Beretta Px4 Storm Compact

Beretta USA has introduced a compact version of the Px4 Storm pistol. The Compact model (3.2″ barrel / 15 round 9mm magazine) fits in between the Full-size (4″ / 17 round mag) and sub-compact (2.99″ / 13 round mag) models. This new pistol is nothing revolutionary, but more choice is always better for the consumer.

Beretta Px4 Storm Compact
Caliber 9mmx19 / .40 S&W
Capacity 15 (9mm) / 12 (.40)
Barrel 3.2″
Total Length 6.8″
Weight 27 oz.
MSRP (Price) Not yet announced.

Steve Johnson

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  • Aurelien

    Tiliting Browning-style barrel or rotating Cougar-style ? Thats the main difference between the full sized and the sub compact.

  • Sian

    I’m a fan of the PX4. Easy to work the slide, good controls, and totally drives tacks.

    I wonder though who will be the first to figure out that there’s a market for concealable pistols with full-length barrels.

  • ap

    The Storm Sub Compact 9mm is a fairly unique combination of capacity and firing system (SA/DA w/ decocker) in that size but the width makes it a real chunk. The CZ RAMI would’ve probably won out if I didn’t end up going with striker-fired. This new Compact size makes more sense in a gun of the Storm’s width, I think.

  • LJK

    So, does this Compact use the rotating barrel lock like its big brother, or have they put in the more traditional tilting barrel like with the Sub-Compact?

    • LJK, I think it uses a rotating barrel.

  • Derfel Cadarn

    Chamber it in .40 or .45 and you would have a real nice gun.

  • Bob H

    It is available in .40. I believe all of the PX4s are as well as the CX4 carbine which shares magazines.

    • Doogie

      Sorry, but the CX4 mag does not fit the PX4 as the lock/release slots are not spaced the same.

  • michael

    I have the px4 in 9mm fullsize and it’s a fantastic handgun. It’s light, feels very comfortable in my hand, little muzzle rise and well balanced. I’d like to get my hands on the compact and try it out

  • I used to have a Mini Cougar in 9mm and loved it. Any comparison? Is the PX4 superior? I’m guessing it is since Beretta no longer makes the Mini Cougar.

  • Randy F

    Looking for my first pistol and am focusing on CCW candidates. Myself, I am 6’2″ 260. left handed w/large hands. I am anxious to see the new Beretta PX4 Storm compact and am also interested in the Sig P239. Some say Springfield’s XDM Compact and/or or Glock 39 are good candidates but I sure would like some objective input with rationale for your nomination. Many thanks in advance, Randy

  • kyle

    i bought a PX4 compact 9mm for my girlfriend and have been having nothing but problems with it. it seems the PX4 is very picky and only likes certain shooters and certain shooting styles. myself and the rangemaster can empty mags with no problem, however when she picks it up, she cant make it past one round. i suspect the rotating barrel is the culprit because no matter how stiff and stable her grip and stance is, it always fails to feed. she has fired my other handguns without a single problem. she is a very accurate shooter as well. has anyone else had a similar problem? i would advise renting a PX4 before buying to see if you have problems with it.

    • It’s not the rotating barrel that’s the culprit because the compact doesn’t have the rotating barrel that the larger frames have, it has a tilt barrel. It is quite possibly the recoil spring….

      • o nvm man i’m sorry, i thought this was about the SUB compact, the compact does indeed have the rotating barrel. honestly i dont think it’s that though giving the problems. i own the full size and it performs flawlessly, and the rotating barrels are very reliable

  • BenFromTX

    My girlfriend bought one yesterday in 9mm from Academy. We went to shoot it on our land and I was amazed at how much it sucked. $500 dollar paperweight. I’m not a tournament shooter, but I was in the military for 5 years. I also shoot at work on a regular basis. I know it’s not me. Shooting groups was impossible and hitting anywhere near you were aiming required “Kentucky Windage”. I even tried from 7 yards from a resting position. Nothing. My stepdad tried also. He called it a $500 lesson learned and walked away. To make sure I wasn’t crazy, I picked up my .40 M&P and ate the middle out of the target. The trigger on the PX4 is all mush until you feel it start to break. The sights looked aligned at a glance, but you never know. Weird things can happen at “the factory”. I guess I’ll buy some different sights for it and see if a trigger kit is made for it. Anybody have any experience like this?

