Robinson Armament XCR-M 7.62x51mm  Rifle

This is the first video I have seen of the .308 / 7.62mm NATO version of Robarms XCR rifle.

[ Many thanks to Vitor for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt Groom

    OOOHHH, BABY! Look how controllable that thing is! IMHO, the XCR is the best 4th gen Semi-Auto rifle on the market, and a 7.62 NATO version is going to be awesome. Interchangeable barrels/calibers on a .308 Win platform? Yes please!

  • Rob

    That is the softest 308 I’ve ever seen! it’s awesome!

  • Brian

    Not exactly an exciting video. The rifle is interesting, though.

  • wizemanful

    Make sure not to say anything bad about it if you call…,9168.0.html

  • AnointedSword

    Very interesting. I might have to check this puppy out!:)

  • OMG the XCR is one of the few “black rifles” that are not restricted or prohibited here in Canada. I’ve been hoping for this for years.

    Look how well controlled the recoil is.

  • HardMacK


  • doug

    That looks extremely controlable on full auto. Very nice. Steve, the next time you report on this rifle, it’ll be in a semi-auto, $1000 model right? But alas…

  • Other Steve

    Pretty lame video. I guess versatile means shooting in bursts? Maybe they should have show that the stock folds or it’s weight or something?

    If they get the ACR stock on there, I’ll consider it. Seems like a quick way to ‘fix’ the ACR… Throw away everything but the stock 🙂

  • SpudGun

    Cool beans. Superficially, it has a kind of FAL Para vibe going on thanks to it’s skeleton stock. Color me interested.

  • counsel

    :). I’ll still get the b.e.a.r.

  • Michael Pham

    I always feel particularly sad when developers get personally insulted by their inevitable detractors- especially when the product or invention has merit.

    So many great ideas and projects fail due to that “They don’t understand my genius” mentality. It alienates everyone, including your customers, which often creates a niche for an inferior but superior marketed product.

    It particularly ticks me off, because I often have faith in what attempts to break the mold, and when these startups and developers fold to the market their customers are left in the cold.

  • Tim


    Wow, that’s quite the read. I was about to Google the RobArms site but I think that just saved me the time.

  • SoulTown

    Wow. That’s impressive.

  • Samopal

    @wizemanful, that is why I will never buy an RA. Robinson is just barely a step above Ciener in regards to ethics and how he treats his customers. The XCR just isn’t good enough to justify supporting this idiot.

  • Seems that the company owner has NEVER impressed me with his customer relations. I choose never to purchase his products.. My hard earned is destined for a semi 308, and namely an LMT 308.

    if it’s good enough for British Special’ll be good enough for an American who puts his money where it’s deserved most. not supporting companies that truly dont like their customers dissenting opinions for situtational failings. also the 98 “retained many flaws that were inherent in Stoner’s design”??, funny, the Stoner’s “ugly welds and ‘expensive” served the SEALS pretty well when they fielded them and they saved their respective selves in Viet Nam, SEALs liked the Stoner MG very very much. in fact they STILL Fire and work well.
    let’s see how mister robinsons designs are doing in FORTY years, I doubt he’ll have half the notoriaty the likes of Gene Stoner, and his leading edge designs, have had in the advancement of small arms.

  • jdun1911

    XCR are Kalashnikov variant.

    Robinson Arms has bad customer service. It does turn a lot of people off from buying a good product.

  • Micah

    I lurk on xcrforum from time to time. It is probably the worst fan forum on the internet. No wonder robarm flipped them off. The xcr-m looks like a sweet shooter though. It for sure gives off a battle rifle vibe.

  • Matt Groom

    I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’ve met the Alex Robinson, and he’s a pretty cool cat, IMHO. I’ve met alot of people in the industry, and some of them are genuinely kind hearted and good natured people, and some of them are total dicks, but Alex Robinson is not of the later. I’ve also met Ciener, and if anything, the rumors about what a prick he is aren’t harsh enough.

  • Dan

    I dunno, I’ve got an XCR and it hasn’t given me any problems. It’s a nice rifle, shitty customer service (which I haven’t had to deal with yet) or not.

  • subase

    Well the XCR is positioned right in the center of the hornets nest. It’s derives it’s action from the AK, yet wants to create modularity and ergonomics superior to the AR. So right there you have haters on two groups, the AR purists and the AK wannabes. While people may fawn over the SCAR, HK416 or even ACR due to it’s military mystique, a solitary gun maker like Robinson doesn’t get much love.

    I think it’s very high praise that one mulls whether one should get an XCR or a top of the line AK.

