Double Glock Full Auto Pistol(s)

Just when I think I have seen it all, I see something like the DoubleGlock Machine Pistol. I don’t know anything about this pistol. If any of our European readers know the history behind it, please share it in the comments.

I guess that the recoil of the fully automatic Glock 18 pistols (Glock 18C?) would cancel each other out allowing easy control.

[Hat Tip: Casatic]

Steve Johnson

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  • Maverick Moore

    Promotes the double gangster hold

  • Bantam

    Too awesome, and seemingly unwieldy. Looks like they’re both ejecting to the bottom so one must have a custom slide?

    Looks like they’re clamped together using two scope rail mounts. Note the open sights on the righthand pistol mounted on the scope rail bracket.

    So cool 🙂 Where did you find?

  • Nick Pacific

    All I know is that bald man is sporting quite the mustache.

  • subase

    That mustache looks more deadly than the Glocks.

  • shockfish08

    Wow, thats so crazy and so tits at the same time. Not sure how effective that scope is gonna be with that hand grip configuration.

  • Jim

    what is the point to this??

  • Crabula

    Just because it can be done, doesn’t mean it should be done.

  • vtb

    this guy plays CoD too much.

  • Freddy


    this is the most ridiculous thing I have seen since the Mossy chainsaw.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    “Because I can”, thats why.

  • SoulTown


  • McBain

    since it’s barely possible to fire at the same time both guns (I mean really at the same moment), the recoil will probably be unpredictable. On the other hand, it’s heavy in weight and you are holding it with both hands, so I guess that there will be little recoil after all. But those are just guessing, I wait for the live video 🙂

  • jdun1911

    That look really fun to shoot. Don’t mind test driving it.

  • Mikee

    The Villar Perosa is born again. Long live the Villar Perosa !!!

  • Simon_The_Brit

    I must be showing my age because I think this double Glock setup is pointless and the firing position looks painful. Still if Godzilla and King Kong ever attack the city just call on “Double Glockman” saviour of the world.

  • I think the shooter on the foto is Mr. László Tolvaj, the chief editor of the

    He is a Hungarian-origin Swiss citizen, and well-known gunwriter in Europe.

  • animalmenace

    It’s the Michael Angelo Batio of machine pistols.

  • “I guess that the recoil of the fully automatic Glock 18 pistols (Glock 18C?) would cancel each other out allowing easy control.”

    The recoil doesn’t cancel itself out, at most does the muzzle climb (reduced to a hefty vibration, I guess).

    The problem with such a setup (in addition to obvious ones) is the challenge to pull the triggers at the same time.

  • Buster Charlie

    What a natural shooting stance, it must be very comfortable and controllable. Also look how small and concealable it is, it practically fits in an ankle holster!

    I think we’ve witnessed the death of all other firearm designs. The only possible way to make this better would be to somehow strap a grenade launcher on it, or possibly stick it onto an ar-15…


  • JAFO

    A solution in search of a problem. Or someone with access to a CNC machine and nothing better to do.

    If you’re going to carry that thing, better and easier to use an Uzi or a PDW.

  • Dave

    This actually beats out the Mossberg chainsaw as the stupidest thing I’ve seen all year. Please tell me this is a joke, maybe the German version of Birdman’s Homeboy Nyte Sytes. This guy looks like he’s headed for a Darwin Award with his ‘holster’ with the double exposed triggers.

  • This post definitely needs video. Looks like a blast to shoot.

  • Zander

    I only have two words to say to this.

    DO WANT!

  • Falcon500

    How would you even load this pos?

  • Pete Sheppard

    The ultimate gansta gun…Does Birdman sell that scope mount??

  • anon

    The shooter looks quite a bit like Peter Kokalis…

  • ap

    Mega T-Rard-O.

  • skipsul

    Buster Charlieon 01 Mar 2011 at 12:08 am link comment

    What a natural shooting stance, it must be very comfortable and controllable. Also look how small and concealable it is, it practically fits in an ankle holster!