    • Don Sharp

      I purchased the PX4 Subcompact and having the same issue at 7 yards with regards to grouping. I can use my Ruger SR40c and pretty much cut out the center of the target but the Berretta is all over the place.

  • Kyle 2

    I’ve have a similar problem. This isn’t isolated at all as this is my second PX4 compact with the same problem. I believe it has a stiff recoil spring and requires hotter ammo. This is a disappointment as I’d like to see everything run through it. I’m still experimenting to find the best ammunition for the gun. I don’t know if I’d recommend it to anyone at this point, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for beginners or as a first gun.
    Here’s a review that notes the feeding problem well:

  • jeff

    Ive got a full size 40 cal px4 i love the gun put over 1000 rounds through the gun and not one problem maybe i got a good one. Its actually my favorite thing to shoot. Would fully recommend.

  • Denner37

    Something to add on the Px4 Compact. First off, what a shooter. The handgun I own doesn’t just group, but tears out the center of targets. That being said, I was having FTE on the last two rounds in the magazine with WWB for the first 100 rounds. Shot the next 100 rounds and the gun performed 100%. Shot PMC Bronze(i.e. shitty underpowdered ammo) and had the same FTE and worse than the first 100 of WWB. Contacted Beretta and was sent a new replacement recoil spring and guiderod for free. No problems, the new spring is much lighter than the original. However, my old spring will shoot anything not less powered than WWB at present.

  • Kyle 2

    Thanks for the comment! I checked it out and found that Beretta has the service campaign online now as well to correct the guns with the problem.

    My repair kit is on its way! I’m glad Beretta is taking steps to resolve the problem. I’ve loved the gun as well and have just been shooting hotter ammunition. Feels great in my hands and shoots well.

  • Joedebarber

    My px4 subcompact 40 has ran perfectly until tonight I shot Tulammo in it. I was really worried because I had many failures to properly close on the round. The ammo also didnt have the same consistent power each shot. It was kind of scary. I thought it was the gun but my federal ammo was smooth and after reading about Tulammo I will never use it again. I would have been dead in a gun fight using that crap. Im giving the rest of it away. My gun was SO dirty after 30 rounds the black soot was like grease.

  • charles

    I just bought a px4 subcompact in .40. The first 6 shots were nicely grouped but low about 1 inch and about 2 inches to the left. i tried to compensate a few more times then it began to spread rounds all over the target. I let it cool down and all in all shot 100 rounds through the gun. I have heard that it takes 200 rounds or so to break in to bring the groups up. Has anybody had this sort of results with theirs.

  • I am bit taken back over the many problems reported here with the px4.

    I have not fired or even held one as yet,but at my school we go through reasonable amount of ammo each month and I see almost every handgun there is.

    My 92 F has never failed me. Only a person firing it with a ‘ limp wrist’ hold made it fail,but once the hold was corrected they fired it flawlessly.

    Are these FTE problems limited to the ‘compact’ model of the orginal. Is the full sized model most reliable?

    Incidentaly, maybe I am just an old timer but I feel almost any striker fired pistol is an ‘accident waiting to happen’.Ok for SWAT entry teams but not for the average cop or citizen.

    Also tight groups are fun but mean nothing when it comes to an actual crisis using a pistol in self-defense. If someone is trying to kill you, it is virtually impossible for your brain to allow you to look at anything but that person about to kill you, so once the ‘ball is rolling’ in real crisis you can’t use the sights of the gun anyway. You won’t even know it has sights.

    No matter what people think when they come here, the adrenal stress driven scenarios prove this to them and every time. I think people should realize this if they are owning a handgun for the defense of themselves and their family. You must learn to ‘pount shoot’ , most incidentrs occur at night and sights are not even visble really.

    • LET

      the storm is not a striker fired weapon. maybe I am confused as to what your saying.

    • Jimbo

      You are a fucking idiot.

