RECALL NOTICE: Beretta Neos Pistols


Beretta U.S.A. Corp. has discovered a potential condition with Beretta .22 caliber NEOS semiautomatic pistols in which the pistol will fire even if the safety is activated and, in some cases, the pistols may fire if the safety is moved from the OFF to the ON position. Chances of either of these situations occurring is extremely remote and no injuries have occurred because of this condition, however, because of safety concerns relating to this situation, Beretta U.S.A. Corp. is immediately implementing a recall of Beretta .22 caliber NEOS semiautomatic pistols.

If you have a Beretta NEOS pistol, please send it to our Accokeek Maryland Service Center for repair. Instructions on how to send your Neos to Beretta is available at or by calling 1-800-BERETTA. Note: Some pistols are not subject to recall. Please visit to see if your NEOS has already been repaired.

Your pistol will be retrofitted, at no cost to you, with a replacement firing pin assembly. The new firing pin assembly can be identified either by a circle on the back of the firing pin that includes a red dot in the center, or by a vertical line (either version is suitable for your continued use) as seen in these illustrations:

Please make sure that your Beretta NEOS pistol is unloaded before delivery to the service center.

Do not experiment with your Neos pistol to see if it has the potential safety issue. Some NEOS pistols have already been repaired. If the firing pin for your NEOS looks like Version 1 or 2 above, you do not need to return it for retrofit. Please visit to see if your NEOS has already been repaired.

This is a good reminder that you should never rely on a mechanical safety. Cooper’s set of rules is the only reliable safety.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • AndyB

    Thanks for posting that! I just bought one of these last month. When I get home I’ll be checking the firing pin assembly.

  • JMT

    Thanks for the info. I have a Neos and will have to check it out.

    I really enjoy your blog.

    Thank you

  • Wally

    Tis indeed a sad indication of the intelligence of some of our shooting fraternity that a manufacturer feels it must announce not to put a loaded firearm in delivery to them .But if they feel they have to say it then it must actually pose a very potential problem.

  • yamalink

    Whoa, I was about to email dad to pick a Neos up at the Cabelas anniversary sale.

  • Todd

    I love my Neos. It is among my favorite weekend fun-guns. Thanks for the heads-up Steve.

  • Gun safety: it’s between your ears, not between your hands. This is the case with almost every type of mechanical ‘safety’ device.

    Your “never rely on a mechanical safety” reminded me of an amusing incident where I work. We use a blank white wall as a backdrop for photography of large items. I suggested we put a foot-high steel plate on the wall to protect it from damage from pallet jacks. A 4″ high barrier was installed. The day after it was installed I repeated my line about ‘mechanical safeties breed complacency’ when Anonymous used the tip of a pallet jack to put a hole in the wall 1″ over the top of the new barrier.

  • A-Scale

    It’s just a precautionary statement to avoid any potential, though highly unlikely, accidents. It doesn’t indicate that it is a common occurrence.

  • JD

    Thanx! I just checked my neos and it needs to be fixed.
    It’s a great shooting pistol by the way and I have zero complaints about mine.

  • gunslinger

    i wouldn’t call it an indication of the entire community. it’s more of a “cya” thing for the idiot in the community. the society we have become, we rely on lawyers to get us money if WE do something stupid. “you mean putting a bullet in a gun, pointing it, pulling the trigger is dangerous? well i must sue you now because of that.” so i think it’s more to fend off any lawsuits and such. THATS the sad part. that lawsuits like that actually make it to court and the dumb@s actually WIN. Hot golden arch coffee anyone?

    it’s sad that we’ve taken personal responsibility and common sense out of the equation.

  • Bryan S

    David, I prefer

    “The safety is that thing 3 ft above your ass.”, as my daddy taught me.

  • Crapsworth

    My neos is affected by this too. I hope the turnaround is fast.

  • Well that’s a relief, just checked mine and I’m all good. Saves the hassle of shipping it back.

    I concur with everyone else – the mechanical safety doesn’t replace the four rules.

