Mockup of .223 Remington 700 feeding from AR magazines

Two years ago I created a photoshoped mockup of a Remington 700 being fed from a 30 round AR-15 magazine. One reader was inspired by the picture and is recreating it while at working a local gunsmith over the summer.

The progress so far. The rifle is a Remington 700P Tactical.

If anyone has any suggestions for Kevin, please post them in the comments.

Below are some mockups of the rifle …

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Ian

    That’s a very cool idea! I would also love to see a .308 PSS that takes a metric FAL magazine.

  • AJ187

    That’s really cool, but in this modern day a bolt gun doesn’t seem to do anything that a AR couldn’t. Unless you are shooting competition I guess.

  • k

    How’s he going to get the mag to lock into place with no magwell? I could see it working with Mini-14 mags, though.

  • SpudGun

    I could suggest a load of tacticool goodies, but if the reader is just working for the gunsmith over the summer, money might be a factor, so the cheapest thing I can think of is – cut the barrel down to “16 or 14.5” with a pinned brake so it has a more ‘scout’ appearance.

    Oh and a Magpul P / E Mag, they’re not expensive.

  • MarkM

    It needs a flash hider, bayonet lug, and pistol grip stock. Then it would be completely intimidating, and probably illegal in CA. 😉

    I’ll pass on the actual need for a hi cap fed bolt gun, particularly as I once considered doing the same to my Rem 700 in .30-06. BAR mags are a bit scarce. Mag conversions have been done for decades, it’s really a matter of getting the details right, and certainly doable.

    Looking forward to the video of it at the range. No doubt a Texas hog hunter could use this effectively.

  • Jim S

    I’ve got a suggestion. Show me how to make a savage model 10 take FAL mags :D.

    Actually, it shouldn’t bee too hard. You could hollow out the stock and put a mag adapter in.

    Now where is my dremel tool….

  • Sturta

    No suggestions, but this would be one modification I would certainly make to my 700. Good luck Kevin, can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  • Matixon

    But, why?

  • user

    That’s actually pretty cool! Give it a 20 rounder or even a 10 and you will not have to worry about the mag hitting the ground.

    Can they do it with one in .308 now? 🙂

  • Other Steve

    HA! Just wait until he gets it up and working, then tries to strip the first round from the mag. It will immediately become apparent why this combination does not exist for production.

    The AR mag, like almost all semi-auto rifle mags are designed to have the rounds violently ripped from the unit. There is a really good reason why AI mags are the best bolt gun mags out there, and that they are so popular in that application. Doesn’t anyone think that if this it was a good idea it would be common?

    If the new Ruger Scout rifle could have ultra common and cheap FAL mags instead of very expensive AI style mags it would have.

  • Mike

    I would like to know how he plans to modify the bolt an/or position the magazine to be able to strip a round off the magazine, since a 700 doesn’t have the rotary lugs which do the job in an AR. The AIA M-10 mentioned in the previous article seems to be the closest I’ve seen someone get to making a bolt gun work with mags from an semiauto.

  • Nick


    About a year ago I designed just such a conversion for a prominent U.S. rifle manufacturer; they never took it to production. Glad to see someone else hopping on the idea. The CAD files have been sitting around on my hard drive collecting virtual dust, since I wasn’t allowed to talk about the project. Looks like it doesn’t matter anymore, though.

    Word of encouragement: there is a solution for the mag catch, if you think a little bit outside the box.

  • Tony

    Um, why show a mockup? Armalon have had the .223 rem 700 running AR mags for years in their PR line.

  • Vtb

    Guy just epoxied p-mag into adl stock + modified feed lips.
    Not removable, but plain and freaking simple. And still holds 30 rounds.

  • If he gets them up and running I’d buy one.

  • james

    Why does the mockup lack a trigger guard?

  • Lance

    AHA!!!!!!!!!! A NY Assault rifle!

    Now look at Brady bunch demand a ban on Remington 700!

  • Michael
  • How is he going to get those gigantic cartridges (in the stock shell holder) into that rifle? Looks like he just dropped the floorplate and trigger guard on a 308 and crammed an AR mag in there. Cool idea though.

