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  • Patrick M

    I might be missing something, but isn’t that red dot backwards?

    • Patrick, well spotted. I don’t know. I can’t think of a reason why a holo sight could not be manufactured back-to-front.

  • mr_lorenco

    yes it`s a holo sight manufactured for backwards
    theyre very common in east europe .

  • Keith P

    You say modernized, I say crapificated.
    TomAYto, TomAHto

  • Alex Turpin

    If it is like any of the cheap red dots currently available (re: barske, bsa, sightmark, etc.), and it looks like it is, then it is mounted backwards. If you look at it the way it is mounted, then you can’t see the dot.

  • Dieterich

    Well, the red dot works on the principle of using a mirror to reflect the red dot in your field of vision. There’s no way you could see the dot if the sight is manufactured with the “projector” located in front of the lens and pointed back at the viewer. There’s nothing to “catch” the dot on for the eye to see.

  • Keith

    Yep its backwards, Barska, NCStar and a few others make that model of sight, I own the NCstar model and that’s certainly backwards.. tactifail

  • Other Steve

    What cheek weld?

  • Hartley

    Because of the way it works – by reflection. The laser diode has to be behind the screen, so the screen has to be in front..

  • John C.

    Yeah, if you’re able to see that dot, you are aiming the wrong way!

  • Kalashnikev

    1) Yes, the optic is backwards. It’s that junky NC Star, more at home on an airsoft. I don’t even think it’s made for real use.

    2) I would snap that mount off for a joke.

    3) Mine’s nicer…

  • Tony

    Never mind is it backwards or not, what on Earth is it doing up there in the stratosphere?!

  • johnny

    hhahahahahah! the guy attached the reflex sight the wrong way round!!!! FAIL!

  • From a light, shoulder-slung carbine to a bi-pod mounted Tommy Tactical monstrosity in one easy lesson.

    How NOT to do “tactical” is the lesson here.

  • I am happy, to see you have visited my website. The picture has taken in 2007 C+D exhibition by my own hands.
    It was produced by Mr. Szep (Bathory Epszol Kft.). Anyway, I spoke with Mr. Szep at 2009 august, and he told me, his company is game over…

  • Well…

    Early version of the infamous Hungarian AK-modernization.

    The government planned to spend 5000 (FIVE THOUSAND) dollars/one gun to equip with modern rails, grips, and red dot sight.

    No, not buying a new HK 416 or something, just re-equip 7000 old cold war AKs for 5000 USD/gun.

    This high degree of corruption was too much even for the layman press, so finally the projectwas cancelled.

  • Upsz, Sorry, it is not my photo. My photo is (from almost the same weapon):
    Than it is the earlier version, earlier exchibition, s I think it was in 2005. (C+D)

  • Lance

    Looks like a excellent east European cop rile easy to put itit a squad car. Dose Hungry still use AMD-65? I know they use the regular AK-47 for infantry.

  • Kalashnikev

    All the AMD-65s that didn’t get cut up and turned into kits got FMS’d to Afghanistan. There are still a few around, but not many. I saw a Police Special Response unit static display in 2005 that had one… with the stock cut off! FAIL!

    Current Infantry Rifle in Hungary is still the AMD-63. When you see them in Afghanistan they have G36s b/c they are partnered with Germany out of Baghlan.

  • El Duderino

    In Eastern Europe, there are malls. And ninjas.

    Now we just need a bayonet on that rifle and it’s DONE.

  • d efin

    i’m trying to add a qual picadilla rail on my amd-65 and i can’t seem to move the front holder cap forward. i’ve raised the little lever with a screwdriver and couldn’t get it to move. so i hit on it some with a piece of wood for coushin and hammer. no avail. any ideas would help.

  • d efin

    heh. don’t worry about it. broke the beyonette holder. going to take to a gun smith. didn’t make sense to me why it wouldn’t move forward