  • Laughingdog

    I’m a little puzzled by the fact that they say they’ll mail the gun right back to you after repairing it. Since I live in Virginia, I didn’t even think it was legal for them to ship it directly to me.

  • Hot Coffee

    Thanks for the heads up on this. My best friend’s father bought a NEOS for his wife and younger daughters and I believe they’ve had it for a while. I let him know.

    @ Laughingdog
    I think it’s okay, because it would be considered direct manufacturer service(product was/is paid for previously), and even though it’s a firearm, it would fall under the regular guidelines of a product recall(so no money changing hands, etc.).

  • Marvin

    Beretta has made returning the firearm extremely difficult. They generate a call tag with UPS. UPS will bring the tag and accept your packaged firearm. The downside is that UPS will pick up between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM. They will not give a smaller window. Consequently, because of the way Beretta is implementing this, you are held prisoner for up to eleven hours awaiting the pick up.

    A call to Bereta Customer Support revealed that there are customers othe.r than myself who are unhappy with this arrangement, but Beretta will offer no alternative.

    I have already informed Beretta that their inflexibility will certainly factor into any future firearm decision and will leave Beretta a poor contender.

    Further negative criticism is that Beretta quoted a six week time frame for the repair. My understanding is that they are simply replacing the firing pin. Since I am certain that every owner can disassemble and clean his/her gun, it seems that Beretta could have shipped the replacement part. They could have sent a return mailer for the defective part.

    I have already informed the members of my shooting club, and the owners of the range where I shoot regarding this issue. Perhaps enough criticism of this poorly planned recall will cause Beretta to reevaluate their approach

  • Mark

    I am extremely disappointed with my Neos.
    First the constant jamming problems and now I have to send it back for them to fix the firing pin.
    Also have a 92FS that I like somewhat but the Neos is the worse firearm purchase I have ever made and will not buy another Beretta ever.

  • JustinR

    Thanks for posting this recall notice, my pistol was one that needed to go back to Beretta. Unlike the above posts however, it was about as painless a process as possible. It was picked up on the 17th, and arrived back at my house on the 28th. Now that’s a quick turn-around! Way to go Beretta! Now would you just make some high cap magazines for your .45 Cx4?

  • SteveL

    This is something I heard from a guy at work, no word from Beretta. And I have been very disappointed with the quality of the Neos, I bought it for my lady as a practice pistol. The Neos (at least this one) has a terrible trigger on it, both my Rugers are heads above the Neos. It has awful trigger creep, and the overall finish is sub-par for a supposed high end firearms company. From hear on i’ll stick with the ‘real’ firearms companies. Thanks for nothing Beretta!

  • SteveR

    Sent my NEOS in for repair10-7-2010 and have not heard from them since! tried to look up status online with serial number and they don’t have it on record? I tried to call 1-800-237-3882 ext 2005 after an hour I finally got through and was told 6 weeks for the turn around!!!! I was instructed to enter the serial number with upper cap ALPHA, for some reason it doesn’t like lower case. FYI…..

  • This my second response. The first response had an error message that I did not have a valid email address. I did have it in the Website block.

    I did comment that I had purchased my BERETTA NEOS about fourteen months ago and have used it several times. Every time I used my pistol there was a jaming problem. I use only new 22 LONG RIFLE bullets in my pistol. The jaming occurs in the opening of the slide mechanism.

  • Billy M. Rhodes

    My Neos is in repair as I write this. I bought the pistol because I thought my grandsons would enjoy shooting it, and they REALLY do, especially the ten year old. I also bought a small tool to assist in holding the magazine follower down so he loads it himself.
    My only problem is with failures to fire on inexpensive, loose boxes of ammunition (you know 550 rounds for $16 at Wal Mart.) I always take a .22 revolver to the range and shoot the failures in it. A few still fail so I think most of this is the ammunition rather than the pistol.
    The same inexpensive ammunition fails to fire in my Ruger 10/22 and my S&W M&P .22.

