Bushmaster ACR – 240 Rounds Full Auto Mag Dump

Ryan Smith, of Bushmaster, hosted Drake Clark from Magpul at the Bushmaster factory. Drake was one of the co-designers of the original Magpul Masada. This video, a TFB exclusive, shows Drake putting an ACR through its paces …

This video clears up the debate of weather or not there are full-auto Bushmaster, as opposed to Remington, ACR rifles. There are!

[ Many thanks to Ryan Smith for the video. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Luc

    The NFA needs to be repealed.

  • Rijoenpial

    Hi guys

    I liked the video, but one thing bugged me: if Bushy has the civ market and Remy the military one, why is Bushy making a full-auto version, knowing full well most States legislation doesn’t allow it?

    On an unrelated note, from afar, that thing looks a LOT like the SCAR!


    • Rijoenpial, law enforcement, also, Bushmaster does some military work, although I think military ACR’s will be Remington.

  • Jim

    Very impressive gun. Looks like quite a low recoil platform.

  • LJK

    Is there any actual mechanical difference between the Bushmaster and the Remington (provided both come in a safe-single-rapid fire trigger) ACR? Or is this just an easy way to handle the bookkeeping by allocating civilian/LE and military sales to separate companies?

    • LJK, internal politics is the unofficial word on the street.

  • Trango

    I didn’t know there was a debate as to whether or not Bushmaster had full autos. They in fact have a decent selection of full autos for LE/Mil or Class III holders.

    It’s a cool vid, but again for the $$$ I would rather have an LWRC or LMT which are in use and battle tested. There was just too much back and forth with the development of this gun; too much hype before they had a solid working model.

    It’s a cool platform, but still far from having earned its stripes…in my humble opinion.

  • Brian

    Assuming their will be military ACR’s. They seemed much cooler when Magpul made them for 7.62x39mm.

  • John C.

    Looks very controllable, more so than your average M4.

  • Bob


  • Redchrome

    Nifty. Thanks for the video!

    It’s cool to see just how slick the bolt release is to use.

    Now if only they put a lighter-weight barrel on it, and maybe figured out how to lighten the bolt carrier without impairing reliability, they could get it down to SCAR weights.

  • I’ll just show off this in my Blog, to piss off Zeropean Subjects!

  • Chris

    I wonder how well these are selling. I always see them at local shops, but never encountered one out on the range in my area.

    I may be more inclined to get one myself depending on what updates they make to the system as time goes on. But for now, my AR is just fine.

  • D.Baker

    I stand corrected 🙂

  • Al T.

    Seemed to be pretty controlable in full auto….

  • Rijoenpial


    oops, sorry, I didn’t factor in the LE part of the equation… Thanks…!

    Although, I was always under the impression that the MIL and LE ACR markets would be both handled by Remy!

    Guess I was wrong! Thanks again for the clarification, Steve!


  • DavidR


    Now I can’t tell if I simply want a full-auto rifle or if I actually want an ACR!!

    Nice job there BM 😛

  • Martin (M)

    I’ve noticed that the SCAR and ACR essentially use the same stance, really hunched over. What’s the low-down on shooting from that position while kitted-out?

  • Burst

    David, methinks you want both at once.

    But unless you’re a navy seal-type, you might as well be wishing for unicorns.

  • jdun1911


    State legislation have nothing to do with it. It is 100% ATF.

    Anyone/company can apply for a manufacture license. I believe it is a class 2 manufacture license ($150 for three years) to be allowed to produce machine-guns.

    • SPC Fish

      its 150 dollars for 3 years, plus 500/1000 dollars a year. and you have to pay other taxes as well

  • jdun1911

    Martin (M),

    You mean leaning forward. That’s how you shoot for all rifles. Put your weight onto the rifle to reduce recoil pulse.

  • jdun1911

    Al T.,

    It’s 5.56. There nothing uncontrollable about it in any rifle/carbine.

    Here is a kid going full auto. Probably does not have the proper training but overall he did ok.

    Here is a kid birthday party. Full auto fun.

    Here is some very young children shooting AR. Not full auto tho. Good bonding.