    I think we’ve witnessed the death of all other firearm designs. The only possible way to make this better would be to somehow strap a grenade launcher on it, or possibly stick it onto an ar-15…

    No, no no, what this really needs is a couple of bayonets and a ninja star launcher.

    Now if they only were paired Glock 7’s we could resurrect John McClain next time terrorists invade…

  • Ahmed

    this is available for sale here:
    but strangely he says that these are CZ-52’s

  • IllTemperedCur

    If this doesn’t end up on-screen in a Sly Stallone film within the year, Hollywood is dead.

  • Scott_T

    Gangsta Approved!

  • Máté

    I guess it also works with CZ-52’s. Look at the pictures at the bottom of the page.

  • Chairman Mow

    Did those hillbillies at Red Jacket make that monstrosity ? Needs more hand drilled holes and black spray paint. Perhaps a Saiga shotgun bolted underneath ?

  • jhjfdf

    This was the Prototype and then H.P.SIGG created the Double Glock from it.

    I requested the Article from the “Schweizer Waffenmagazin” and will translate it for you.

    Greetings from Austria

  • Mechman

    Wouldn’t the porting venting gas directly on the other gun raise all kinds of hell with it?

  • mr_lorenco

    @ Ahmed
    a pair of CZ-52s in this configuration are also on sale on their site

  • Matixon

    @Ahmed because they are CZ-52’s, look at the first two pics, Glocks are just shown as an inspiration :]

  • Don

    This is simultaneously stupid and awesome.


  • J Star


    Seriously though, that looks awkward as hell.

  • Matt G

    How does the right hand gun even eject? Is it some kind of backwards model with the ejection port on the left side?

  • Jon

    The glock on the left has “homeboyz nite sitez” on it…

  • Fish0331

    The “Sons of Guns” guys over at Redjacket are going to make this next week and tell us all that they are “changing the firearm industry forever with this gun!” BAHAHAHA

  • Gir

    i expect this man and his creation to be in the next COD

  • MJM

    Wow, Steve, here is the first thing that came to my mind: “Nature will find a way.” (from Jurassic Park) I love “Don’s” comment above: Simultaneously stupid and awesome.
    People are funny, but people with guns are hilarious.
    Hope all’s well with you,

  • Higgs

    Those are not Glock 18s. they have no selector switch. so IF they are full auto, then they are sear guns.

  • Cowtowncop

    Check out the two ejected casings below the guns in the first photo. How do you manage to get a glock to eject to the left?

  • zendog

    lol, thats not new…. those pic´s are older than a decade….

  • Mi

    That inevitably reminds me of this (fake) double-Glock:

    (It’s parodic, but well, the idea of putting two Glocks together is odd enough that it’s maybe inevitable to laugh and/or make parody things with it. :p)

  • David

    Can we get a shot of this thing with Kate Beckinsale? Just askin’.

  • DJ

    First, the convertible STI ( and now this???

  • Art

    Mario !!! mamamia!!!

  • Seloum

    Double Glocks!!! What does it MEAN???

  • gunslinger

    ok, so do you have to pull both triggers at the same time? if not, how does the slide operate? i don’t see a track or something that they could slide in to fire in a L-R-L type of configuration.

    I’d really like to know the “physics” of how it operates.

    as for the RJF jokes….well…the one nice think i can say is that he turns away customers who want a “first gun” and sends them to another store. now i can’t say if the store is like “jimmy’s back trunk sales” or w/e but if the reference is actually a certified/respected instructor and such.. then that’s a plus.

  • Aimless

    FU Dave_A

  • I agree with the above who say just because it can be done doesn’t mean it should be done.

    It would be so much nicer just to have two regular, separate, Glock 18’s, or even one…

  • MibZ

    Apparently they are designed with the intention of making machine pistols more easy to control. The idea is that while both of them are firing they will keep your aim more centered. That said, seems like it would still go all over the place.

