New Beretta Mx4 Storm Submachine Gun

The Beretta Mx4 Storm is a new submachine gun version of the Beretta Cx4 Storm semi-automatic carbine. The Mx4 has been designed for the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs who should be receiving their first shipment in the next 12 months.

The gun is chambered in 9x19mm NATO. It features a 12″ barrel and has a total length of 25″. It weights 6.28 lbs (including magazine). I am guessing that the magazine pictured is Beretta’s 30 round magazine. I could be wrong, but it looks to me like the barrel is threaded for a suppressor and a thread protector has been screwed on.

If I owned a Beretta Cx4, the first thing I would want to do it chop the barrel down to 12″ (I currently own a 12″-barreled carbine and love it).

[ Many thanks to REMOV for proving photos and information. ]

[Hat Tip: Janes for some info. ]

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  • Matt Groom

    I’ve shot the Cx4 (stupid godamned _x4 names are confusing as hell!) and I liked it. It was very accurate and had surprisingly light recoil compared to many pistol caliber carbines I’ve fired. But, I have a beard. When I shot it, the slot between the rubber pad on top of the stock would pull out hairs when I was firing it. Most people would just say “Well, why don’t you shave that thing off, beardy?!” to which I would say “tell it to the Sikhs” who are presumably going to be a major user in India.

  • MibZ

    When I lived in my parent’s house one of our neighbors was a Police officer and he owned a CX4, which I got to hold (not fire…I wish I had a chance to) and I’d really love to get my hands on one of these.

  • Mechman

    If they made one of those for civvy use in .40, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  • 35,000 of these have been ordered by India for its Border Security Force.

  • SoulTown

    Not sure if I like the “modern” Beretta design philosophy. It almost feels as if they took the criticism of their old designs and decided to overcompensate with “uder-ergo” sort of design.

  • Other Steve

    Just so damn ugly. And this coming from the proud owner of a tp9 sbr.

    Also 12″ is a goofy size for 9mm. Since it’s threaded, you can assume any subsonic use would be identical out of a 5″ TP9, 8″ MP5 or this 12″, so all you’re getting is a space-gun looking long smg

  • Sean

    “If I owned a Beretta Cx4, the first thing I would want to do it chop the barrel down to 12″ (I currently own a 12″-barreled carbine and love it).”

    There is that little matter of that requiring a $200 tax stamp, and months of paperwork. And the government looking into every little thing about you.

    Not worth it.

    If I were the Indian government, I would order them with the bottom rail. ANd get some forward hand grips.

  • jdun1911

    It’s not hard to get NFA. If you can passed a standard ATF gun background check than you will pass a NFA background check. In other words if you can buy a gun legally you can get NFA approve without a problem.

    It takes no more than 30 minutes of paper works and that because of the Trust for your first time. 10 minutes for less for normal ATF paper works if you go with the CLEO sign off. Write your $200 check and send it away. Wait for 3-6 months to get approve.

    All this can be done in your home if you want to make a weapon that you own or want to built into a SBR, SBS, or suppressor.

    I recommend getting at least one SBR or SBS just to have if nothing else. I know the $200 tax stamp is a lot and I believe it is unconstitutional but until that change there nothing we can do. The $200 tax did stop me from getting my first NFA weapon for a long time.

    Honestly I don’t know why they went with the 12″. If you’re going subgun 10″ or less is prefer IMO.

  • Kyle

    @ Matt Groom
    Looks like the Cx4 doubles as a beard trimmer to make sure your facial hair has clearance during a firefight, although you might end up with a beard that has a right (or left!) handed bald spot…

  • MarkM

    Beretta has been on a styling jag for the last decade. Anyone else who has tried the organic look crossed with speed racer accents has usually been underengineered pistol makers trying to be something more than another Browning action in the same old caliber. They pop up every year at SHOT, get a picture, and disappear quicker than an actual working model of the Bren Ten.

    I guess Beretta is getting away with it. Certainly the function side of the design never compromises it’s success. For some of us, tho, no thanks. It’s too reminiscent of the off brand toys we played with in the ’60’s, mostly those that leaned toward ray guns vs. space aliens.

