Valkyrie Armament Belt-fed AR-15 rifle conversion

Valkyrie Armament has developed a belt-fed system for AR-15 rifles. Any mil-spec AR-15 can be converted to make use of the system. The company sells AR-15 rifles already converted, although most customers prefer to supply a rifle for conversion.

The design is an improved version of the Stoner 63 early AR-10 belt system. A M249 SAW ammunition box is held in place by an adapter that fits into the AR-15 magazine well. To switch feeding from a belt to a standard AR magazine, all that needs to be done is to open the rifle by the rear take down pin, push the mag release, pull the belt feed tray out of the top and close the rifle.

Video of the Valkyrie system in action.
Valkyrie with carry handle.

A similar concept to the Valkyrie is the Ares Shrike system. It is a belt-fed upper receiver for the AR-15 that, unlike the Valkyrie, uses its own proprietary gas piston and barrel attachment system.

UPDATE: The owner of Valkyrie Armament told me that the conversion price is $3,300 is you provide your own rifle.

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  • snmp

    Less complex & lightweigh weapon with Beta C-mag

    But for IAR a quick change barel is the more important stuff.

    • Beta mags are heavy and if the magazine jams, you lose a lot of ammunition.

  • I gotta move to PA so I can have one!

  • It is based on a Stoner design, but not that of the Stoner 63. Back in the late 1950s, Eugene Stoner had designed a belt-fed variant of the AR-10 family, which Colt reworked for the AR-15/M16 family in the early/mid-1960s. Many years later, Jonathan A. Ceiner put out his own version.

    • Daniel, thanks, it was a mistake.

  • zack991

    I am afraid to ask how much….

  • I haven’t looked at the Stoner 63 in detail, but this Valkyrie looks more like the resurrection of the Arthur Ciener belt feed AR. You can see the characteristic cam next to the selector switch.

    I wonder if they can use the regular M27 links, or the modified M27 links Ciener used. Also wants to know where they eject the links, to the side, or bottom like Ciener.

  • letti

    That settles it, I need an AR for IPSC.

  • Matt

    Coolness factor is high, but the utility factor-is there anything this does the beta mag doesn’t do better (including keeping your rounds out of the dirt)?

    I can see the barrel drooping on one of these with a full auto conversion when someone holds the trigger back for the whole box. 😉

    However, it’s still cool.

  • Awesome! That is about all I can say about that. I do think the guy that cooked the bacon on his AR/ suppressor needs one of these. Then he wouldn’t have to change mags to cook the bacon 😉

  • mike

    Too bad you need to chop up the lower, since this would be perfect for an M16. But I don’t know anyone who will chop up their M16 for an upper. Also, doesn’t this use modified links?

  • Jeff M

    Valkyrie, Shrike, now there’s 2 of these ar conversions, we ought to be testing these against the m249.

  • Mason

    Saw this on the ENDO gun blog like a week ago. You’re not as quick as you used to be with the news and stories!

  • peter

    it reminds me of the old armlite belt fed ar10s

  • Matt


  • Matt

    The website lists prices for their new rifle but doesn’t say anything about the conversion price. Anybody know?

    • Matt, I think it depends on how much work a particular rifle requires.

  • Martin (M)

    Does anyone know if this conversion is semi-auto compatible? Valkyrie’s site doesn’t specify.

    This is just fantastic. Frankly, this is what the USMC should be using for their support rifle, not a mag-fed super AR. Not to get off subject, this is a truly neat setup. The only thing I’d like to see is a shorter mag adapter so the package is a bit more compact.

    Thumbs up for Valkyrie!

  • Lance

    If they can make a quick barrel change for one then I would be interested but mostly too impractical buy a semi M-60 will be more worth if.

  • Maverick

    Forgive me if I’m being ignorant but I seem to remember the C-MAGs being too heavy and excessively stressing the magazine well. How this this fix those issues?

  • jdun1911

    The problem with Beta C-mag is it unreliable and easily damage. The US Army tested beta C-mag and found it to be a POS. That’s goes for all drum magazine.

    Drum magazine spring will wear off faster because of the increased load. The spring must have enough elastic power to keep up with the rate of fire/cycle rate of the firearm. This might not an issue with semi-auto firearms but it is with full auto version.

    I was getting bolt over ride on the second to last round one of my Blackdog magazine constantly that had well over 10,000 rounds. What that told me was the spring did not have enough energy to push the last two round in fast enough to feed the bolt. The spring wore out with uses and needed to be replace.