  • Bob

    Anyone else realize the first shot is not a 700P (It’s a SPS with the Hogue stock), but more importantly, that all the others are showing a 223 mag sticking out of a .338 Lapua Magnum 700?

  • jdun1911

    There are 5,10,15(maybe), and 20 AR15 magazine in the market. Which is a better fit for bolt action rifle and picture wise make it look appealing.

  • SleepyDave

    Okay, so, I’ll admit the limits of my knowledge here, what about doing a bolt-action rifle that feeds from M14 mags?

  • seeker_two

    Remington already has the 7615 (pump-action rifle that takes AR mags)…I don’t see why they couldn’t make a 700 feed from the same mags as well….

    • seeker_two, the 7615 is a basically a shotgun that fires rifle cartridges. It is not known for accuracy.

  • Kevin

    Hey readers,

    The rifle in question is mine.

    To clear up a few things mistated in my email to steve…

    1) The first rifle is a Reminton 700 SPS in a Houge stock.

    2) The second rifle is a Reminton 700 MLR in .338 Lapua that I used just to see what the rifle would look like before I bought the .223 rifle.

    3) I ended up doing the conversion myself with industrial epoxy, rather then machining a magazine well with a mag catch, permanently attaching the magazine to the bottom metal, as in Canada, detachable magazines are pinned to 5. Bolt action rifles have no magazine capacity limits, and semi autos are pinned to 5.

    I unfortuntley learned after the conversion was done that a small and almost never heard of law in our Canadian Firearms code, prohibits the use of full capacity AR-15 magazines in any firearm, regardless of if it has been rendered unable to be used from an AR type rifle. It all has to do with what rifle the magazine was designed for, not what rifle it is used in.

    As such, the magazine must be pinned to 5, kind of ruining the purpose for this build.

    That said, it handles surprisingly well. With a bipod on a medium height setting, you will have no problem getting at least 2″ of ground clearance in a comfortable prone position. Definetly a cool idea for anybody who is not slapped with badly written firearms laws.

    • William

      Kevin, I would LOVE to know if you’ve since had any success with this idea. I recently acquired my first Rem 700. Mine is an ADL in .223. I realize this is different than the SPS, but I don’t care. I simply want to know how to make this work and then I’ll worry about specifics of which gun I need to start with.
      please email

  • Jamie

    I’d love to be able to stick a 20 rnd magpul into my Rem 700 sps 308.

  • Sam

    A long range shooter / gunsmith up here in Seattle has already created one that works great, he essentially combined part of an AR lower with a REM 700 stock. Works great and feeds everything without getting caught up

    • Jared

      Would really love the gunsmiths number for that project, being a Washington resident this promotes good opportunity. I know this is an old posting but would like the info if possible none the less if possible.

    • That is the dumbest comment I have ever heard. Mixing an AR lower with a 700 upper ? Really, you tard how would that be effective, how would that even work. Sounds to me this forum has a whole bunch of cant shot with of shit sniper wanna bee’s …

      • And we even have a few folks here who don’t know the difference between a forum and a blog.

  • Ladyfox

    As others have noted already I’d say stick with either 10 or 20 round magazines since you’ll not have the clearance issues that you would with a 30. Otherwise, I really do wish you luck since I’d LOVE to have a bolt gun like that. ^_^

  • Theo

    If Remington actually sold the 700 SPS-tactical set up for AR mags, I’d buy one yesterday.
    Why is it so hard to find bolt actions with detachable magazines?

  • Vtb

    It’s not hard to find bolt-action with detachable magazine.
    It’s hard to find bolt-action with detachable magazine with capacity larger than 10 rounds.

    .223 conversion seems to be the only easy variant with AR-mag – because of magazines are slim enough to fit into rem 700 receiver without modifying the receiver.
    .308 AR-mag already too wide – it requires big amount of metal to be shaved off from the receiver.
    But I agree – it’s hard to understand why no one manufactures bolt-action feeding from AR-magazines straight from the factory.

