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  • Nadnerbus

    I can’t believe they ever went with this pattern to begin with. I want to know who is getting fired for the waste of money, and possibly lives that came from this screw up.

    Has the army ever changed its uniform after such a short time before?

  • Sean

    i was an 11B at 10th MTN in ’05, we got ACUs the month before we deployed, and my platoon sergeant wanted to see how they worked in the forest. We just walked across the street to this stand of trees and basically played “hide and seek;” he turned his back and we tried to hide. he turned around, immediately pointed out all of us, shook his head, spit, and said “we’re all gonna die.”

  • Higgs

    Jesus, stop announcing tests, and calls for new patterns. give us marpat, or bring the friggin BDUs back.

  • thebronze

    I swear, the Army would f*ck up a wet dream…

  • Alan

    That’s the punchline, but where’s the joke?

  • Patrick M

    I think the only thing I ever saw it even remotely blend into was a large patch of gravel, even then it was a stretch.

  • subase

    The Universal Camouflage Pattern should be called what it really is El Cheapo Camouflage Pattern or ECCP for short.

    Someone should give a couple of bailout millions to whoever spearheaded this genius in stupidity in the first place.

  • subase

    Maybe it was some Israeli given that according to them ‘camouflage doesn’t work’ lol.

  • MarkM

    We still don’t know who made the final decision on the ACU pattern, this time we will.

    While everyone is saying we are getting three patterns, the reality is we’re getting the general universal gear pattern to wear on the torso, because of plate carriers and camelbaks. We’re attempting to cover the arms and legs with terrain specific versions.

    Look at the amount of stuff on the Kevlar now, even that will generally be whatever the rails, NVG mount plates, and headlights are.

    Whatever, tell me a soldier will get them all in his clothing bag, Congress. I bet the line will be drawn at units with high priority deployment status – Airborne, Special Forces, etc.

    Joe Snuffy at a support company in the National Guard, not likely. And yet HE’S the one forward deployed, too, which is where the disconnect has been so obvious. There’s ten support troops for every combat soldier.

    Woodland and Marpat don’t work in the desert, just get Multicam and be done with it.

  • Mark

    In addition to clearly screwing the pooch on the whole camouflage aspect of things with this generation isn’t adding numerous new patterns just going to make it harder to identify which troops are friendly? I mean, the one useful aspect of the current pattern is that no hostile force would anything resembling it, and it was easy to identify.

  • zincorium

    @subase- Well, camouflage works when no target can be distinguished. When the camo is the wrong type for that specific event, or weapons and equipment stand out anyway, then those can be used to identify a target.

    Unless you intend to equip all of your soldiers with ghillie suits and gun coating specific to the exact area you’re fighting, it won’t prevent enemies from shooting at you. The best you can hope for is to keep them from being able to aim for vital areas.

  • Clairon

    Once again the clear evidence that the simple and dreamed principe : “one fits all” is not relevant for many military stuffs

    One type of rifle for everybody : for someone it’s too big for the other one it’s too small

    One type of AC rocket : sometime it’s too short, sometime it’s too heavy …

    It’s the same for camouflage

  • Zach

    It’s about time! Wait, I mean, it’s about 6 years past time!

  • Zach

    Patrick M: UCP blends in well with many gravel pits, especially limestone gravel, and also with certain brands of floral couches. (Google for photo.)

    That’s about it.

  • Wow, that took less time that I expected! I didn’t expect them to dump it until at-least 2015.

  • Stella

    The Army has made an art of wasting money.

  • Big Daddy

    Camo does NOT work. Ask the Israeli Army, I read a lot about it. They refuse to spend a dime on it because they know it doesn’t work. They make their soldier wear those funny hats because they know it’s not about color it’s about breaking up the outline/signature.

    I used to crack up laughing at how the guys stood out in the forest of Germany with their BDUs and face paint.

    It’s pretty simple, in the desert a khaki color and in the forest/jungle an olive green. After a day or less in the field the uniform has picked up enough dirt to blend in. In built up areas again the Khaki color fits right in.

    If I look outside my window the soldier that would stick out the most would be in camo. A guy in a khaki uniform would be much harder to see even in the overall gray of New York City.

    Start studying how the eye and brain sees in a scientific way, not what looks tacti-cool. And the DOD continues to waste tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars on studies already done.

  • Casey

    Hahaha, that’s funny. I know Multicam is already being used by the army in Afghanistan, and the stuff seems to work pretty good. Does anybody know what the other two patterns are?

  • Lance

    I remember the hype 5 years ago with is camo and how people told me how woodland is lame. Now look who’s laughing I told every one gray is lousy color for camo. The Germans used it in 39-43 then replaced it in the last two years after the war because gray was lousy for concealment.

