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  • zincorium

    Pretty impressive. Can’t even imagine how terrible it would look if I tried to do that.

  • Ladyfox

    Is it wrong to instantly think “I’ll buy two please!” upon looking at that? And he’s a fellow Calgunner to boot which is awesome. Now, will someone help him build a retrofit kit to mass-produce? ^_^

  • MikeJ

    Should have made them 11 rounds, just because Helmke and McCarthy would like them more. 🙂

  • Did you see his statement that states he is now working on a stealth fold away bipod that goes into the fore grip?

  • coyote

    Pretty cool. When will he make 20 round mags?

  • Flounder

    I love it! Sadly if he is from California ten is as high as he can go… 🙁 I love the folding foregrip idea. Mosins are always fun.

  • keith landry

    I would buy several clips if they ever come to pass, though it has been awhile and I think there will never be more than the one he made because there was I am gonna do this then no more info.

  • Bernie

    Hello Richard when can you build a 10 round Mag for me and how much would it cost I love it

  • shawn

    well i would really like to get a couple of these from you if possible if you do make more pleace get in contact with me . thank you

  • keith1066

    I think this is a dead idea as it has been a year and no 10 round extensions to be seen, I like it and I am tired of waiting so I looking for someone to make one for myself. If I find someone I will post it here.