. DB takes zero responsibility for their faulty product. However, 75% of DB owners have issues and are not satisfied. DB must be stopped from ripping off honest hard working Americans.

    If you are in the same boat feel free to express your opinion to Brad Thomas the CEO of DB Firearms,LLC at bthomas@diamondbackfirearms.com

  • Silent Majority

    For those of you that forgot about this Lawsuit or thought it was a hoax.

    On March 28th 2013, Diamondback Firearms LOST the lawsuit of patent infringement to Kahr Arms.