AXTS A-DAC AR-15 Lower Receiver

AXTS’s A-DAC is a nifty lower receiver for the AR-15. What differentiates it from standard mil-spec lower receivers is that the magazine release button, along with releasing the magazine, manipulates the bolt catch. Why would you want this feature? It makes clearing malfunctions much faster. This video demonstrates the advantages of the system…

Only one extra part, a small internal pin, is added to the receiver. This allows full compatibility with AR-15 upper receivers.

AXTS Weapon Systems have not yet posted pricing on their website.

Steve Johnson

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  • jdun1911

    I really really want to said something in depth about the video but I leave you guys with this. It is a marketing video and it shows.

  • Bryan S.

    Why do you need to hold the bolt back to clear? Thats a rare case that it gets gooned up that much.

  • DRod

    Yeah. I get the idea and all.
    The video was kinda ehh.
    “intense action music into” to monotone card reading to “intense actiony music outro” Lol
    Not totally sold on the idea though.

  • JP

    I don’t think I want my bolt being manipulated every time I drop mag. Sounds more like a pain in the butt than anything else.

  • Ivan

    Yep. Just a theatricalize presentation.

  • Mr Maigo

    Okay, so you lose 3 seconds taking the gun away from your shoulder and fumbling around like a noob… Don’t do it that way. Problem solved.

    Over tighten the mag catch and run the risk of locking up your bolt. Blarg, bad idea.

  • Anything that fundamentally alters the usage of a firearm is generally a bad idea, especially one in use as long as the AR-15/M-16 design. It likely would cause more problems than it solves…unintended consequences and all that. Not a great idea.

  • jdun1911

    Bryan S.,

    Holding the bolt back is to clear double feed. You also need to put your finger into the ejection port get dislodged the round and/or to make sure their isn’t one still inside.

    If you skip any phase at best you get a couple of seconds at worst you have to start the process over and instead of one magazine gone you now got two.

    Double feed happens because of magazine.

  • Nadnerbus

    If that was really a big concern for me, I’d just get a BAD lever and train with it. Actuating two different functions at the same time, whether I want to or not, doesn’t seem like a good idea. Not to mention this requires a new lower receiver to be purchased.

    Interesting idea, and I like that there are still people out there innovating on an old platform, I just think I’ll pass.

  • jdun1911

    I fail at editing and proof read. I blame the public school system. Change “get dislodged the round” to “to dislodged the round”

  • DaveR

    surprised at all the negative comments (well, not really 🙂

    this seems like a pretty neat idea that is only hampered by the need for a proprietary lower (ie, so i’ll probably never buy one).

    i don’t see how this would cause more problems than it solves or how it might inadvertently lock up your bolt?

    it only ADDS functionality to the gun. so, if a person was ignorant of it’s existence on a given AR-platform, it would not seem to affect the standard manual of arms at all.

  • I think folks may be overly stressing and unnecessarily held back by established manual of arms. Familiarity and muscle memory are both good things, but they should not stop us from using something better.

    KAC’s E3 lower, Magpul’s BAD, ambidextrous selectors, ambidextrous charging handles, all add to the platform’s versatility. AXTS’s A-DAC has a new way of doing something better and faster, which the platform does not provide. Taking your hand off the pistol grip, find and hold the bolt catch with one hand, while pulling back the charging handle can be mastered, to be sure, but if there’s a faster way, why not try it before giving it the undeserved thumbs down? Add stress and a two way range to the equation, a few seconds saved can mean a great deal.

    This lower design has been tested thoroughly, not by recreational shooters, and it’s found acceptance by these testers. I can’t reveal much more than that.

    Gents, please visit these two forums for more in depth discussions:

    I do not work for AXTS, I am the VP at Battle Arms Development. The 45 degree short throw selector you see in the solid drawings is ours. We put our weight behind Josh at AXTS for reasons too many to list here. I will say that we (Battle Arms Dev.) only work with other like minded companies in an effor to bring forth innovative products, AXTS is prominent among these companies.

  • Mike N

    I was hoping someone would invent something that would drop my (probably half full) magazine on the ground when I need to clear a double feed. That does STANAG mags a boat load of goodness.

  • WOW, doesnt look like anybody can find anything positive about this lower…
    Thats interesting, because this lower has caught the interest of many very high profile and very well respected folks and companies in the gun industry. It is extremely easy and comprehensive to use.
    When pressed, the mag release button simply doubles as a bolt catch when the gun is charged by hand, its not a bolt release. It hinders nothing to have this function available at your disposal at any time. Clearing a malfunction by displacing both hands is less than ideal and this lower DOES make it much simpler. Of course there are ways/steps to get through a malfunction with the function of the current platform layout. This lower just makes that process easier and faster with less steps.

    Josh at AXTS Weapons Systems has come up with an excellent idea and a revolutionary product, congratulations Josh on an awesome lower.

    Thank you for the opportunity to post,
    Seth Harness – FRS

  • Andrew

    I was like many commentors; indifferent. That is until I read Roger and Seth comments such as “…a new way of doing something better and faster”

    I had a good laugh with the marketing speak. Even less interested now but always willing to give props for new ways of thinking.