  • I am confused, after looking at the pictures above, I recognize my gun is similar to the picture “unmodified” does this mean its good? or bad? do I need to send it for retrofitt?

  • Larry S. Fisher

    Just checking on the status of the repair on my Beretta NEOS pistol.
    I sent it in approx. 4 weeks ago.

    Larry S. Fisher
    662 N. Gladstone
    Columbus, IN 47201

    • Larry, this website is in no way affiliated with Beretta.

  • RV girl

    My husband and step-son both have this pistol. My step-son had his out several weeks ago (before we knew anything about the recall). He was sure he had the safety on and wasn’t on the trigger but still shot a hole in his mattress! He took the gun to a safe place and left it. Now that we know there is a recall, he is reassured he wasn’t at fault but it still haunts him because his wife and dog were in the room at the time of the failure.

  • Billy Rhodes

    My Neos was picked up on 10/20 and as of 12/19 it has not been returned. Beretta has not updated their web site since 12/6.
    I am getting concerned!! And, I am not happy with Beretta.
    Does anyone have a suggestion??
    (BtW, I saw a lot of Neos being sold at gun shows, none of the vendors were aware of the recall (or so they said) and continued to sell the pistols.
    I know it is “Buyer Beware,” but I would hope the seller of a new gun would be aware of recalls and not sell a pistol that may not be safe.
    I think the vendor and the gun show operator would incur some liability in such as case.

  • Richie

    Shippping could be worse. When the striker on my S&W broke, I had to hand carry it to the local UPS distribution center. No more S&W with a striker for me.

  • Eric

    I purchased a NEOS that exhibited a firing defect. Its serial number was not in the affected range. This was a Christmas thing, so I purchased it in late August, checked it out early September (plenty of time to resolve an issue, but not in this case). The defect occurred within the first 20 rounds and reoccurred randomly. When it occurred, the trigger could be pulled 2, 3, 4, 5 times before it would fire. There was a tactile and audible “click” when it did not fire. Beretta acknowledged the issue, the pistol was returned for repair, received back after 6 or 7 weeks. Pistol was fired shortly after Christmas (first time since repair), and the defect is still there (showed up in first 20 rounds). It is actually worse than before. I will see what Beretta has to say now. If nothing else, it has been an excellent education for my family in why gun safety really matters (it is one thing to teach about malfunctions, and another for them to see a dangerous malfunction).

  • Billy M. Rhodes

    I sent my Neos off on 10/20/2010, as of 1/3/2011 it is still at Beretta. I called on 12/20/2010 and was “allowed” to talk to someone in the repair section. He was rude and not helpful. On 1/3/2011 I called again this time I was “allowed” to leave a message for the head of customer service, he would call me back. Message left before 10:30 AM, no call back as of 9:30 PM.
    Beretta has had my pistol for 11 weeks as of tomorrow. No one can tell me when I will get it back. I missed shooting this pistol with my grandsons on three occasions.

  • Billy M. Rhodes

    Beretta has had my Neos since 10/20/2010. As of 1/26/2011 they THINK it was broken during repair, but are going to try to fix it. I am promised an answer by 1/28/2011. I don’t think they know where the pistol is. At least now I have a name and telephone extension for a real person.

  • Nate

    Hi guys, I’m generating a call tag today for my NEOS. Beretta is not clear as to whether they will provide a box, or if I have to provide my own. Anybody have any experience here?

    @Billy M. Rhodes, did you ever get yours back? Your experience is a little unsettling.

  • Billy M. Rhodes

    I was sent a new pistol after four months. I would call and they would give me the run around. Finally I started writing letters.

    As to packing, I had the original box which I used but would not do so again, because the box my new pistol came in was not as good.

    It will cost you something, but I took mine to a pack and ship place, they packed it and then I took it home and waited for UPS.

  • Nate

    I just wanted to update this in case anyone else stumbles across this article. I got my NEOS back on the 12th, exactly 1 month after I sent it in. It came back in perfect condition, and they even replaced the barrel nut locking mechanism which had fallen off over a year ago. Overall I had a good experience with the recall.