  • James Wallestein

    I shot ALL KIND of pistols, calibers, models, etc…
    This Beretta is awesome. Good grip, and the most SOFT recoil in 9mm. Sometimes i’m feel that a Walther PPK 380 have more strong and spannpy recoil.
    The job did with the recoil in this Beretta surprise me. Whats mean?
    More faster and easy double tap or multiple shots.
    Whats about the accurate?
    I have a HK USP 9mm full size, a Sig Sauer Sp2022, a Watlher P99, a CZ 75B and i need admit: the Beretta is pinpoint.
    Easy i can break toothpicks or matches at 7 yards.
    At 7 yards i make groups of half inch in the perfect center of the target easy.
    At 15 yards i do groups of a inch an a half easy.
    The only 9mm with this level of accuracy is the CZ 75B steel frame, but is more heavy and have more recoil.
    I strong recomend this pistol but i know is cheaper options in the market: Springfields XDs, Glocks(i love glocks), Taurus, etc…

    My CCL pistol is a Glock 20, 10mm(awesome caliber) but if i need carry a 9mm will a PX4 storm full size.

    • Zak

      I bought the px4 compact yesterday, shot it today. Total of 140 rounds at 115 gr. Not one jam, or even a stray shot. I’ve taken handgun classes and rented different guns but this is my first to own. I love it. Jamming can be caused by the tight spring. Mine came with a lock that requires the slide to be open. This helps loosen the spring I believe. I am glad I chose this as my first handgun, shot better than any other gun I’ve used including beretta 92f and p2000. Would recommend for conceal carry as well.

      • Zak I am happy to hear you P4 was running smooth and failure free.

        Sometimes a gun has to be ‘fielded’ and have enough people shooting it with this and that ammo to discover and correct flaws.

        I am down to 177lbs now, I don’t need to be quite as “properly pumped” at 62, but it makes carrying my 92F a ‘bit much’ on me now.

        The Polish PPK copy ( P64) in 9 X18 Makarov or my CZ 83 in Makarov is my alternative. But the P4 seems like something worth getting. I feel best with an external hammer, da/sa auto, I have prejudice a bit against striker fired autos. But they seem to work for everybody I just see a real safety issue with the striker fired design.

        But the 1911 ‘cocked and locked’ is an accident waitng to happen’ too. I still have my 1911, ‘liberated’ in 1971 from the US Army by the ‘People’s Army of Revolutionary Justice’ of which i was the Commander and only solider (:

        Funny the 1911 seems more concealable and ‘light’ since I been toting a 92F.

        Despite the semi contraversy I have gut feeling a p4 would work for me now. What was the recoil and reovery like zak?

  • Bigred

    Went last week to shoot my new PX4 at the range. Went thru the first clip no problems. After the 4th round gun jammed. This is the full size G model that I purchased. I used pmt 165gr ammo. Im going to the range this weekend with Remington UMC rounds 185gr to see if this helps. Also I made sure to oil the gun very well. If it still jams looks like I will be trading for something else.

    • Bigred

      Well went back to the range three times now and used remington umc rounds, no more jams. I guess you can not use cheap ammo in this gun. Other than having to pay for more expensive ammo i really love this .40 cal storm.

  • I just got this gun for my wife this morning. Went to the range to fire it and she wanted the first magazine. It jammed several times. I cleared it then she let me fire the rest of the magazine and it was fine. Loaded another 15 and she went back to firing and the same problem again. I fired and it worked. I went through the next mag fine. Then she fired again.

    It turns out it’s the grip, she doesn’t have a firm grip and locked arm so the recoil is being effected. I had her correct that and it was much better. I fired another 200+ rounds out of it with only one issue and that was using cheap ammo just because I had it. Bought a box of better ammo and she shot another 25 or so and it was fine. Excellent gun!

    • Update: The wife was starting to have a few issues with jamming where the spent cartridge wasn’t fully ejecting. After watching her a bit I saw that she was a bit limp wristed. I helped her correct that and she didn’t have any problem. If you have someone with weakness this may be an issue but it’s easy to correct with practice!

      • Sam

        Thanks for the awesome tip! It helps tremendously! I’m glad you wife is armed, and with a pretty awesome gun too.