  • charles222

    The stock design is what kills the XCR for me (that and the “LOOK AT MY AMAZING PRODUCT!!!” advertising they have…no thanks. The only magical and revolutionary builders of anything is Apple and their good indentured servants from China. :p). I mean, seriously, you’re going to put alot of thought into a rifle design and then stick a subpar stock design onto it? The only thing crappier and less conducive to accuracy and user-friendly, IMO, is the under-folding AK design.

  • DaveR

    As bizarre as Alex’s post was (and against my initial reaction to it) I really gotta give him some credit. His approach makes for a questionable business practice, but it actually seems very ethical. He’s protecting his employees against those (potentially) hostile customers by empowering his folks to basically ignore them. So long as his employees are dedicated to bending over backwards to helping those customers who are civil, I think this pretty commendable (again, assuming that they actually do come through when called upon)

  • jdun1911

    Ace’s skeleton stock are popular because it is light weight.

  • William C.

    So the low recoil is supposed to be due to a new gas system right? Do they plan on using this system to reduce the recoil of their 5.56mm and other caliber rifles?

  • Edward

    “We appreciate those who stand by and support us. They are true patriots. We have to question the motives of those who continue to tear us down on this forum. They cannot stop us. Their petty feeble minds are easily exposed. The XCR will gain momentum until it covers the whole earth. There is no other platform like it and it is the best.”

    That was the weirdest thing in the whole RobArms statement.

  • subase

    Could have been using a muzzle brake, can’t really see. But if it is indeed a new gas system that’s giving less recoil, it’s impressive.

    Another reason to go piston, that has not been taken advantage of by piston AR makers to my knowledge, except for the addon osprey piston kit (and the effect depreciates with shorter barrels), is recoil reduction.

    That’s one area the new generation rifles fail at. The SCAR, HK416 and the ACR have either increased recoil or noticeably not different recoil compared to the AR.

  • Harry Southern

    I have an XCR (read that as ‘have actually handled / fired one’ not like 99% of people who $#!% all over it). It has never had a single issue.

    I’ve also met Alex Robinson and worked with the company for customer service (spare parts, not warranty work) and have always had good experiences.

    Rumors are fun though.

  • Well, you’re all assuming Alex actually wrote that and that he wasn’t doing so ladled with sarcasm.

    Be that as it may, I have been looking forward to this gun in 7.62 for quite a while, I own two XCR-L’s in 5.56 and have a kit for conversion to 6.8. The gas system really does eat up the recoil (not that 5.56 has much anyway) and the gun itself is built like a tank but weighs as much as my Colt AR. Switching between 5.56 and 6.8m is a snap and doesnt even really affect my sights. All in all, I am a happy customer and the folks at Rob Arms have been very good to me, not sure what all this gossip is about crappy customer service.
    I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the personalities behind the guns I buy, hell, I bought Ruger’s for years when folks were calling for Bill Ruger to hang from a tree.
    The point of my buying the XCR is how well the gun performs. For me I have found what I want, ymmv. I look forward to seeing the M in stores eventually.

  • John Naggers

    I don’t care what this guy sais. If he can produce an awesome rifle like that, I’m getting one.

  • JT

    Not sure if his Service is actually bad for customers, but I know he never returned my e-mails. So, I didn’t buy his products and don’t plan to. It’s probably more a case of the “gun store shopkeeper syndrome” where you have a dedication to your products and a knowledge for all things guns, but questionable people skills. I have heard good things about his guns though.

  • Vitor

    I like the XCR for the same reason I like the SCAR, they both piston deniers confused when people comment about how soft their recoil is. =P

  • jdun1911


    His customer service is very bad. There not doubt about that. Way too much complaints over the years on Robinson Armament services.

  • David

    This weapon once produce, will sale off the shelves virtually overnight! Customer service never really bothered me, if you have the proper tools and at least a little common~sense, maybe a few mechanically minded friends weapons are rather elementary to fix. Plus place yourself in this man shoes, when your attempting to do what others only dream of accomplishing, sometimes building the perfect weapons takes a little time..

  • Dave

    Well, I just bought a VEPR rifle (or “tried to buy a rifle” I should say) from Robinson. Never had any dealings with the company before, and never knew nothing about them.

    But after this fiasco, I will never attempt to buy anything from them again.

    I’ll spare you all the details, but on several occasions they did not do what they said they’d do. Then, when they finally shipped the rifle to me, it made it to my home town…but then the day it was to be delivered to my FFL, someone at Robarm apparently called FedEdx and told them to re-route my rifle to a different city 1,000 miles away.


