SIG550 / SIG556 in 7.62×39 photos

These photos, showing the upcoming 7.62x39mm version of the SIG556, is purportedly straight from SIG Sauer.

Hat Tip JC Weaponry, CA

They are using the SIG550 (aka. Classic) forend and sidefolding stock. Troubleshooter, a reader of the blog, emailed me to say that lower receiver is similar in contour to the 5.56mm version and therefor the deep magwell (deep compared to the AK) probably prevents AK-47 drum magazines from being used.

[ Many thanks to Troubleshooter for emailing me the info. ]

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  • Spoon

    That does not look like it is a real photo of the 7.62 version… Looks photo shopped, I could be wrong…

    Shouldn’t there be some indents for the AK mags and what is up with the magazine release or lack thereof? The barrel would be way thin if that is the actual rifle. What happened to the bolt release!?

  • SpudGun

    I think Spoon is correct to be skeptical, there is something a little ‘off’ about these pictures. As he correctly points out, the barrel seems too thin and there is no obvious bolt release or magazine lever.

    And maybe it’s just my eyes, but when you look at the lower picture, the magazine looks a little ‘pinched’ when it reaches the trigger guard.

    I’ll wait for the official pics before I get excited.

  • Sian

    @Spoon the indents may be internally only. I too am wondering what’s up with the mag release and bolt release, and there are a lot of graphical artifacts about.

    I’m not surprised if it’s initially a light barrel version though.

  • Matt

    Is the mag release on the front of the trigger guard?

    Like spoon said, that barrel looks extremely thin. I’m withholding judgement until I learn more.

  • Forget 7.62×39…I want it in .264 LBC/6.5 Grendel!

  • allen

    Someone has photoshoped an AK mag onto the photo of an older 556. Sig in Exter is simply not going to use a Swiss manufactured grip and non-adjustable stock on a current production rifle. The popsicle stick rear back up sight pictured has also been replaced by the diopter on the latest guns.

  • Jesse

    I don’t see a magazine release button or lever. It makes me curious to know how they are going to retain the standard AK mags.

  • Lou

    That image doesn’t look right. I see no magazine release tab for the magazines. Also the barrel looks way to thin for a 7.62 diameter barrel.

  • ZomBkiller

    Any other commentors please help me with this dilema…I want this rifle, but in order to justify getting it I will have to part with another 7.62×39. So, do I say goodbye to the VZ58, the Saiga Arsenal SGL 20 or the pre import Norinco RPK with Bulgarian furniture?

    Its a good problem to have but the wife would loose her $hit if I got another AK without getting rid of one. Also, agree with spoon on your observations but Sig + 7.62×39 w/ AK mags = must have for an AK guy like me.

  • btr

    1) Not all AKs have dimples for the magazine either. Milled ones don’t and some stamped ones (WASRS, most Saigas) don’t either.

    2) I “think” I can see a paddle mag release protruding below the trigger guard.

    3) Don’t know about the barrel.

    4) Most ak-47 mags have no provision at all for the bolt to be held back on an empty mag automatically. Unless sig was to redesign the mag, it doesn’t seem likely that this rifle would have this feature either.

  • Variance

    While I can’t explain the lack of a mag release, there shouldn’t be a bolt release, because AK mags don’t have a provision for a bolt hold open.

  • Spoon

    Yeah, it doesn’t have to have indents for the magazines, even though their prototype did. But doesn’t a VEPR have a bolt hold open regardless of magazine design? Why would the Sig not have one?

  • bob

    someone needs to give all of sig’s execs or marketing people or whoever the fuck makes these decisions a clue. x39 is a really shitty round. if they made one in .308 or something interesting (one of the new 6-whatever wonder-rounds) or something really cheap (5.45) i’d want one but x39 has no real advantages. crappy ballistics and it’s not even cheap.

  • Justin Grigg

    Um, sorry Bob, but the x39 is not shitty. It has its purposes, and a huge fanbase. Its much cheaper than most .223 and carries a bit more kinetic energy, though it has less range.
    The Sig is just an AK in black rifle clothes, it only makes sense to chamber it in the original AK caliber.

  • Scott


    Based on your parameters, I would part with the Saiga based on value and availability. There is no shortage of Arsenal SGL’s for the foreseeable future as long as Obama does not sign an executive order barring Russian arms imports. They are everywhere and you can find used ones easily in the $500-$600 range.

    CZ has discontinued their VZ-58 sporter line along with all the parts associated with it so who knows how many parts are still available. Also there were not as many VZ’s made as AK’s so part costs as well as the VZ’s available (including ones built by Century and other builders) will go up over time.

    Chinese pre-ban stuff is worth their weight in gold. With the final ban going on 16 years and counting, their prices will naturally increase so if you want one in the future, prices will still be way higher.

    So IMO, sell the Saiga and keep those two rarities, I know I would. Plus I would like a SIG 7.62×39 one day.




  • Aurelien

    For those asking for a 7.62×51 (.308) Sig, there are already TWO in production, the 751 (7.62 Sig551) and the 716 (7.62 Sig 516), so get your facts right before you complain.

    And there is a market for a 7.62×39 rifle with accessories rails everywhere.

  • Matthew

    Me rikey.