KRISS Sphinx Pistols

The Sphinx pistols look great and feel great. They shoot with a guaranteed accuracy of 2″ at 25 yards. More on them tomorrow. I have been up since 6am and my laptop battery is about to die on me. Lots more photos tomorrow.

Photo © Bryan Jones
Photo © Bryan Jones
Photo © Bryan Jones

[ Many thanks to Byan Jones for the photos for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Rob

    if this isn’t made on pimp my gun by the time I get up I will definitly attempt to when I do

  • Maybe looks are deceiving but I was expecting something a little less conventional.

  • Noir

    Can i get the one from the last picture? Best made CZ75 “clone”…

  • Marc

    2 inches at 25 yards is a huge understatement. I did load development with a friend for his Sphinx 2000 (older model). We started at 37 mm / 25 m and ended with 14 mm / 25 m for ten shot groups from the ransom rest.

  • Jesse

    More CZ clones are certainly a good thing.

  • m4shooter

    “They shoot with a guaranteed accuracy of 2″ at 25 yards” = meaningless claim.

    How does the manufacturer compile such data? I’m guessing from a benchrest or similar sturdy platform with no real world application.

    How many people shoot handguns from a benchrest? Zero. [Practical] Accuracy with a handgun is very different than accuracy with a rifle. Handgun accuracy has everything to do with the shooter’s skills (trigger pull, sight alignment, recoil control) and proper gun fit (to the shooter’s hand). These factors dwarf the importance of a handgun’s inherent accuracy.

    Not to pick on this manufacturer, but I haven’t seen an accuracy claim from a non-target-handgun in a recent memory.

  • Nick

    damn they look alot like CZ Shadows…

  • Other Steve

    What… The… … ?

    So, instead if fixing issues eithe the KRISS and more importantly instead of making a 9mm version, or making it cheaper.

    They instead use their money to design the worlds ugliest CZ clone?

  • Other Steve

    Oh, I see. They aren’t EVEN making them. They just bluff snoter company that was, and are bringing them to the states. Wow. Good job guys…

    Now if only the CZ, Tanfolio, Whitnesses and new Styers didn’t exist you might actually have something.

  • Tam

    It looks like a CZ clone made by AMT…

  • hk

    Cool pics. Thanks Steve. Did the rep mention a price point or MSRP for this? Thanks again for the reporting from SHOT. Very cool stuff so far.

  • Don

    These have that look of “competitive sport shooting”. Were they intended to be general sport guns or are there particular shooting sports they were designed to be best suited for?


  • Andy from West Haven

    Incredibly nice but far too spendy.

  • Nate

    What is that big white block attach to the frame in the second picture?

  • Jimbochuck

    Looks like a Sig 210 all tacticaled up. Wonder what the price will be.

  • TCBA_Joe

    The companion silencer looks more promising. Apparently it’s got a ring that locks the piston and doesn’t allow cycling, which acts as a slide lock.

  • Matt

    So whats different on these than all the other cz-75 clones besides the fancy grip shape?

  • w00d

    Looks like yet another CZ 75 clone. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • JustinR

    With the slide riding inside the frame and other visual cues, it appears to be a Witness/Jericho/Baby Eagle clone, but done right with a rail and frame mounted safety. Is this correct?

  • Chase

    This sort of looks like it’s designed to be a “race gun.” 2″ at 25 yards…what is that in minutes of arc?

  • I also see a promising future for this thing in Sci-Fi films.

    I assume the big white block is a scope of some sort?

    Think I actually like the thing, does it come in a 45?

  • Other Steve


    It’s minutes of angle, and the answer is 8″. (25yards 2″, x4 = 100yards 8″, 1MOA is 1″ at 100y)

  • american lockpicker

    Interesting. I’ve been wanting one for a few years now and finally I’ll have a chance to get one. I wonder if thats all the models they will be importing as I would love to have a Sphinx 2000 in 9×19.

  • SuA

    You guys should really stop calling it CZ clones… They aren’t.
    They’re what happens when you mix a Sig P210, a CZ75 and a Sig P226.

    Simply put, you have the high railed frame of the P210/CZ75 but a locking system that uses the ejection port and chamber as the locking lug, rather than having locking lugs on top of the barrel.

    Internally, a lot of parts are nowhere near CZ75 spec. The weapons also feature a 2 part frame, so you can have the railed part in stainless steel or titanium, but have the grip/mag portion of the gun in alu to keep weight down. Material choices are Steel, Alu & Titanium. You can have the slide, the railed part of the frame & the lower part of the frame in whatever material you prefer.

    Also keep in mind that historically, Sphinx importers in the USA have been crap. They’ve had partnerships with about 5 companies and each time Sphinx has had to pull the plug, most recently on Sabre Defense. I hope KRISS does better…