Mk19 FCS Fire Control System

StrategyPage reports on the new Fire Control System for the Mk19 40mm automatic grenade launcher …

Combining a GPS, laser rangefinder and computer, the new Mk19 FCS (Fire Control System) enables gunners to put the first round on the target, at extreme ranges (over 2,000 meters). The FCS can also fire an accurate pattern of 40mm grenades at those same ranges. Moreover, the GPS enables a FCS equipped Mk19 to accurately fire on a target the gunner can’t see. The FCS also has a camera, which can mark targets, out to 5,000 meters, on a photo, which can be then transmitted to other troops or headquarters. The FCS is also very easy to use for anyone with Mk19 experience. You laze the target, and then use the aiming dot in the sight to mark where the rounds will go.

U.S. Navy reservists fire the Mk19.

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Awesome!! Steve you can buy me and Jdun1911 one it’ll be what we need to go deer hunting!!!!

  • Rich Crane

    Which fire control system are you referring to?

  • Brian

    Those guys are Navy reservists? Look like ground pounders to me.

  • coyote

    Wow, just the weapon to hunt wild hogs with!!

  • charles222

    The Navy only stopped wearing the BDU/DCU pretty recently, and Mk 19 was 1) a Navy weapon to begin with, and 2) is widely deployed on smaller craft. Those’re Navy guys. They don’t wear dress uniforms to the range. :p

  • Lance


    They are Navy Seebees who train as combat engineers so they operate most standerd infantry weapons.

  • Lance

    The Seebees still use 80svintage woodland camo as well as USMC Recon beleve it or not in Afghanistain. The recent push for digital woodland fell shot when the USMC protested the Navy on useing there uniforms. So thats up in the aire for some time. Only SEALs are getting Digital camo navy uniforms now.

  • charles222

    That’s rather a lol at the USMC complaining about their parent service and source of funding using “their” uniform…