    Anyway full auto is fun if you’re not paying for the ammo. It is a costly hobby.

  • root man

    Mmm yeah here is one that is not so encouraging..

    (stoppages galore and complete weapon failure..)


    aahh for a real charging handle…

    mmm acr fanboys go on dissing the scar..ha..

  • LJK


    Remingtonmilitary.com lists the ACR’s weight as 7 lbs (without the magazine), where as the empty weight for the SCAR (fnhusa.com) is 7.24 lbs (again, empty). Both with the ~14″ barrel.

    Not a whole lot of difference, but it is slightly lighter as it is now.

  • subase

    Well one good thing the ACR seems to have over the AK and reputedly the SCAR is that the front guard doesn’t get excessively hot. Don’t want any users delicate hands getting uncomfortable.

  • Rijoenpial


    the TRUE weight of Remy’s ACR is unknown… Some guy from the handguns podcast said the lateness for the Remy version coming out is the fact that they ‘were trying to shave down a FULL pound because it was a HEAVY gun’ (his words)…

    You can his ACR ‘sneek peek’ here:


    So, I would wait a bit before saying the Remy ACR is lighter than the SCAR…


  • DavidR

    Dang. Gotta feel bad for that guy root man linked to on youtube, the one with the chronically failing ACR.

    The guy’s first videos were very positive and enthusiastic, and he took hos ACR over 2000 rounds without experiencing any failures. He’s former military and he said that he would happily go into combat with the ACR.

    Then the ACR just started failing on him. And when he called BM for help, one Bushmaster rep accused him of abusing the gun. Even worse, when the gun finally comes back from Bushmaster it has even more problems then it had before he sent it off. Yet another fail for BM.

    Too bad. It seems like the ACR design has so much potential…

  • Brian C.

    I am not impressed with a full-auto gun that fires only 240 rounds with no malfunctions that retails for $2500. With all the propaganda around this rifle I want to see thousands of rounds with no malfunctions. Not 240.

  • wizemanful

    Never seen Drake in real life. He’s quite a celebrity on Arfcom.

  • Casey

    Awesome I want one…. I have to say though I winced every time I watched him drop those mags on the ground….

    BTW I have been subscribed to this blog for a while but this is my first post.

    Great Website.

    • Casey, welcome aboard!

  • Marshall Mathers

    This guy’s beard was pretty funny… The way he has it cut made me think it was some kinda of goody pad at first… but then I realized that it was “built in”.


  • jdun1911

    I figure that guy already fixed his ACR from the arfcom thread. Guess not.

    What brother me was this video:

    Screws getting lose. Bushmaster didn’t loctite(blue) or rocksett them. That’s a serious problem.

    Why use screws? Why not roll pins in place of them if the screws does not need to be remove.

  • Chris

    @ Brian C.

    I agree. We’ve all seen the M4A1 test that dumped close to 1,000 rounds in full-auto, mag after mag after mag before the gas tube melted and rendered the weapon inoperable in semi and full-auto. I would like to see how these newer and supposedly better systems fair doing the same automatic fire torture test.

  • subase

    I would be happy with 600 rounds, which is a realistic amount of ammo one person could carry and fire. Saying that 230 rounds full auto is sufficient for civilian purposes seeing as we can only use semi auto.

  • Redchrome

    I agree, I read the article that Small Arms Review did some years ago, where they ran a full-auto AR15 for 264 rounds by feeding it Beta C-mags (100 rounds) before the gas tube burst (in the same manner as the the Colt video just sooner); while taking temperature measurements of various points on the barrel.

    They then ran a POF P416 through the same test (rifle in a KNS spade grip mount so the shooter was well behind the gun, and feeding it beta C-mags. It ran 1036 rounds of Wolf steel-cased ammo without lube and without stoppage and the gas system and bolt stayed substantially cooler (tho not necessarily the whole rifle – the barrel nut was notably hotter, possibly due to its different ‘heat sink’ design).


    I would like to see a similar test and measurements with an ACR. (and a SCAR, and an XCR, and a G36…). One valid criticism is that this is not normal usage; but I would argue that this is an ‘accellerated wear’ test. The test shows how well the components hold up over time, but compresses the time necessary for failures to appear.