    Unfortunately, as is too often typical for this industry, Robarms is just another gun maker that doesn’t know the meaning of the words “customer service”. I would avoid them at all cost. Rewarding poor companies like this with your business, only encourages them.

  • Barry

    I have a M96 which is the predecessor to the XCR. Great Rifle until the op rod spring broke and after numerous tries I still cant get in touch with Robinson Arms to get a replacement. I was planning on an XCR given how the M96 performs but knowing it will never have factory support on completely custom parts makes that a no go.

  • fred wilde

    Hello everyone!
    I just want to throw my two bits into the fray here. My experience with robinson armament has been nothing short of incredible.
    I originally went with nothing but hk. After refusing to service my original hk91 (that I bought factory new in the 80’s) with little more than a tough shit attitude. I was told by hk that they had an agreement with the clinton administration that prevented them from providing services to individuals owning so called assault rifles.
    I went shopping. I swore I would never put a dime back into those dicks pockets ever again.
    I waited a long time for my original xcr and I will tell you that they bent over backwards to get me one when it looked like the liberal loonies were about to get somewhere with their daffy gun laws in my state.
    I now own three of these little gems, and, as with all weapons they have things that I would like to see improved and otherwise changed. Still, they are a vast improvement over many existing types and I really enjoy the many great features they offer and the fact that to date I have never experienced a jam of any kind.
    Not perfect, but, pretty damned good.


    I got one of the first xcr 556 waited awhile to get it and love it, changed to the up-graded trigger. It rocks !!!! Im ready for the xcr-m I shot one of those high dollar reapers not impressed. Stoner made the ar10 gas tube for a reason . He didnt put it on a m-16. My ar10t SHOOTS LIGHTS OUT@ 100yrds 1/4 to 1/2 in . Keep up the good work ROBARMS!!!!!

  • James

    I do not need my butt kissed when a product or service is not perfectly perfect in every way.

    I do need things to work and that is precisely what my Robinson M96 and XCR do every time, without fail.

  • NSDQ

    Alexander Robinson seriously lacks as a businessman and RobArms is a dubious company at best. I mailed them quite a while ago now for sales information. I was VERY polite and said I was potentially interested in buying quite a few of these rifles but I wanted to know about some tech issues. They didn’t even bother to reply. If a company is such an epic fail where it comes to customer service let alone pick up a large order why would we give them any business? I won’t be purchasing anything from Robinson ever and IMHO they certainly deserve to be pushed out of the market.

  • paladin101

    When I set out to purchase a rifle I desired something different, very similiar to the Fn-Fal design that we have come to know as the “Right Arm of the Free World”. I searched everywhere, but everyone without question during this time were developing Ar10 projects of varying degree, nobody even came close as they were all pitching the same ball. The I stumbled upon Robinson Arms unique to say the least and everyone was copying his ideas and marketing them as their own, turning and Ak into a AR was unheard of especially when you had Picatinney rails, Left side charging handle, Folding stock, Ambi magazine release, Bolt release housed in the trigger guard, this was the rifle I was looking for and made of metal unbelievable, with a gas regulator and it actually works. So I ordered one in early November of 2011, I thought what an awesome Christmas present, something to display to friends and family alike, plus protection from snakes, and predators of the night..
    Then the journey began, so I sent a new email asking about the progress {crickets chirrping} and even waited until Christmas came and went.. I began to worry; So I waited until New Years and sent and email still nothing, no reply; nobody to pick up a phone? So from Jan 2012 until now very little details no rifle and no money and it is the 10th Day of September 2012 will they wait until Christmas, my gutt intuition tells me probably not, so if you seek a rifle of a different caliber, manufacturer, model then I would say go for it, but Alex Robinson and his XCR are history and should be for you too..

  • Ives

    Softest recoil impulse I’ve ever seen on a .308. Would like to know the load, the grouping. And one has to wonder why so few videos of this REVOLUTIONARY rifle. I’m not suggesting anyones hiding anything. The only reason the military issue 5.56 cartridge was adopted was because of its wounding power under very specific conditions combined with its low recoil. It was a no brainer. Those are the technical reasons. The political reasons are that the military lacked the balls to make sure this cartridge performed suffciently under all military requirements. Which when done, completely changed its effectiveness. Today it never would have made it past the concept stage! Too many valued their jobs over their duty. The reluctance on the part of military armours led the powers that be, to conclude that the “this is how we do it around here” military, wasn’t capable of seeing an obvious advantage before them. Just like Hitler initially shut down work on the Stg 44(only in reverse). If they had worked with those new ideas instead of fighting change, things would be different. It still comes down to this: power w/ low recoil is still REVOLUTIONARY!