    I guess we’re not Beretta’s market, which isn’t much loss. Plenty of others to choose from who don’t style their weapons as much as use the design to express their look as a tool.

    Not a toy.

    Just wanting to be on record before the Army adopts the ARX160 as the new carbine. šŸ™‚

  • Andy from West Haven

    Finally a good 30 round mag. I have to assume it’s good. Wonder if Mec Gar will be making them…

    So far all 30 round mags for the 92/CX4 have been utter crap.

  • I guess Battlestar Galactica was popular among the Indian Border force, eh?

  • Other Steve

    “There is that little matter of that requiring a $200 tax stamp, and months of paperwork. And the government looking into every little thing about you.”

    You go ahead and keep pushing that FUD. The $200 is a pain but it’s not a big deal.

    I’m not sure what you mean about months of paper work. It’s minutes of paperwork, roughly one page of fields you need to fill out. Real intrusive ones like Name and Barrel Length, etc. The months is the one time wait till the form comes back, also a pain but who is in a hurry for an SBR?

    As for the government “looking into you”. Do you use NICS when you buy a gun? Do you fly? Pay taxes? Are you married? Divorced? Do you work for gov? Been in the .mil? Own your own business? You are already on so many lists what is the possible point about being paranoid with another?

    The only thing I would agree is, that this gun isn’t worth the wait or the $200.

  • Frank

    @Other Steve
    25″ is actually shorter than the MP5 by a bit, and you get an extra 4″ in barrel for it.

  • Chi

    “There is that little matter of that requiring a $200 tax stamp, and months of paperwork. And the government looking into every little thing about you.

    Not worth it.”

    It’s not as big an ordeal as you make it sound …

  • Gerald

    I really, really hate the new Beretta look. I know that they are functional firearms, and reliable and accurate. And I know that the extra plastic makes for great ergonomics, so there is little more that a person could ask for from a firearm, but… Damn, that thing is UGLY. The extra plastic only makes it look more like a cheap plastic toy that most of us grew up with, before making toy guns in black would get kids shot to death. Unlike the other plastic weapons out there, suck as the Glock, Steyr AUG, FN SCAR, FN PS90 and FN FS2000, where the polymer used is purely functional and present for a reason, the Beretta seems to use plastic for the sheer sake of using plastic. Look at the sights. Those are HUGE. Why do you need sights that big. Contrast those to the Magpul BUIS. That grip is larger than it should/needs to be, and I would wager that the large plastic stock is 80% hollow as well, and used for storage. The BCG can only go so far backwards even with a buffer tube. A firearm is not a suitcase, that is why pockets were invented.

  • BuggedOut

    I had a CX4 in .45acp and liked the styling, the fit and ergonomics of the weapon but the 10 round mag was the highest capacity available. I could of lived with that (maybe not) but the trigger on the gun was horrible! And the way it’s designed makes it impossible to improve upon.
    When Highpoint came out with their carbines for around $250 I knew I needed to unload the Beretta quickly. I did and I don’t miss it.

  • jdun1911


    No it’s not a big deal. Sean have never filll out a Form 1 or Form 4 before.

    You can see how much paper work you have to fill by downloading these forms.

    ATF Form 1: If you already own the firearm or going to build one (NFA items only).


    ATF Form 4: Transferred from an individual or dealer to an individual.

    Fill one of the two form that fit you. You also need to fill out

    ATF Form 5330.20

    So either:
    Form 1 and 5330.20


    Form 4 and 5330.20

  • If I owned a Beretta Cx4, the first thing I would want to do it chop the barrel down to 12″ (I currently own a 12″-barreled carbine and love it).

    I own a Cx4 in 9mm, and I would hate to mutilate a fine piece of machinery by cutting its barrel short. A 12″-barreled carbine sounds like a blast, though, so I might get a Hi-Point carbine, fit it with the Advanced Technology CxFaux stock, cut and thread that carbine’s barrel for a suppressor and call it a day. Similar results, without as much cost or guilt. šŸ˜‰

  • Other Steve

    Frank, at 25″ it is shorter than the mp5 because of the pistol layout. How does this best a M/TP9? Also, this gun is blowback, the mp5 at least you get roller lock.

