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  • Greetings from Texas,
    Thanks for the link Steve. I hoped you would like this one.

  • Martin (M)

    For when your gopher problem gets way outta hand!

  • SKSlover


  • Pete

    This weekend I saw two accurate, full-size reproductions of these at the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum outside Des Moines (as pictured at the bottom of the linked page).

    Needless to say, the Deeres did not fair well in military tests. The not quite exact quote “Failed because rear tires were disabled by machine gun fire”. The armor plating had major gaps and it was disaster waiting to happen against even the most basic Panzer I’s.

  • charles222

    Zombie corn.

  • TalbotFarwell

    I could see something like this being used if the early American involvement in WWII went way wrong, and we ended up being invaded in ’42 or ’43.

  • coyote

    Just the thing to hunt wild hogs with!