McMillan M3A Rifle

McMillan has introduced the M3A rifle, a medium range .308 Win. semi-automatic built upon the Springfield M1A action (The M1A is based on the M14).

At first glance it looks a lot like the Springfield M1A SOCOM II. Unlike the SOCOM, which is optimized for close range work, the M3A is designed for medium range action and for scope use. Coming out of the McMillan shop, I would expect it has very good accuracy.

The rifle comes in two flavors. The compact model is not all that dissimilar to the SOCOM II. Instead of the McMillan M3A stock it has the SOCOM adjustable stock. The standard model has the M3A stock (pictured above).

Caliber 7.62 NATO (.308 Win)
Capacity 10 rounds (20 round mag available)
Barrel 18″, 1:10 twist, 6 groove rifling
Stock M3A or SOCOM Adjustable Buttstock
MSRP (Price) Compact: $3299, Standard: $3099.

[Hat Tip: Accurate Shooter for sending me the info. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Alan

    For as fun an accurate as that sounds, you can get the comparable Scout Squad or Socom M1’s for 2/3 to 1/2 that price, and they’re already out of my current budget.

  • Stefan F

    Forget the SA M1A. What you want is an LRB or 7.62 arms forged receiver. I have a loaded M1A and it is not close to my LRB M-14. The only plus for SA is the warranty. If you want as close to the original M-14 as possible forged upper with GI parts. -M14TFL member.

  • Vak

    Once again, my smile was growing bigger and bigger as I was reading the specs until I read the MSRP.


  • Bryan S

    Probably costs that because the .gov is willing to pay that for it.

    At that price…. wow. Do we really gain that much over other rifles of the same caliber?

  • Jim

    @Allen, I was thinking the same thing. It sounds like a great gun, but for that price there is probably something better to pick up.

  • Lance

    Excellent I hope they soon sell one in a EBR stock. I don’t know about McMillan but LBR Smith Enterprises and Winchester still get military contracts for parts for existing M-14s in service.

  • Vitor

    Meh, it looks good, but for the price, I rather get a Scar Heavy.

  • Alan

    @Vitor I was just quoted $3250 for a -17S

  • Sian


    For that price I could get 2 RFBs or 3 PTR91’s.

  • AnointedSword

    Nice weapon.

  • Vitor

    Wait, as a lefty I agree with Sian. Two RFBs would rock! And being bullpup I can carry one in each hand, John Woo style!

  • Vtb

    What kind of accuracy m14 based system is capable to provide? 1moa?
    Why it’s better that lmt 16.5″?

  • Lance

    The accuarcy is match garde simlar to a M1A super match/ M-21.

  • Vtb

    It’s like if I asked – “what’s the weight of the rifle” and you reply with “the weight is the same as for m21”
    What MOA at 100yards and MOA at 500 yards?

  • Lance

    Suppost to be just as accuriate at 500 yards as 100yds. Less that 1moa is a given.

  • Vtb

    2 Lance – thank you.

    So this rifle
    1. Costs as much as scar-17h
    2. Shoots not better than JAE-100 equipped Spriengfield

    The result – it’s for McMillan fans who wanted to have a McMillan m14.