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  • Brad W

    Did you get a chance to shoot those rock river pistols and if so how did you like them?

  • Dakota

    I like the giant, inflatable 12 gauge shotgun shell. 🙂

  • Sian

    Hah. That inflatable Winchester AA Shotshell is ancient. I can’t believe they’re still carting that thing around.

  • Here is the link for all of my post on SHOT:

  • Don

    Regarding those pistol versions of normal assault rifles… I have a sincere question:

    Are they intended for some particular “practical” purpose? Like I am all for “If it looks cool it’s worth existing (and therefore owning!)” and they certainly look cool and are probably fun guns. Also I understand that it’s sort of a way to have a short barreled carbine if there is no stock and it is sold as a pistol. If you could legally put a stock on it that would be practical too, but I don’t think you can. So is there like a tactical scenario these were designed for, or were they designed for a particular kind of personal defense, maybe inside of vehicles or something? Or do they exist solely for fun/because they can?


  • Spade

    Wait, Steyr was there with an AUG A3? I heard they ceased production on that until ‘the market comes back’ or some such talk.

  • . . . or is that one of the MSAR pseudo-AUGs? I thought MSAR was going out of business. Either way, I’m a little confused.

  • Brad W

    Don, I know this is a little late but here is an answer that may make a little sense.

    This may not be their reason for making it but its a legitimate use for……. Home invasion. I live in Phoenix where home invasions are becoming even more common in our city and where a VAST majority are carried out by men wearing body armor. A .223 coming out of those pistols will defeat that body armor and doesn’t have near the speed of a traditional full size AR resulting in less penetration past that. You will still put holes through your entire house, but if it hits the cinder blocks that mark most of the yard lines in this city it will stop it cold. I know it was not their intended purpose but it sure fills the void for those who may need it.