    I am under the impression that in the last round of infantry rifle trials that the Army (or perhaps the Marines) did; one of the tests was to fire 40K rounds (full auto I believe, tho I don’t know for certain) and still perform with acceptable accuracy. Only the HK416 survived. I don’t know how the ACR fared, it may have been in the 40K test and failed to reach then end or it may have been administratively failed, I don’t know. If someone has a link to doco on this test, please post it.

  • topslop1

    If you also look at the video closely there is an edit at 31 seconds as indicated by a youtube viewer. So perhaps it didn’t actually get through 240 without a malnfunction

  • I did not even notice that until it was pointed out despite watching it a few times. I think that is more likely a glitch. I would have been much easier just to reshoot than to edit that.

  • jdun1911

    I would like POF to summit their piston AR for independent test. Everything else is marketing and bullshit. That’s goes for every manufactures.

    Remember folks heats doesn’t magically disappear.

  • Rijoenpial

    Hi guys,

    Regarding the SCAR, being the most tested AR in the world ever, I think we can assume that USSOCOM would not field it unless it had passed very rigorous testing…

    The ACR needs further tests, not just 200-round mag dumps… That is nothing! The military version, Remington’s, is still unavailable!

    The XCR failed mud tests and sand tests, and the sand used on the test I saw was not even the desert type!


  • Otho

    Mine got brass fowling in the ejector at the 300 round mark. Stopped ejecting. Also the pmags won’t lock the bolt back.

  • AK

    given the current recall…how do we know that this vid isn’t a malfunctioning ACR? 😉

    • AK, LOL, very funny.

  • Zep Branigan

    I can´t uderstand why has Bushmaster ACR lower recoil than every modern 5,56 assault rifle, it´s amazing… SCAR has harder recoil, HK416 has harder recoil too… i saw lot of videos with this gun and every time it was perfectly controllable… why ? Is there any special system to neutralize recoil ? I think no… but ?

  • Rafael

    where is the bolt catch on the weapon?

  • mark

    i think the reason for the accuracy is the slower ROF compared to other AR so when you fire the ACR the recoil bounces a little and by the time the next round fires the rifle has fallen back to its original position, correct me if im wrong but thats what ive read and heard.

  • oicu812

    jdun1911 –

    $150 won’t even get you half way to an 02, 03, or 07. There are two rates in the tax code for manufactureres that are based on volume.

  • masterjedishane

    Okay you to clear up the recoil of the ACR vs. other AR’s.

    Really it’s because of several things and not just one change. This is why you can’t put a piston system in an AR and get the same. It still has the buffer tube in the stock.

    1) It is a piston over tube. If done right that will aid in less recoil.
    2) The ACR internal buffer has been moved forward over an AR’s buffer Tube that is in the stock. This will balance the point of recoil.
    3) The weights of parts can play a part. Like how much the bolt weighs. ect.

    I think you get the point. It’s just a better gun because it’s newer and they more then likely used some computer programs to work out how to minimize recoil.

    Just some food for thought. Hell the AR’s were designed in the 57′. And in 57′ a calulator would have took a up a whole room.

  • Capt.Rudy

    I’ve been in the market for an ACR FR 16M4 C ( coyote) for some time now and I’ve learned that they are very scarce. I have also been debating on weather to get one or not for the simple fact that not much info is available on them regarding testing? Except average users that make youtube videos. An let’s be honest here… for that price? Its scary to spend it to just end up with a non functioning rifle. Another thing that bothers me is BM ‘s 1 year warranty, any company that claims the quality of their goods being as high as BM/remy claims on their ACR ? Should be backed by a better warranty program like many other weapon manufacturers….sometimes I think that they market the interchangeable barrel system from 223/556 to 6.8 SPC, is nothing but a market pitch for the user to buy and wait…the ACR has been out for some time now and the first barrel has yet to come out. The one available is a DEMO model shown on the Future weapon episode on the ACR. So for now? Ill just have to wait, for the forever promises they owe us ACR seekers .