  • I would like to take a minute to address the reasons I came up with the Remington 700 ar mag bottom metal. My thought was while gopher hunting I was always reloading and not shooting. With the ar mag system I could pre load cheap mag’s at night and at lunch break and not be constantly feeding the rifle a couple rounds at a time. For prone shooting twenty round mags work the best for me.

  • John

    I wish Remington actually made these at their factory. Then we’d finally be able to have hi-cap AR mags in Canada. As long as their used in a manual action firearm and specifically say on the magazine that these magazines are only to be used in that particular firearm, you can legally own them. Then you could just “accidentally” realize they also work in your AR-15 and BLAMO no more 5 round mags.

  • R M

    Back when I used to shoot NRA highpower, the poor mans “hot ticket” on a 200 yard short course was a winchester model 70 modified to take AR magazines. Your all in cost for a match rifle was only about $800

  • Bruce

    Just a couple of points:

    The biggest problem with using the AR-15 mag (or the M-14 mag in a 308) is the mgazine spring. The standard spring is designed to lift a stack of dirty cartridges and align them with the oncoming bolt at 700 cycles per minute.

    The two primary consequence of this are:

    1. very high upwards pressure against the bottom of the bolt during cycling. This leads to binding and wear.

    2. This excessive pressure causes the rear of the cartridge to “pop up” as soon as it clears the lips. This will cause serious feed issues.

    The simple solution is to chop off bits of spring until it behaves itself. The proper solution is to get a a new spring made to the exact shape as the original but froma somewhat lightergauge of wire.

    In a .223 bolt gun, a better mag is the Ruger Mini-14. It is narrower at the front, and the projectile is not quite as surrounded by metal as the AR type. AR mags are cheaper but require more fiddling.

    The other MAJOR problem is that the .699″ diameter of the remington bolt does not allow it to catch very much of the rim of any cartridge in either the M-14 or AR-15 Mag.

    Again, once the spring force is reduced, one could experiment with shaving a bit off the feed lips to allow more “bite” by the bolt. And don’t forget that there are two locking lugs that must clear the tops of these mag lips as well. The AR and M-14 bolts are designed to run quite deeply between the mag lips.

    Alternatively, go and have a look at the Alphamag product. This is simlar to the AI but is essentially a double stack but single feed device: very neat, well priced. I have used them in a couple of 700 based “tube rifles” in .308 and .243 Win; so far, so good.

    • Shane Williams

      how does brass wear steel out? you make a good point on the bolt not picking up the cartridge, but, I can hold the bolt back on my ar, ak, m14, whatever and rounds never pop out of the mag due to the force of the spring, nor would firing a round, cycling the action by hand, then firing another round wear out a bolt any worse than firing at 700 rounds per minute…im sorry, but that just doesn’t make sense…I do ask, if I am very wrong, do fill me in, I am always willing to learn something new…but I don’t know about those two statements you made…as for the bolt not picking the round up, well, I don’t know, but as for the rear end of the cartridge “popping up”, the cartridge only goes in a certain way, and that’s projectile first, if you have that much right, itll go in, I load my bolt one round at a time quite often so I don’t damage my soft points with recoil, and I just toss the round on top of the mag follower, and slam the bolt home, never fails…other than that…it does sound like one tough as hell project, I recommend looking at the Texas AK Design “BASTARD” magazine conversion for the ak, then go from there…I may give that a try, I think I just came up with a very very simple fix to this solution…anyways, have a good one

  • Benjamin Flores


    do you happen to have a cad model of a bolt action? would it be posible to share it with me? I have a couple of ideas brewing in my head.

  • William Thomas


    I know of many problems with incorporating an AR-15 / M-16 / M4 type of magazine into a Remington 700 action. Believe me when I say it is not impossible but the cost of doing so does add up. It would be easier to design a high capacity magazine specifically for a 700 but then you still have to design the magazine well.

    I have already designed a high capacity system to fit the Remington 700 but now I am contemplating the cost to sales ratio.

    There are many other bolt action rifles easier to convert. Is this a project I really want to put my money in to.

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