  • michael

    interesting points there big daddy

  • michael

    Back in the day, we looked liked soldiers. Nothing personal, but this stuff makes them look like they’re wearing pajamas. Soldiers should look like soldiers. OD Green and khaki forever.

    • I have never worn this pattern, and know nothing about the effectiveness of mil camo in general, all I know is that the universal pattern looks **aweful**. When I see Army people wearing it, I can’t help but feel sorry for them.

  • Martin (M)

    I hated wearing BDUs in the USAF. I worked in Space Command my whole career and swore we should have worn black uniforms with little white dots.

  • 7.62×25

    I think the Bundeswehr’s (German military) fleckarn pattern is the most effective camo out there they have a desert version of it too that’s quite effective. I am also one of the many unfortunate ones stuck with this gray useless mess of a “camo pattern” that doesn’t really blend with anything or into anything to somewhat conceal you. In my old platoon we used to wear dirty ACU’s or rub dirt into them to blunt the gray before we went out on foot patrols. While I was in Afghanistan i never saw any of the Army SF operators wear UCP camo they mostly wore woodland and other stuff that suited there needs. And on another note if you guys think its just our camo that sucks check out the “new” Army Service Uniform which went from bad to even worse and makes us look like waiters or bell boys.

  • Lance


    The two other will be a revival and adoption of a woodland and a desert camo either original patern like BDUs where in the 1980s or a MARPAT style version Marine wear now.

    Oringal woodland has made a comback in recent years. The USMC Force RECON has adopted Crye design combat uniforms in Original woodland pattern and the Navy has retained older 3 color desert for combat troops. the Air Force will hopefully follow suit and dup the even more horrible ABU which is based on the ACU. Never should have gone away from normal BDU camo. The only success is the MARPT and thats a BDU with same colors slightly differn pattern.

    Crey’s Multicam is successful too, but I thnk it will fall in the middle chapter of the 3 camos wanted between woodland and desert.

  • paramedic70002

    Just go with medium taupe until the scientists perfect the invisibility cloak they’ve been working on.

  • Henry

    Thank God, I hated the ACU the moment I put it on. What a disaster in tax dollars, in lives lost, and a slap in the face to sound doctrine and common sense. The ACU could not die fast enough.

  • subase

    Oh please. The Israeli army of course it going to say that, they don’t want to spend money on uniforms for their conscription army. Not to mention because they are practically all the time in urban areas, having a pattern type camo uniform would be even more alienating. And most importantly girls looks terrible in camouflage!

    Then there’s the case of escalation. If the Israeli’s get camo then their neighboring enemies will get camo and then they’ll have a harder time seeing them.

    Next thing you’ll tell me is the Krav Maga is the best fighting discipline in the world.

  • Jack Luz

    Both the UCP and ACU should be dubbed WSBT for Walking Sniper’s Billboard Target. The ACU should be dubbed WRE for Walking Ridiculous Embarassments.

  • Riceball


    Actually, MARPAT does work quite well in the desert, at least the desert version does. Remember, there are two versions of the MCCU or MARPAT uniform, a woodland and a desert and both are reputed to be very good patterns for their respective environments with the desert MARPATs scoring pretty well in a recent Army study.

  • D

    I disagree that “camo does not work”. Given the facts and contentions materialized from major wars, it is accepted that disruptive patterns are more effective than solid colors. In the late 1930’s and during World War II, scouts and engineers in the Soviet Army were equipped with leaf pattern oversuits, which were designed to break up their pattern in eastern europe/asia. Interestingly enough, the German army conducted a study which proved that disruptive pattern camouflage patterns reduced casualties among ground troops that generally wore grey and/or green.

    US forces learned the hard way in vietnam that disruptive patterns were more effective in the jungles than OD green (such as the excellent tigerstripe patterns). Interestingly enough, the Soviet Union was miles ahead of the west when it came to camouflage. They produced various camouflage patterns for recon/engineer units when the west was floundering with OD green, which was proven to not break up a soldier’s pattern (not to mention the atrocious black boots).

    I disagree with the digitalized camouflage scheme and agree with the concept of multicam. Most interestingly, it is noted that camouflage patterns with pinkish earth tones in them are the most effective. This explains the effectiveness of multicam and bulldog from mirage. 3D shades of different colors (roggenwolf) have also proved to be effective. The final fact points out that all successful camouflage patterns are generally brown/dark tan. Animals and insects are brown/tan, which raises the question of why humans would camouflage themselves with green instead of brown??? we are most certainly not tall enough or acrobatic enough to travel in the upper green areas of trees…

  • Stefan F

    Sorry I’m not about to get cammo advice from an Isreali. The Big dog doesn’t take any lip from a pup!

  • chris

    trying to have one universal camo for every terrain is dumb as hell, but then again its a government bureaucracy, so that is to be expected.