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  • Vak

    I will admit I don’t know squat about economy and business, but it always sound a little weird to me when a multimillion dollars company, that makes millions in profits, starts to lay off employees.

    That or the freedom group isn’t doing too well recently and it’s only one of the first wave of layoff.

  • jdun1911

    Business are not charities. Business are not welfare institutions. Business are there to make money.

    With that said, the US economy is not in great shape. Unemployment is more than the Great Depression (percentage wise GD is more but the US populations has grown 3 times since then). People can’t get a job that means less money to spend on adults toys like guns.

    It doesn’t help with Obama Care and Bush’s tax cuts going to expire at the end of the year. It will be the largest tax increase in the history of the USA. Lots of businesses will go under because of this. Unfortunately a lot of folks doesn’t the gravity of it. Expect more layoffs in the coming months across the board because of Obama Care and Bush’s tax cuts. You can bet the bank on it.

  • Wolfwood

    Is there any chance that these are “redundant” employees from a previous acquisition whose further employment had been guaranteed for a certain period of time?

  • norks1

    There was much hiring during the time of long backorders, probably more of a correction now that orders have slown down

  • Big Daddy

    Either you’re part of the problem or part of the solution.

    Yes business’s are in business to make money. How much money do people need? Gates is giving it away, guilt from sticking everybody with Windows…..LOL. When it comes to being an American I say everybody should bite the bullet….ha ha….and do their share to help. That means the more money you have, the more you should help.

    These companies have to ask themselves are we Americans first or international businessmen first. If the answer is American they must do everything possible to hold off any letting go of personnel even if it means keeping them as part timers until they find other work. They must do everything within their powers and laying people off should be the last resort.

    But it is always the first way to save money. That means the people who are left are expected to take up the slack. Less pay and more work and more hours. And that’s the deterioration of the middle class which historically is the backbone of any advanced civilization.

    Goodbye middle class and the material wealth of people will end up being worthless(cars without gas, TV without electricity, guns without cartridges). That means goodbye to the rich too, they get rich off the middle class. The more middle class consumers there are the richer they will get. The whole idea is to have a lot of AMERICAN middle class consumers.

    I want to do my part and to buy American, but everything I buy says made in China………..

  • jdun1911

    Why do I want to help people when my job is to make money? Why should I be punish for being successful? Why should I be force to share my wealth?

    If the company is in trouble or you see a storm coming. As head of your company your job is to save it. If laying off people in advance, while it is unfortunate it will help in the survival of the company in the long run.

    For profit companies aren’t welfare and charity. People have been brainwashed into thinking that they are special in the company or the company own you something. The only thing that the company owe you is what stated in the contract.

    If you really want to save and create jobs in America. The government must lower taxes, get rid of a lot regulations, destroy unions, lower wages, and get rid of the minimum wage (the number one job killer for low income Americans).

    The firearm market is slowing down just like other business. However, not as fast as other industries tho. Overall I expect more layoffs in the coming months because of uncertainties in the economy, ObamaCare, and expired Bush’s Tax Cuts.

  • TheAmdMAN

    Yes, businesses are going to go under because the tax cuts are expiring.. Give me a break, get back to reality. Like they all closed up in what 94-95 when Clinton raised them.

    The market adjusts and it will adjust to both the healthcare bill and the tax increase. Now if it would have only adjusted those banks and AIG/FMae/FMac into oblivion…….

  • greasyjohn

    I like to think jdun is trolling here.

  • New Hampshire State of Mind

    Lets not get into politics or religion(both are your personal business), those topics all too often get dragged into firearms to the detrement on so many other gun blogs and forums. Too many things have been politicized to shit either by the left or right, leaving out the middle were most Americans are including myself. By far the largest looming issue in the firearms industry is demographics, the fact that it’s customer base is rapidly aging and not being replaced with younger gun enthusiasts this extends to hunting also and is a well known issue.

  • Kurgen99

    Guns not politics.

  • jdun1911

    First thing I don’t troll and second what I posted is what I believe.

    Apparently no one here is looking at the current economic situation. I’ve been investing since I was 12 (my first mutual fund). I spend at least 2 hours every day reading real economic news. Let me stress REAL ECONOMIC NEWS like people actually doing research on the subject and not being brainwashed by the news media, ie CNBC.

    Last September the US lost 39,00 jobs. September to November is where most of the holiday hiring goes. Yet we lost jobs on September in the private sector. When people don’t have jobs businesses won’t have customers.

    Consumers spending is 70% of the US economy.

    Until we see 150,000 jobs created each months which is the break even point on unemployment there will be no growth. It will take at least one decade with 150,000 job a month to reach back to normal level in employment.

    Once Obama Care activated and Bush Tax Cuts expire it will hit hard on everyone. It is the LARGEST TAX INCREASE IN AMERICAN HISTORY. In other words less money for consumer and more taxes for business. The first thing consumers will spend is food and housing and less on guns and ammo. Keep that in mind.

    At the end of the day every major business is preparing to cut jobs in order to survive. It will be a long hard drag.

    Common sense about where our economy is heading.

  • WeaponBuilder


    I’m sure you’ve made some VERY good points here – however, there’s one thing you’re not seeing – it’s behind the scenes.

    I’m friends with SEVERAL employees whom are, or recently have been employed in management positions in four of these companies which are a part of the “Freedom Group”. TRUST ME – there is A LOT of stuff going on behind the scenes at the FG right now, and it isn’t pretty!

