IWI Galil ACE rifle adopted by Guatemala National Civil Police

The Guatemalan National Civil Police have purchased 3,000 of IWI’s Galil ACE rifle at a cost of 4.6 million USD. They went with the Model 31 (7.62x39mm) version. Also purchased were 8,000 IWI Jericho pistols in 9mm for 3.2 million USD.

Galil Ace 31

The ACE has proven to be a hit in South America where it is currently used and manufactured by Colombia and will soon be adopted and manufactured by the Peruvian Army.

Steve Johnson

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  • subase

    Police having those is so badass, they obviously know their weapons. No doubt Colombia and Brazils urban combat experience, advised them of the best gun available for their job.

  • Ramsey

    Hopefully this large order will allow IWI to scale up. I love the Jericho and wouldn’t mind them flooding the market.

  • Theodoric

    Interesting they used the short-barrelled design. The ACE 31 only has a 215mm/ 8.4 inch barrel.

  • Vitor

    Well, it’s an AK, but much lighter and better ergos, a safe bet.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Congrats to them on purchasing a terrific rifle (carbine?).

  • A no-nonsense rifle, for real-world use.
    Not those bull-pup, shoot and drop overpriced, over-pieced, monstrosities.

  • Other Steve

    They’re cool, but I would have expected a better deal than $1500 for each of the 3000 rifles. I mean, that’s USA Civilian cost on a decent carbine.

    Same with the pistols. $400 isn’t a bad deal, but I would have expected a gov to get a better deal. Are they talking about the IWI Jericho / BUL Cherokee / MagnumResearch Baby Eagle (older version)? Because I’ve seen those on CDNN for under $400.

    So… Way to get ripped off guys.

  • Lance

    Cute little gun.

  • AC434

    Let’s see, the Guatemalan has over 50,000 Galil’s in 5.56×45 and now the police force is getting modern Galil’s in 7.62×39. How’s that for a logistic nightmare?

  • Alan Perez

    My only question is when will this rifle be offered to the American public? Also its estimated price?

  • RC

    I would love to have a semi-auto version of this. Something about the look of it just says “buy me!”

  • Bill Lester

    Neat guns. I wish we could get a SA version here in the states. Hell, I wish we could still get an all-Israeli Galil of any variety!

    Wonder if the Guatemalans went with the 8.5″ or 15″ barrel? Maybe a mix of the two? I agree with Other Steve, $1400 seems awfully expensive if just for the rifles. But it probably includes a s***load of magazines, spare parts and maybe some training.


    Great little gun. Wonder when it will be available here.

  • Despite the cost, EXCELLENT weapons systems!

  • Sean Ingram

    Not bad; a good looking rifle that uses AK magazines and also looks like it might be piston driven. About time somebody put out an AR that uses 7.62×39 ammo without a problematic magazine.

  • hacedeca

    1533 USD for a Kalashnikov? But then it should be made by Heckler & Koch!

    C’mon! That’s a bit expensive.

  • subase

    But these AK’s are the shortest barrel AK’s out there, even the AK pistols have 9.5-11.5 inch barrels.

    It’s basically an SBR in a decent calibre. (not 5.56) There aren’t any other rifles with such short barrels in 7.62x39mm. So the price seems about right.

  • Meltron

    These rifles have features that would’ve jacked the price for an AK type anyway e.g. the rails and the collapsing stock, not to mention the left sided bolt handle.