  • Gerald

    Ack, no matter how it is fired, something goes wrong.

    If you have alternating fire L-R-L-R-L-R, the slides cycle in such a way that one slide’s forward motion cancels the other slide’s backward motion, eliminating recoil. The issue is that even though the gun no longer recoils backwards, it now swings wildly from left to right. Picture muzzle-flip with 2x the force, only horizontal, swinging the aim left and right.

    If both fire at once, then the gun is stable horizontally, and muzzle flip is completely eliminated. At the cost of 2x the recoil backwards and forwards, which means that now, instead of swinging side to side, the gun shakes back and forth.

  • John P

    “And that’s how, with a few minor adjustments, you can turn one gun into five guns.”

  • Deathbunny

    I can see these mounted to the handlebars of a chopper Harley…

    One thing on timing though…

    As long as both are firing at the same rate, there is a window between the round going off and the recoil being felt from the first gun for the second gun to fire and still be on target.


    The effect of recoil from the “asymmetry” of the recoil relative to the leveraging in the hand(s) would also be resisted in this design by the mass of the second gun and the leverage of the second hand. The only major recoil issues would be if the shots happen during the recoil of the opposing gun or if you are shooting at a vertical angle that overcomes the leverage of the wrists.

    (Most of the vertical muzzle movement in handguns is because the recoil forces are directed back above the “fulcrum” of the hand and use the grip as a lever. This design puts the vertical axis of the gun more in a direct line with the wrists.)

  • Scorpio

    Just causeee

  • LT Z

    It’s a great money-saving device– a means of issuing a single weapon for every two REMF officers who’ll never use it anyway.

  • Robert L. Abadam

    Don’t forget that the weapons seem to have Compensators. But with these compensators aiming directly at each other, the blast might be forced back into each others barrel. Hmmmm, or maybe while both blow out at the same time it will cancel each other upwards or downwards. A simple deflector should be place to force the blast upwards and the the other downwards to stabilize the muzzle.

  • My face hurts from the force of that face-palm….

  • Mike

    The point of this is fun. Doesn’t have to be practical I bet the adrenalin rush would be awesome.

  • Mike

    Anyone know the website for these german guys . Sigg right?

  • Travis


    Exactly what REAL WORLD application does this have?

  • Useless without dual pistol bayonettes!

  • masterweedman


    No, its not “custom” per se, just a left and right handed glock bound together so thats why the casings are both going down.

    I coulda used one of these when I lived in phoenix. Except I have the Glock 30 in .45 auto… Hmm. Two of those with 28 round stick mags and this setup, chock full of +P+ custom load hollowpoints.

    Hehehe. Overkill is always better than underkill… 😀

  • Propsroadfool

    Bloodnofski: “You still think I’m not scary? …..My gun has two barrels…. It was very difficult to make”

  • Bob Decker

    This will just rile up and scare the he!! out of the anti-gunners.

  • Cain

    The Glock 18 and Glock 18c were designed and produced originally for German airport security because they waned a more concealable, fully automatic weapon than the H&K MP5. It is now available to Military Special Operations groups, and Para-Military units as well. It fires the 9×19 parabellum, compatible with Glock’s 10,18, and 32rd mags, same as the Glock 17, can fire on semi-,and full auto. Is the only Glock with an external safety which is built into the fire selector, point the knob up for semi- and point the knob down for automatic, move the knob so that it points straight forward for disassembly, the gun will also not fire in this setting. It is identical in size, weight, feel and appearance to the Glock 17, minus the fire selector. That’s all the info I can think of on the Glock 18, I hope I was able to educate someone about this gun.

    • c.s

      Yes that is correct but many of them got slide bitten while firing in the full auto..thats why it nvr really caught on so they just stuck with their mp5s

  • Capt Cook

    How the heck do you cock that thing???