    This gun doesn’t excell at anything but looking future-y.

  • snmp

    the Mx4 is replacement of the SMG sterling in indian border force (police force with paramilitary dutie). In plus, the Mx4Mx4 need less trainning than handgun & AK

  • Frank

    @Other Steve
    Can you use 92fs magazines in a TP9? Aren’t those also much more expensive and prone to jamming too?

  • Other Steve


    MynTP9 has yet to jam up on me with 115, 124, 147, or 158gr ammo. Factory, reloads, etc. I’m letting it get really dirty to see what happens, but in the time I’ve owned it – flawless.

    I’d trust a 15 or 30 round polymer stick mag over a 30 round 92fs mag any day of my life.

  • Laftrick

    I want a 10mm subgun. Blast 86 ban.

  • cottage cheese

    Awful… I thought things were moving beyond 9×19. Speaks volumes about the buffoons running the show here in India.

  • jdun1911

    What’s wrong with 9×19? The majority of militaries around the world have no problems with with 9×19.

    • David/Sharpie

      Out of short pistol barrels it’s known for being weak when it comes to lethality, but I suspect with the longer barrel and the high ROF it’ll be effective for the Indians

  • Alaskan

    Cant wait until it shows up in the next Tom Clancy video game franchise. Hopefully with a sound suppressor as an option.

  • tactical beach bum

    “If I owned a Beretta Cx4, the first thing I would want to do it chop the barrel down to 12″ (I currently own a 12″-barreled carbine and love it).”

    I do own a Cx4 and I have to say that the first thing I would change is the god awful stock trigger. It is just all sorts of miserable and not even worth going into detail over. I have heard there is a simple and easy adjustment anyone can do to remedy this but I have to do more research on it. I have put a few hundred rounds through my big pistol/little rifle (whatever you want to call it) and have never suffered a problem but I am still skeptical of the plastic hammer. I hope the mx4 features improvements to these features and is not just a short barreled Cx4.

    Having said that this is still a great little gun. Yes it looks like something a SciFi nerd would have designed for the next Halo video game but that doesn’t change the fact that it feels so natural and comfortable in your hands. All the controls are not only within easy reach but will feel natural to anyone who has experience shooting a pistol. At 50 yards the gun is pretty accurate and thanks to the ugly (but extremely comfortable) ergonomics follow up shots are easily controlled. This is just a fun gun all around and Beretta offers a bunch of equally hideous accessories to make this little ugly duckling your own. I would highly recommend this gun to anyone. I taught my little sister and girlfriend how to shoot with this gun and both of them loved it. The gun breaks down and cleans so easy and has replaced my Bushmaster ar15 as my go to fun gun.

  • rtyler98

    Wonder why Beretta hasn’t produced a higher capacity magazine for the CX4 .45acp Storm, yet they show they can put out 30-rd mags for this 9mm? Is it because the CX4’s “light-weight” components (i.e. because of mag wt. & feed mechanisms) can’t handle it? As an owner, I’m just wondering why …

  • Nit

    Quite a surprise order. The decision by BSF to buy this weapon is not too well known in India. No idea why of all the forces BSF went for this.

    If BSF wanted something “glam”, there is the Israel Tavor producing locally, under license.

    Not know what it will be replacing.

  • DJ

    Tavor is way more expensive with little extra benefits. I smell corruption though. What’s the need for any new gun when tons of Insas being produced locally.

  • sumit

    without money nothing moves in India
    I will not be surprised the final cost of each gun at 7000 to 8000 US Dollar.
    the premium will go from our prime minister to the lowest solider.
    and also don’t be surprised it being sold from indian army personal to a Moist or PAK Army person

  • Danny

    The ones ordered by India will mainly replace nearly ancient Sterling SMG and old MP5s in the Indian Paramilitary Arsenal.

