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  • I’m still opposed to guns that look like toys.

  • Wolfwood

    Is there a reason the various switches are all black, other than laziness? It looks horrible. If you’re going to make a pink gun, make it pink and, at most, one other color. Black, silver, and pink is just ugly.

  • SpudGun

    I can sort of understand a pink gun (y’know, for the laydeez and Barbie enthusiasts) but what the hell is ‘pink camo’? Is this for concealed carry in a nudist colony?

  • DonWorsham

    Other than color how is this P22 differnet from older P22s? Any improvements?

  • Entropy

    I would like it were it not for the half-arsed mixture of black and silver parts.

  • Zach

    Pink camo? I think it’s supposed to have a carbon fiber look. Either way, ugly as hell. No girl I’ve ever been interested in has ever felt the need for her gun to be pink, even if she was a fan of the color on other things, and I plan to keep it that way.

  • Brian Lau

    My wifey loves pink, but hates these guns marketed towards women. She told me she wants her gun to look scary, not a lame fashion statement

  • Spikey DaPikey

    In the UK, most airsoft guns are that colour so you know its not real !!

  • m4shooter

    This P22 is labeled incorrectly — it is the Pink Carbon Fiber (not camo) model and has been in stores for at months. My local dealer had them in the Fall and they weren’t moving.

  • Burst

    You know, there’s more than one pink. I actually find most shades of Rose or Coral pleasant enough to look at, albeit not on my guns.

    With all the options for treating polymer, you’d think they could find other ways to go than “Mary Kay: The handgun”

    And yeah, the stainless slide looks pretty awful, given the surroundings.

  • Airrider

    Or if you’re doing combat in the desert. The SAS swore by Mountbatten Pink during desert operations for their Land Rovers.

    …of course, this isn’t Mountbatten Pink, but I’m grasping at straws over here.

  • Dakota

    I’ve heard of those nickel plated slides breaking near the muzzle and I’ve seen many pictures of it as well and we all have to admit this pink is awful,who is this marketed to? Eight year old girls that want ponies? The cricket rifles in pink aren’t so bad because their sent for a beginner rifle but this has gone too far.STOP ALL PINK AND ANY COLOUR PISTOL/RIFLE THAT ISN’T STAINLESS OR BLUED!

  • dawn smith

    I have this gun. I am female. I am very proud to own this gun. The hell with all of you.

    • Jenny Q

      I just bought one too and it pink, as a matter a fact all 5 of my gun are all pink, I am a pro shooter, A proud member at a shooting range and I shoot at least once a week or sometimes more 🙂 I LOVE PINK GUN, I HAVE PINK EVERYTHING range bag, riffle bag, eye protection, ear protect ect……..

  • Pericles Serafim

    Hi guys. It’s a nice pink pistol indeed. As most of everyone is a p22 lover, I’d like to share with you a catastrophic failure I’ve last weekend, when the slide top, right above the precursor has blown out. Pistol has fired only about 500 rounds and has never been serviced. I live in Brazil and have been sending mails to everyone that can help, but so far without positive feed back. Would anyone give me a clue of where I could get effective help for my problem?