    To put it mildly – the new executive managment boards have NO CLUE what they’re doing. They’re attempting to take a very GENERALIZED approach to corporate management, and inconsistent & strict management of each individual company.

    Trying to run and market Tactical Firearm manufacturers the same way they run a Sporting Firearms manufacturer, and trying to run ammunition / accessory related manufacturers the same way they run a Sporting Firearms manufacturing company???

    Their management strategy is largely inconsistent, restrictive, hindering R&D in some companies, but not in others… Allowing some to develop new products, while keeping others’ product lines limited to Cookie-Cutter industry products as if they just want that company to merely remain status quo. What’s ***NOT*** being mentioned much online is that a number of management & employees have decided to jump ship & LEAVE the Freedom Group companies.

    I’m a die-hard conservative Capitalist myself – as are many of the managers in their companies!

    However, for the parent company to restrict ONE company in order to allow ANOTHER company more R&D freedom – that’s just wrong. For the parent company to rob Peter to pay Paul – that’s just wrong. To tell ONE company they cannot reinvest a certain amount of their own money – into their company, but to tell another it’s just fine… That’s being manipulative, overbearing, regulatory, and Anti-Capitalist!

    If you want to talk Politics and make your arguments – I suggest you tell those same things to the ignorant-of-all-things-gun-related Liberal Board Members at Cerberus! They appointed Nardelli CEO of Cerberus, and now also CEO of Freedom Group, but what business does a Liberal who doesn’t even really LIKE guns have managing the parent company of several weapons manufacturers???

    Nardelli did a GREAT JOB reforming CHRYSLER now didn’t he??? What on earth makes ANYBODY think this liberal will do anything better than a half-@R$3D job of managing several firearms manufacturers??? :-/

    Read up more on who their CEO, CFO, and COO are, their views on guns, politics, and socialism – you’ll understand a lot more about why lots of management people within their individual companies are jumping ship like crazy?

  • TheAmdMAN

    Now I ask this… Did no one else see this coming? For the past many years the US has been in a state of artificial growth, yes I said it ‘artificial’. As in people having jobs and collecting considerable salaries they didn’t deserve. Companies holding onto employees because they ‘had no choice’ and or because they didn’t care enough to get rid of them and find more qualified people. Turning out products that people didn’t need nor wanted. How many new cars were made each year with that number growing year over year? Who really needs all of those vehicles (just one example)?

    I don’t know where some grew up and what environment that was in, but my parents taught me a job is not a right, a good job is not a right. It’s a privilege. You have to work and work hard for that privilege of a good job, or you end up on the line at a factory (and back then making decent money, not so anymore) or without a job.

    We (USA) ship our jobs overseas because we want lower costs. All major companies in the tech industry manufacture parts/components over the pond to save money because the consumer is greedy and the companies are greedy. We can create a ton of jobs here, by moving manufacturing to the states, however will not happen due to the cheap labor costs in China/Malaysia/Taiwan/etc. By we I mean large business. Large business runs this country. Big Oil runs this country. You or I or the other 10,000 or 1,000,000 people from the United States that read this blog do not run the country. The gentleman we put in office over a year ago (and the one before him) no matter how much we want to blame for everything, does not run this country, big business does.

    Adding 150,000 jobs every month is not reality, and if it was reality I would really question that growth rate. That number starts us flowing back into that ‘artificial’ section of growth. Growth that doesn’t really exist and when it hits reality it hits hard like it did in 2008.

    My point is I don’t care how many jobs we “lose” or don’t create. We need to be creating and/or retaining a realistic amount of jobs and industry. Not an overly inflated amount that’s just going to crash again in 5 years. It’s a fact of life, not everyone is going to have a job. Also a fact of life not everyone will have a good paying job. Times change, the past repeats itself, and this time it’s back to being good at what you do and working hard to maintain value in the workplace.

    jdun1911 – Side comment from the link you posted. It’s this kind of comment below that scares me.

    Posted by Smoker on Yahoo Finance:

    How about this – STOP SPENDING! A great start would be to dissolve a few alphabet agencies: DOE, FDA, EPA, FCC, OSHA and abolish the Federal Reserve.

    These mindless automatons who believe dissolving the EPA, FDA, FCC, and OSHA would be a benefit to this country… Yes there’s a lot of money in the government that we need back and departments that need elimination but seriously, these ones? I guess people can go back to getting cancer from mines and being worked 100+ hours a week with no overtime pay. I’m sure ‘Smoker’ would jump in that employment line, don’t you think?

    Completely agree with New Hampshire on this one… Liberal on some issues, conservative on others.

  • TheAmdMAN

    Even politics aside, you shouldn’t be running a company that you don’t “believe” in and/or fully support.

    I agree completely, the management should at the very least be active firearms enthusiasts and/or involved in the industry in another way. I have no faith in Cerberus and didn’t before when they did absolutely nothing with Chrysler and accepted the taxpayer bailout money.

  • Jack

    “By far the largest looming issue in the firearms industry is demographics, the fact that it’s customer base is rapidly aging and not being replaced with younger gun enthusiasts this extends to hunting also and is a well known issue.”

    We have the same problems in Europe. And don’t forget, a weapon has a long life. I inherited some of my weapons of my father or my grandfather.
    I have enough weapons.
    I can’t spend the money I don’t have, to buy things I don’t need.