  • Reid Hoadley

    I bought a PX4 F 9 mm compact about a year ago and every 2 – 3 shot was a FTE. Beretta had me send the gun to the service depot who then replaced the recoil spring. Have fired a number of brands of 115 gr target ammo since and have had no trouble at all. I can shoot slightly better patterns with a Glock 17 with a Ghost trigger but am satisfied with the PX4. The compact and full sized guns have the rotating barrel, the sub compact dies not.

  • Ct

    Beretta has identified a feeding problem that can occur with some Px4 Compact pistols when fired with some low and mid-pressure ammunition. The issue arises only in the Px4 Compact and does not affect the standard size Px4 pistol, nor the Px4 Subcompact. This feeding problem typically stops occurring after the pistol has been broken-in through repeated firing.

    Beretta has developed a polished guide rod and recoil spring that corrects the ammunition situation and is available for any customer experiencing feeding problems.

    Not all Beretta Px4 Compact pistols are affected by this condition; most pistols currently incorporate this enhanced feature. To determine if your pistol is affected and requires a self-installation service kit, please enter the serial number of your pistol below. Please enter letters in ALL CAPS.
    Enter your Serial Number:

    If your pistol requires the service kit, you will be directed to an order form to order the kit. You will see a redirect screen appear briefly. You can ignore this screen and wait for the order form page to appear. Upon submitting your order, you will receive a confirmation page and a confirming e-mail. Please allow two weeks for the delivery of your kit. The kit consists of two replacement components that are easy to install and includes an instruction sheet. The disassembly and reassembly procedures required to install this kit are also specified in your owners manu

  • Richard

    I too have the 9mm compact and fired it the first time today, i had 7 jams (feed issues) in the first 50 rounds. The bullet went half way in every time but stopped, just a slight push on the slide sent it in all the way but this is not good for a CCW. I noticed a recall on certain s/n but mine did not come up as be one recalled, in fact my s/n did not come up at all. PS i was using PMC 115Grs FMJ. I have contacted Beretta.

    • Marty

      Just got my px4 compact 9mm yesterday, haven’t even shot it yet, but… I filled the magazine today and worked the slide to put the first round in the chamber and it got hung up half way (tip of bullet up toward the top of the barrel. pushed on the slide and it went it. Tried about 10 more times and it’s still happening, seems like it’s getting better though already. Hoping when I take it to the range tomorrow I can run a bunch of rounds through it and hopefully work the bug out. Just wanted to report the same problem, you’re not the only one. Please let us know if you found the problem and a solution.

  • Jared

    So i have a question. Does anyone know if the Baretta PX4 full is caliber changeable ? like i own a .40 and wanted to know if i bought a 9mm barrel and recoil spring for a 9 would it be changeable do you think ?

    • James T

      The caliber is not changeable on these guns. In order to change the caliber, you would also need to replace the slide. By the time you add up the cost of the parts (providing you could somehow manufacture a way to make them compatible), it would be costly enough to just fore go the idea and purchase the 9mm instead.

  • James T

    I have shot the PX4 Full Size chambered in 9mm. It is a phenomenal handgun. My girlfriend shot it also, but it jammed 5 times on her. She only shot one mag, and handed it back to me. We weren’t using cheap ammo by any means. After she handed it back to me, I happily went back to shooting it. I never had a single jam. It was an amazing shooter for me. I found out a bit later from some of the guys that work at the range we were shooting at that the PX4 is susceptible to limp wristing. I’m not a big man @ 5′ 6″ and 185 lbs, but I was a weightlifter for many years (though I have been out of it for some time) and have been left with quite a heavy grip because of it. Bottom line, this pistol is awesome, but some people just can’t grip it with enough strength for it to cycle properly. My girlfriend is far from being a weakling either. She is a Certified Veterinary Technician, and she wrestles pigs, dogs, etc. all day at her job. She has quite a grip and shoots other guns without issue. She is determined to become good at shooting it though. Lucky for her, I just bought the PX4 Compact 9mm, so she will get her chance to conquer it.