  • DoesntPlayWell

    I have two Storms in 9mm and .45. They are excellent weapons with great accuracy and ergonomics. I too complain about the lack of larger .45 magazines, ProMag was “supposed” to make these back in 2005/06 or so, but it never came to be. I have a MP5SD, and I can expect similar/better performance from the MX4.

  • DoesntPlayWell

    “Mechmanon 08 Mar 2011 at 4:36 pm link comment

    If they made one of those for civvy use in .40, Iā€™d buy it in a heartbeat.”

    The CX4 Storm has always been available in .40 S&W (as well as the obviously mentioned 9×19 and .45 ACP). The one model they should make is 10mm.

  • Adjuster

    As an owner of a CX4 Storm in 9mm, I can attest to the accuracy of this design, the easy handling, and build quality.

    Trigger work is as easy as pulling a pin, slide apart the action, and using a fine nail file on the sear/hammer.

    The plastic parts in the trigger group work fine. The spring guide rod can be broken, but only if you are ham-handed, and do not follow how to take down the weapon. (And a stainless guide rod, bronze guide insert and upgraded buffer can all be purchased from SP. They also sell stainless replacement hammers, and aluminum alloy triggers, if you can’t deal with the plastic parts.)

    The 16″ barrel works great with my 9mm. You get about 200 to 250fps more from your hand gun rounds. (So if it’s rated at 1500fps, it will come out of the CX4 at about 1700 to 1750fps.) That’s .357 mag territory.

    From what I’ve researched, a 14″ barrel is best for handgun ammo off the shelf. A 12″ setup would be close to the 16″ results. Any custom loads could take advantage of whatever length you have on the carbine however.

    There is no storage space in the stock. The plastic is quite thick, and while there are voids in places, much of the gun is solid plastic from side to side, especially where it’s joined up down the middle. The “rabbit” ears are to protect the flip up/down sights. I have a full top rail, and use a Vortex Strikefire optic that works very well with this carbine.

    It is every bit as accurate as my PS90, and just as comfortable in it’s own way.

  • alby

    Italian arms major Beretta has agreed to replace faulty weapons supplied by them after they failed at a BSF test fire facility in Gujarat recently.
    Last year, the BSF had awarded Beretta a contract of more than 30,000 sub-machine guns at an approximate cost of Rs200 crore.
    The first consignment of 17,000 guns was received last September and distributed among BSF personnel on the border to replace INSAS and other rifles.
    But documents accessed by Headlines Today suggest there was a major goof-up in the procurement of the consignment.
    The high-tech MX4 9mm Storm assault rifle failed the test, internal correspondence between the BSF’s Gujarat frontier unit to the Delhi-based BSF Headquarters in January says. It says that when the sample weapon was test fired, it bulged.
    The test fire report suggests that the gun would not only be ineffective in neutralising the enemy, but there are also chances of the barrel of the weapon exploding and causing serious injuries. The document also noted other defects in the sample weapon.
    Having discovered the shortcomings during test fire, the BSF’s Gujarat frontier unit had sought advice from its headquarters on whether they should dump the weapons.
    When BSF Headquarters received this communication, senior officers summoned officials from Beretta.
    The documents also suggest other serious problems with these guns. Corrosion was found on 113 guns. 164 guns had tool marks and nine guns had machining rings

  • blake

    i think the mx4 is a great weapon. accurate, light, and if you use the armor piercing sabot round from vbr belgium, it could be a very effective gun.

  • Hank W

    I’ve had a 9mm CX4 for a few years now. It’s mounted with a Zeiss ZPoint red dot sight, an Insight Tech light/laser, a SureFire 6P light, and two spare mags on the stock. I use a single point tactical sling. While it’s primary role is home defense (I live in the remote countryside), I’ve also used it for night armadillo hunting. It’s very accurate, and most deadly on ‘dillos. I’m up to 16 of the pests so far. This night hunting has given me some valuable practice at using the carbine in low light conditions, and comes as close to tactical use as possible without someone who can shoot back. I consider the CX4 to be an excellent tactical arm.

    My only complaint about it is the lack of a “fence” around the magazine release button. I have twice accidently ejected a loaded magazine by having the button hit a part of my “kit” on or in a tactical vest.