  • Seth, the feedback from other forums seems to indicate that those with hands on experience like it a great deal, while those who have not tried it, half of them are on the fence, the other half sees the potential. It’s understandable, it isn’t easy to evaluate something without trying it in person.

    The theory is sound, it does what it’s designed to do, no more and no less. If one wishes to use it as if the new feature weren’t there, the lower operates just like any other lower. For those that are willing to train themselves on this new feature and learn what this lower offers, the time saved may well translate to life saved.

    It isn’t fair to judge a product by its presentation. Not everyone spends a lot of money on catchy videos. This product will stand on its own without it.

  • I agree with Roger & Seth. No point in bashing a product until you have tried it. A few other companies make products that achieve similar goals. If it works for you: buy it. If not: celebrate diversity. When people stop inventing new products, it will be a sign that the industry is in big trouble.

  • viper5552

    eh, its a new concept, but not a very good one in my view. It may be good shortening malfunction drills, but it makes my actual empty magazine, normal reloads longer, because i have to charge the action again because it slammed forward upon ejecting my empty mag.

  • viper, I’m not sure what you mean. When the magazine is empty, the bolt catch is tilted up by the magazine follower and locks the bolt carrier back. After you have inserted a fresh magazine, you can use either the charging handle or the bolt catch to release the carrier. For “tactical reload”, push the magazine button to release the magazine, insert a fresh one. The manual of arms does not change here.

    What the A-DAC does offer, should you opt to use it, is the ability to lock the bolt back by pressing the magazine button. Pull back on the charging handle, push the magazine button (if there’s a mag it’ll be dropped), and the bolt carrier is locked back, as surely as you had switched grips, pull back on the charging handle with your right hand, while with your left hand locate the little nipple on the bolt catch and press it in to lock it back.

    If you don’t want to use the A-DAC’s new feature, the lower operates just like other lowers.

    The way some comments have been made, it would seem as though some folks are quick to condemn it without using one in person, or fully understanding how it operates. I do hope these comments don’t serve to stifle creativity and stop folks from innovating, as they can be rather discouraging.

  • DaveR

    viper, pretty sure that is not how it works. the innovation shouldn’t affect “normal” operations as far as I understand it.

  • viper5552

    Ok, i realize upon emptying the magazine the bolt is held open, but because the bolt catch is connected to the magazine button, i said i worried about the bolt catch being actuated while ejecting the empty magizine, allowing the bolt to move forward. having the bolt in the forward position prolongs your reload (as you know). I take it by the response i received this is not the case. Am i right?

  • jdun1911

    When your firearm malfunction in combat, what’s the first thing you should in most cases. Go back into cover if possible.

  • DaveR

    I think all the confusion here (and there was originally some over at and m4carbine forums too) highlights a marketing point, namely that in “selling” this product, AXTS needs to get across the message–strongly and clearly–that this addition does not affect standard manual of arms.

  • viper, the magazine button actuated bolt lock does one thing only: lock the bolt back when the carrier is pulled back, as if you had locked it by pressing down on the lower bolt lock (a tiny nipple on most bolt catch), it has no means of releasing the bolt. For that, you’d need to press or slap on the upper (ping pong) paddle.

  • Tyrone Alfonso

    Good idea I suppose but I still prefer Magpul’s BAD. In this situation, you could clear the malf without ever removing your right hand from the grip. It’s also useful during normal operation, not just during a malfunction/drill. I’d like to see a timed comparison with that.

  • Tyrone Alfonso

    For those who haven’t seen the Magpul BAD. (terrible name)

  • Viper, If I understand your question…
    The mag release button will only hold the bolt open, it WILL NOT release the bolt from being held to the rear.

  • viper5552

    AH, ok. thank you for the clarification. Great idea then. make sure you make that point clear in your advertising though

  • Mike N

    I agree with DavidR. My opinion has changed some now that I have more information. Also important is the fact that this is not a bolt release, just a catch.

    I had not seen the Magpul BAD before, but I like it. Although the ADAC does not perform as a release, and the BAD does, this is probably not an issue for right handers.

  • Operator26

    Very nice idea , breaks down like this from my understanding,
    1) internal,protected Ambi bolt catch,utilizing known control location.
    2) pressing mag release drops mag as normal
    3)holding down mag release drops mag and locks bolt in open position
    4) fire control hand is kept on grip during malfunction clearing
    5)empty mag locks bolt in open position as normal
    6)if the mag is causing DF , who cares if it gets dropped, it’s trash
    7)no contraption clogging your trigger area

    I’m sure there’s other reasons, but that’s plenty to make it good.
    Don’t wanna be the douchebag that’s standing there fumbling with his rifle in a combat situation.

    Great idea, I’m sure the seconds gained in a combat scenario will add up to saved lives of our soldiers. Civilians rarely need those seconds
    When theyre shooting their guns at the range.

    I’d be more than happy to go into battle with that Product ready to do its part in me staying alive.