  • Dean Guilberry

    I love our PX4s. I have a 40 cal compact and wife has a 9mm compact. They both shoot great. I do get slightly better grouping with my Glock 17 but it is a full size gun that I have put 2000+ rounds through. The Berettas are fairly new, less than a year and we haven’t shot but 2-300 thru the 9 mm and 1-150 thru the .40 but neither my wifes 9 or my 40 has had any issues. Maybe one or two FTE when brand new but a drop of oil and a few hundred rounds and the 9mm has been sweet.

    I love the hammer, decocker and safety for conceal carry. If I was able to open carry I would probably carry the Glock 17 but this 40 tucks away better than the Glock 9mm and I do like having one in the chamber with safety on.

  • Brenda

    I need some advice and it looks like this is the perfect place to ask…
    I’m a novice when it comes to handguns but I’m excited and eager to learn. I went to a gun shop today and got a lot of good information about buying my first gun. The two that really caught my eye were the S&W Beretta PX4 Compact and the 9mm Glock 17 Gen 4. They both felt really comfortable and secure in my hand and had some of the features I’m interested in. Would one of these be a good choice for a first-timer or should I look at something altogether different? I’m not sure if this matters, but I’m female and would be using the gun for target shooting and personal protection.

    • Caligula

      I have both. They are both great weapons in their own right. Have you looked at a Glock 19? It’s more along the size of the Beretta PX4 compact. My recommendation is the Glock 19 Gen 4. It’s simple, easy to clean, controllable, and the aftermarket options for sights, holsters, etc. are limitless.

  • Caligula

    I love my PX4 compact 40 cal. I’ve never had a hiccup. I love my Glocks, but the Beretta is like a Maserati, and the Glock is like a Volkswagen Passat.

  • SMGALF365

    I just bought my px4 storm and I noticed that when I charge it slowly the round gets stuck has anyone else noticing that

    • twr

      I dont think any weapon ive ever fired funtions when you charge it slowly.

  • Big Mo

    Has anyone had an issue with the takedown lever jumping out of place when the slide comes forward? Mine jumped out about 1/3 on the 4th shot of a new pistol. Dealer said this was the 5th PX4 Sub they have had with the same issue within the past 5-6 weeks.. Must be returned to the factory for service. None have been returned yet from warranty service.

    Has anyone had a repair that was satisfactory?

  • Pastor Don

    Is it normal that my magazine will not load with 10 rounds in the magazine unless the slide is open, which automatically chambers the first round. Every time I attempt to load 10 rounds without chambering a round and having the slide close at the same time the magazine will not lock in place. If I just load 9 rounds into the magazine I can lock the magazine with the slide closed. Any understanding of this out there?

    • Andrew

      I can. I noticed when I loaded mine to the max 15 rounds it can carry in the magazine I had to really slam the magazine in there to make sure it locks. This is something you really should do with any pistol though. Slam it in there and give it a good tap to make sure it is seeded in there real good.

  • Lou Codella

    are the PX4 magazines compatible with the PX4 compact

    • Tim

      Yes, you can use the PX4 mags in the compact and sub compact. Just not the other way around

  • John Johnson

    Have owned the gun about two months and have put about 2000 rounds through it from a variety of sources: WWB, W Nato, Remington, Monarch, Blazer, etc. Not ONE FTF or FTE. A real joy to shoot. Loads of fun and very accurate

  • mark

    are these px4 compacts good for concealed weapon permit holders

    • Tim

      I have the PX4 compact chambered in 40 S&W and it conceals very well. I carry mine with a fobus belt/paddle holster and it does just fine. It has never snagged or been too heavy. I have been shooting this gun on a weekly basis since I’ve owned it and have not had one single problem with it. I clean it after every trip to the range and keep it well oiled. Excellent weapon for self defense IMO.

  • red1210

    What is the best defense ammo to use for the berretta px4 storm compact .40 cal?

  • Andrea M.

    how do i know if i reassembled my PX4Storm Compact correctly? im affraid it’ll blow up in my face or lose fingers..

  • Watsons Joenjamienyhart Tire

    Hey I have a px4 sub compact 9mm I’ve shot about 150-200 rounds threw it & now all the sudden it won’t shoot anymore as if firing pin is weak?? Anybody had this problem