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  • Rijoenpial

    I saw this video months ago, and it blows my mind each and every time I watch it! I loved the precision of the 5.56 EGLM, with the first round nailing the spot where the pink smoke grenade fell!

    The video also contradicts the fears of the underbarrel grenade launcher preventing the mag from falling freely! the 7.62 worked beautifully!

    The HAMR is great… I would much like to see a fully one-coloured one, either in flat dark earth or black…!

    The Mk48 is awesome! the new and improved Mk46 (SAW) is also great!

    In a word, a very good presentation video from FN!

    It puts the Remington ACR one to shame!


  • Hellhound

    The HAMR looks like a beast.

  • Vak

    So much tacticool I grew my own eotech.

  • Lance

    Its a commercial Steve its not “in action”.

    • Lance, point taken.

  • MikonNikon

    Could anyone be so kind as to tell me what sights they had on their pistols? Looked like a reflex sight. Possibly a Docter model of some sort?

  • Rijoenpial


    It’s a Burris Fastfire… Nutnfancy’s PFIDude uses one on his FNP45 Tactical:


  • Jim

    Sorry, but what again is the difference between the SCAR and HAMR?

  • Lance

    @ Jim

    the SCAR MK 16 is a rilfe made for SOCM force (before the 5.56mm version was abandoned the design in favor of M-4A1s). The HAMR was FNs competititor for the USMC IAR competition which lost to the H&K 416. The HAMR has alot hever barrel and a barrel change option and can fire both from closed and open bolts.

  • Rijoenpial


    the REAL difference is that the SCAR is an Assault Rifle (5.56 NATO) or a Battle Rifle (7.62 NATO), whereas the HAMR is a full-auto SAW-type (Squad Automatic Weapon) AR…

    With a 150-round MAG, it becomes a lighter, more manageable SAW weapon than the SAW Minimi…


  • Brad


    I like the high mounted bipod arrangement for the HAMR. Reminds me of the FAMAS, except the bipod folds forward on the HAMR.

  • jacob kenworthy

    starship troopers

  • This IS NOT the FN HAMR despite the description in commercial but FN IAR, take a look at the bayonet lug, which HAMR doesnt have! There are other minor differences between the FN USA proposal for the USMC and the HAMR shown at the AUSA, the barrel profile for example.