South Korea’s Robot Gun Turret

CCTV (China Central Television, the english version) has reported on the Korean robotic turret system that can detect and engage targets with or without a human operator.

The media has made a big deal about this system but American and European turret systems could easily run software to automatically detect and engage targets. They don’t because it isn’t a very good idea.

[ Many thanks to SeanG for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • John Connor

    Not a good idea? You got that right.

  • Máté

    There isnt much point if it cant make difference between enemies and friends.

  • Ramsey

    I’ll say, the blue screen of death could become litetal! Although they could be forgiven if they used the voice from the turret guns in Portal,

  • Fish0331

    What the story behind the guys at the end of the vid? Is that the North/South border and are the troops from each side facing each other? I didn’t realize they stood face to face and looked around each other with bino’s….. Being a Marine and knowing the shit we talked to other braches (and any P.O.G’s) I can’t imagine the shit talking that is taking place at that post……

  • charles222

    Hey, it’s a good idea when vicious aliens that gestate in human hosts are trying to overrun your perimeter…

  • David

    Hopw does it know who’s friendly and who isn’t? That is bothering the crap out of me. what if you are a friendly and all of the sudden it goes nuts and starts shooting all willy nilly. this thing is not safe, is neat but definitely not safe IMO.

  • Kevin

    Actually, America does use automated turrets. The Phalanx CIWS is installed on every US Navy and Coast Guard vessel. The US has been using them since 1980.

  • GeoffH


  • monty

    Is it really that bad an idea? I would think it would be great as a supplement or replacement to a conventional mine field. Any sort of large scale conventional war really, where you are unlikely to need to discern between civilian and military targets on an active battlefield…

  • This + Watson = ?

  • O. W.

    Not a good idea? Perhaps automated target engagement might not catch on here, but keep in mind South Korea has a substantial northern border where these could come in handy. If you (or your robot) sees someone in the DMZ, it is probably a safe bet they shouldn’t be there. Shoot first, ask questions later.

  • Jim

    Buildin a sentry!

  • kranren

    It seems the purpose of these weapon systems would be more in tune with a minefield than with a machine gun nest. And in that respect, they probably perform better than a minefield in many ways- easy to remove after hostilities, at least some IFF capability, less likely to go off from children or large animals

  • snufferoo

    3km?! That’s nuts. It’s so futuristic looking.


    It’s the UA 571-C Remote Sentry Weapon System from movie Aliens – Tunnel Scene.

  • jik

    “controlled remotely”

    Its just another RWS.

  • Red

    sky net in the making.

  • charles222

    The Coast Guard gets phalanxes? I guess all those lost yacht owners are a more dire threat with each passing day.

  • snmp

    Robot Turret that’s for replace landmine,

  • Insect Spray

    Australia has them the metal storm weapon system as well, Korea isn’t the first.