    Drum magazine are easily damage when drop due to the weight. If the magazine body or feed lips are damage don’t expect it to work right.

    Linked belt-fed fix those problems.

  • Samopal

    Very nice. I was excited when the Shrike system was first announced but gravely disappointed when it turned out to be nothing but vaporware.

    $4500 on a Colt and $3900 on an M&P15…that’s quite a lot of money. I’d like to see the price for the conversion alone. This would be a great addition to my AR if it was more affordable.

  • FishMan

    I never thought that they would bring back the concept of the Arthur Ciener belt feed system, it looks to be WAY more compact and lighter than the Shrike. I would bet that the system would be an ideal replacement for the M249 system if they made a dedicated A4 upper receiver and barrel assembly that used a gas piston and a quick change barrel. Weight would be at an all time minimal for an LMG, part commonality between such a system and an M4 or an M16 would be VERY high, and training would be somewhat similar to that of an M4 or M16 (with definite differences like maintaining the belt feed mechanism and quick change barrel). A version of this coupled with the LWRC IAR’s open bolt full auto/ closed bolt semi-auto trigger group would make it just awesome reliable/accurate.

  • Rob

    Pretty limited market of FA AR15 users. Then also that even more limited market of people willing to spend this much.

    This is useless for those who don’t have a happy switch.

  • SammyLBusby

    Man I would love to have one of those!! I would dig out a small dangly object from my body with a spork for one of these or the shrike systems!! LMAO

  • West

    My father recently purchased a belt-feed .22 conversion kit for his F/A AR.

    It uses belts made of fabric.

  • Matthew Jarrett

    Wow thats wicked thats gotta be the baddest AR’s Ive ever seen

  • jdun1911

    I think their target buyer are militaries and governments and not so much civilians.

  • Redchrome

    Small Arms Review did an article earlier this year or late last year on the Ciener belt-feed conversion units. They look rather fragile and complicated; and you have to split the reciever to get the conversion unit out.

    The Shrike seems like a much better implementation, since it goes directly from belt to box with no changes needed. Problem is, you can’t get one. 🙁

  • Matt

    Red chrome,

    You have to split the reciever on these too. To remove the feed tray. Which only takes seconds anyway.

  • Matt

    Nevermind I misread your post.

  • looks interesting, but at the cost of killing a “regular” M-16.
    a belt feed for a ar-15 semi auto just does not look like a good prospect. (cost return thing).
    but how about a back pack fed system? better place for the weight of the ammo, soft belt in a flexible feed tube.
    say holding 1K rounds?


  • glebur

    I am in the process of having a belt-fed AR built for me by Valkyrie.
    Some answers to the above questions:
    1. The conversion can be built on your SEMI lower
    2.You can provide most any custom part to be integrated into the rifle. I am having:
    CGI quick change barrel upper
    PWS improved buffer tube
    cmmg bull barrel gas piston kit
    1/12 twist rate heavy quick change barrels
    LEO Colt lower
    Real AK-74 compensators with zig-zag cuts adapted to AR thread patten
    3. Links are $35/C. They are modified with a hole
    4. Bumpfire stock DOES work on this belt-fed AR

    Ask for George at Valkyrie. He works with you and builds to your specs



  • We just sent out a tnw cqb upper and a lower milled to host a dis . As stated gorge is easy to deal with . When it comes back im gonna run the beast into the ground testing both the conversion and the upper

  • Levi

    Would there be any possible way to convert this to a .50 beawulf? Cause then it go from awesome to godlike!

    • dockilldare

      was thinking the same thing….

    • Loran

      my 50beawulf blow up and almost took out my right hand.Thats one rifle u do not want have blow up. alexander arms clams they do not blow up and was using wrong ammo. I was using ammo they sold me.

    • Daniel Alan

      sorry godlike makes too much money

  • This is now a NY legal configuration.. NO MAGAZINE!

  • Frank K

    You could purchase a 1919 semi less then a Valkyrie..Much.Better deal!

  • Bill

    Where can I get the carrying handle? I have to have one!

    • TheLastGunslinger

      They are stupid cheap on Amazon

    • TheLastGunslinger

      Have one on my scoped AR

  • Sam Pensive

    in the video link everything was …smokin…
    nice mod since you never want to run out of ammo.