  • Glen

    Looks good for shooting your balls off while you try to draw the damn thing…

  • Albaby

    You can bet the anti gunners will be making use of that picture and the extended magazine.

  • DW

    Besides riding shotgun or motorbikes now you can ride 2 glocks…
    Who wants to see it featured on Magpul Dynamics?

  • Bobby

    Ghandi’s back. And he’s PISSED.

  • well-duh007

    Heh you are going to have twice the weight and twice the recoil on average plus the wrist angle is “less than optimum”. But yeah if you are a big enough MF to handle the double weight and recoil some of the climb should cancel out. however there will still be some a tendency to rotate about the sights.

    After all true cancelling would require reverse rifling on one gun to get the “counter-rotating prop” effect. In which case you could mount the pistols side by side as well (assuming that custom left-right slide arrangement).

    Might be easier to go smooth bore on a single pistol instead though.

    BUT if we are going for weird why not a circular gatling gun like arrangement of 4-8 pistols with all magazines pointing out and a set of chest plate mounted pivoting yoke handles? A hydraulic ring clamp could pull all triggers at once. A boresight electronic camera scope could relay to an LCD screen in front of one eye. The yoke handles could either have caliper triggers for the hydraulic firing clamps or it could be a bite control switch for greater safety (wrestling the yoke might cause and accidental trigger squeeze). Ask the ATF how mere possession of the framework for mounting those guns would be classified. Not pretty I suspect.

  • well-duh007

    maybe this guns real concept is more like the nuclear weapons two-key security concept. Takes two officers in agreement to fire it at a specific target.

  • That reminds me of some of the odd carry pieces I saw at Armed Citizens League – in their ‘weird iron’ section.

  • F*** me pink; that’s Alf Garnett’s doppelgänger shooting it!!!!

    Ein doppelgänger mit einem doppelglocker.:-))))

  • I would not like to see this guy down a dark alley. Looks like an absolute nutter!

  • Cpl. Kalkwarf

    I’m surprised that no one seems to think this thing is a fake. If its real, then where is the video of it in action. the picture with the rounds ejecting does not look right. The brass should be in the shade of that mans arms but looks like its in the light. and no gas from the muzzle blast in front of the brass either. Oh and its stupid. Just saying.

    • brad

      i think you are right its fake glocks eject the brass straight up these guns are mounted top to top no place for spent brass to go!

      • Kosuna

        The Double Glock is real. it was for sale at a price of €136,000.

        the brass ejected up, however was sharply deflected downward.

        Id imagine that this could lead to stovepipe jams though.

        none the less. its real. Just two glocks mounted by a strange system of rail clamps and a red dot.

    • mike

      It’s two left handed pistols…which explains how the shells are dropping to the bottom.

  • Flaccid dick

    With a little work, I can see this double glock being the handle bars on what would be the most dangerous bicycle in the world. Some real James bond shit, holding on to the magazines as handle bars, riding around the most hostile environments in the world, and with a little basket on it too to carry his groceries home, like a real pimp should. Hell, in chicago we’ve already got 13 year olds shooting at each on their bicycles, practicing until they get their drivers licence, this is the next logical step in human evolution!

  • MagPul sucks

    This is just stupid. About as stupid as that idiot fake soldier Chris Costa

    • Mike Knox

      Costa’s just an instructor, nothing else..

  • Jon

    I got a good laugh from this. Somebodies compinsating for something here.

  • natkirash

    Seems like overkill to me, also too bulky. I would think the glock 18 full auto with a 32 round clip would be enough firepower for anyone. Clip takes 5-7 seconds to reload this double would take 15 seconds to reload. Really not worth it.

  • john will booth

    can you say overkill

  • GunHawk

    Guess you have to spend your money on something. I’d rather spend mine on a MP5.

  • Betty Ouellette

    check 4 yourself

  • RollingThunder

    There needs to be a video of people shooting this double Glock so we can witness it in action for ourselves!