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  • Rob

    Jesus, for that price you’d almost be more than halfway to a new AK

  • El Duderino

    $299? Geez this is like the Gillette razor blade of magazines, one costs almost as much as the rifle…

  • Lance

    I WANT one for 5.45 mags this is as close to a 100rd RPK-74 ,ag you can get outside of Russia. But I do agree that $200 bucks is a little too high.

  • Andrew

    @Lance: 300 – 1 =/ 200

  • Chris

    $300? I always figured the point of AK’s was to have something simple, effective, *and* cheap.

  • In defense of the price. Drums in this caliber have never existed before.

    These are custom conversion drums that start life as a ($75)Romanian Ak47 drum, they are gutted and cut apart , reworked, reassembled and function checked. It takes the better part of a day to convert 1 drum. Expensive ….yes, I don’t like to work for min wage

    The 100 rd pan type RPK-74 mags were prototype only and never went into production. The closest thing was the quad stack 60 rd mags, that only a few have made it into this country and if and when you can find them be prepared to pay $3000 +.

    • Troy, thanks for your comment.

  • Marcus

    This absolutely made my day. I’ve been waiting for someone to figure out how to do this for a long time. I’ll definitely be getting one as soon as I can afford it.

  • Mike

    Stop complaining. Someone has to convert them so you pay for the effort. I remember once in New Zealand we could buy AK drums for 75 dollars each. Now because of import restrictions and law changes they go for 1000 each. Talk about supply and demand.

  • Ralph

    I have a bunch of AK drums that we’re set up for 223 by Polytech back in the 80’s-early 90’s. Think I’ll revisit them for 5.45. I still have them taged at $150 from the Pamona gun show! Might be nice on my sample AK74 Krink!

  • chris davis

    i have a ak74 an this 77 round drum i need BAD my ak is all chrome this is a one of a kind iv got this gun from my grand pa an he got it back when it was made when it was first mad i got the box an ppr work with it stil an the gun shop pay ticket he got it new in 1974 so when he passed it to me i chromed it for him cause he was sharp as a butten so i chromed it cause its sharp like him lol if this ever gets any cheaper then this plz contact me 765 465 6329 id love to by this an pass it on to my son thats 15 your site is gr8

    • NoMeansYESsheWasaskin4it

      what the hell?? You ADMIT to chroming an AK..then…IN BROKEN ENGLISH..or just horrible grammer…you post your phone number for someone to CALL YOU when and IF the price on this magazine comes down..and then tell everyone your life story?? What is wrong with you???

    • Nater

      They do way INSTAIN MOTHER!!!

  • its delevry is possible in paksitan and what whould be the price

  • Joe

    Pfft, would pay more than $150 for one.

    • Jody

      You only need a 30rd clip if you know how to shoot.

      • William

        Who are you? Frankstein….I mean Fein, next thing you’ll say is you only need 10 rounds

  • stupid

    What is “grammer”? The wife of a grandpa?

  • William

    300 dollars for a converted magazine and they have the nerve to charge you for shipping