Izhmash KR-22: Nagant Revolver Carbine in .22 LR

My Russian (Google Translate) is not good, but it appears that Izhmash is manufacturing a carbine version of the Nagant M1895 revolver chambered in .22 LR named the KR-22 (Which according to readers is the translation of ‘KP-22′).

This gun was mentioned in a press release from Izhmash last month (emphasis added)…

Among the new hunting weapon of the delegation were shown small-caliber rifle revolver type “Hawk” and “Falcon” and carbine “Saiga-22″, which can be used for entertainment and for training of fire.

Photos by IVN

The combination of the classic Nagant M1895, the .22 LR cartridge and the retro-but-coming-back-into-fashion carbine revolver concept make for a very nifty combination.

[Hat Tip: Max Popenker]

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  • Fox

    I’ve always had a thing for revolver rifles, though I never got around to buying one.

    This sounds like something I’d actively look for… I wonder if they’ll import it over to the US.

  • Dear Lord, why do I want one of those so much. Such a strange thing.

  • Bill Lester

    Having shot the Nagant revolver in its original handgun configuration, I can tell you this would be a D-O-G of a .22. The action on those things is just plain awful.

  • Mad Saint Jack

    Ejector rod sold separately?

  • It is not KP-22 but KR-22. Cyrlic P is the latin R.

  • Roadkill

    Nifty sure… But what about the nagant’s infamous trigger pull?

  • That’s one attractive looking carbine

  • Might make for a good suppressor host!

  • Mark

    Would this have the cylinder that cams forward to seal with the barrel? Or would that not work with a .22?

  • Matt Groom

    That’s neat, but why not use all those surplus 7.62 Nagant Revolvers for this in their original caliber? It seems ideal for that, plus the very long barrel would actually make the 7.62x33mm actually USEFUL for something! There’s no way they could possibly make the Nagant Revolver any more hideous, so turning into a carbine seems like a great idea!

  • William C.

    “Thats not a revolver!*This* is a revolver!”

  • David P.

    If that is in the sub $300, preferably around where a 10-22 is in price, I would definitely buy it. There’s just something hauntingly beautiful about it.

  • Tux

    The comb of the stock looks like it would make for an uncomfortable cheek weld, but the Nagant action makes sense for a carbine, since there won’t be any gas escaping from a cylinder gap.

  • Old Windways

    Interesting. The self sealing cylinder/ammunition combination of the Nagant revolver would be ideally suited to a revolver carbine since it should eliminate the danger of hot gasses being expelled onto your support hand, but I have to imagine that that benefit is negated by going to the .22Lr cartridge.

  • Stonia

    Wow, this looks so much nicer than the carbines being put out by rossi. I am a fan of the 1895s, so I hope this makes it stateside.

  • Rafael

    Interesting………could be KR-22 ’cause in the cyrillic alphabet “p” means “r”.

  • I’m sorry – that is just UGLY.

  • Bryan S

    Hmmm… good squirrel gun for those of us that live in places where you cant use a semi-auto.

  • BTR

    I wonder if it will be imported to the USA.

  • The Other John C

    Yeah thats like the only revovler carbine that would work because of the gas seal – you don’t get your arm burned.

  • While I think revolver-rifles are a nifty concept, are they doing anything to prevent gas and lead spitting at the cylinder gap? I’d rather keep my limbs away from there than hold my arm right next to it.

  • Ryan

    If I remember correctly, one of the notable features of the M1895 is its gas seal chamber that allowed a suppressor to be used with it. Does this new carbine offer the option for a suppressor to be attached? I would imagine that if it did it would be a large part of the advertising which makes me think suppressors aren’t (currently) an option.

  • Greetings from Texas,
    Interesting, I’ll be courious to see how this one dose in the market place.

  • Komrad

    I love it
    they won’t need to have annoying covers because the gas seal, even if it doesn’t work fully without original nagant ammo, should keep too much gas from leaking out
    if only they made one in the original caliber and packaged it with a .32 acp or .32 H&R cylinder, then I would be forced to buy it

  • Brian in CA

    Any word on pricing? Very interested.

  • from moscow

    КР = KR

  • Ric

    I wonder what the chances of seeing these here in the States is?

  • Ric

    What are the chances of seeing these in the States?

  • Swiss

    I wonder if these use surplus frames and other parts from previous productions or are completely made of new parts?

    If the later is true, it will be interesting to see if there are differences to be found between the newer frames and the older made ones.

  • SKSlover

    how long til we can get one of these in the states?

  • M.G. Halvorsen

    Now, if only they made an M1895 Nagant .22 revolver. THAT would be neat!

  • Issac

    I don’t understand exciment over unsucceful design
    of 19th century with horrible triger & uncumftable
    loading sistem,revived in 21st,along with unconsisten
    quality of Izhmash products and less then adequet finish.
    p.s.if you need translation from russian,I may help.

  • Komrad

    @M.G Halvorsen
    I think they did make one for target use, but I’m not sure how well that worked because of the trigger pull

    these rifles would probably have a better trigger pull than the original, seeing as they weren’t made as fast as possible by unskilled laborer’s in the middle of a bloody war, the fit and finish should be better and there would probably some smoothing of the action and such

    at least I hope so
    they really need to make this in either .32H&R or .327 Federal Magnum or even .32 acp

  • Mount

    Could we PLEASE start importing things like this and the MTs-225?! Also, I wonder if the gas seal could be achieved better with .22 mag?

  • jdun1911


    How long? Probably never due to the fact that US gun manufactures supported gun control bills to prevent foreign companies from completing against them. This particles is commonly called protectionism.

  • mikee

    Exactly how far are my eyes from the hot gas ejected out of the cylinder gap? I ask because Ilike my eyes, and there ain’t no way this 22LR uses a cam to seal the gap.

  • jdun1911

    There’s no cylinder gap in Nagant Revolver when fired. It is the only mass produced revolver that I know that can be suppressed.

  • Joe

    For those of you wondering whether this could be suppressed because of the gas seal design, it can’t.

    The Nagant’s ability to do so relied on both the movement of the cylinder forward and the design of the 7.62x38R cartridge, which has the bullet seated completely inside the case. When the cylinder is forward during firing, the front of the case mated with a cone at the rear of the barrel, effectively sealing the gap.

    The Nagant’s seal won’t work with the traditional cartridge layout with the bullet protruding from the case, such as with .32 H&R Mag and .32 S&W Long, both of which can be fired from the 7.62 Nagant cylinder but can’t be suppressed. A .22lr version would have the same issue, and would require an entirely new cartridge to be suppressed effectively.

  • shockfish08

    It looks like the upgraded revolver from Metro 2033

  • Alecbh

    Oh God in Heaven, please send one of these to the States. If ANYONE knows about the availability of these in the US, please let us know!!!

  • Thankfully some bloggers can still write. Thanks for this article!

  • GarryB

    The Information I have read about this carbine is that it can be loaded with .22LR or .22WMR ammo, which makes it rather interesting.

    It has the standard fixed revolver design of the Nagant revolver with a loading gate and 7 round cylinder capacity.

    I would expect the option to use either cheap low power .22LR or more powerful and more expensive .22WMR rounds will make this weapon rather more flexible, though you would need a scope that lets you use both calibres effectively.
    With a note pad you can keep note of the adjustments needed for each ammo type at different ranges.