ATF Selected S&W M&P40

S&W has revealed that their winning entry into the recent BATFE competition was the M&P40 pistol. Not much surprise there, but it is nice to have it confirmed. From the press release

The award marks the completion of a full and open competition among several firearm manufacturers to provide a commercial off-the-shelf pistol that met or surpassed the ATF technical requirements. Under this contract, the M&P40 pistol is not only qualified for purchase by the ATF but has also been made available to multiple U.S. Federal Agencies who may now use this contract vehicle for their purchases. The potential value of the contract award is $40 million over 10 years.

The other winner was GLOCK who entered the G22 and G27. It is my understanding that the ATF agents will able to choose either the GLOCK or S&W for their sidearm.

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Steve Johnson

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  • 54Bravo

    I experience cognitive dissonance there for a split second when my (tired) eyes thought they saw “ATF Selected S&W MP40”.

    Now THAT would be a S&W I would be interested in seeing! 😀

  • Vak


    Well, S&W did manufacture SMGs at some point (the M76), and honeslty I wonder what kind of SMG they would make if they wanted to re-enter the market today (well, if SMGs were made legal to own by civilians again, that is).

  • Sian

    Choice is good! I don’t have big hands, so I’d hate carrying a Glock (Though a Gen2 is barely okay) Granted I haven’t tried the redesigned gen4’s yet. M&P40 on the other hand is a joy to shoot.

  • Sort of defeats the purpose of having an agency wide standard pistol. No swapping magazines in a gunfight at ATFE.

  • jdun1911


    For the person that designed the Sig 250 please come to S&W HQ to pick up your check.

    We learn a lot out of our 30 or so years of screwing up. Our M&P40 is what we learn from those mistakes.

    Other than the Name That Can Not Be Mention, we have the best off the commercial off-the-shelf pistol. that met or surpassed the ATF technical requirements.

    Did I mention that our M&P40 is not butt ugly? You don’t have be embarrasses when you’re carrying the Name That Can Not Be Mention. Carry our M&P40 with pride.

    For a limited time we will give free T-shirts and baseball caps for every Sig and HK that is traded in. It’s open to any Federal agencies. Hurry before it’s too late.

    S&W this ain’t your father Sigma.

    Thank You,
    S&W Marketing Department


  • jdun1911 – LOL

    M&P 40 is my favorite pistol…simply fantastic gun. Great choice!

  • 54Bravo

    RE: Vak

    Yes, the M76 which was a (unlicensed) copy of the Carl Gustav M45. Apparently Spec Ops was using the M45 in Vietnam until Sweden did an arms ban on the US (!) and then the Gov’t requested S&W to copy it!

    anyways, didn’t mean to derail-I just thought it funny I saw MP40 for a sec (I was tired from work)

  • A-Scale

    Why all the hate jdun?

  • M@tt

    I think it’s interesting that one of the main reasons that Sig was removed from testing early on was from so many repeated operator errors.

    “These records show that ATF’s agents recorded 58 stoppages with Sig Sauer’s full-size and compact pistols, 13 of which were considered to be gun-induced and 45 shooter-induced.”

    You’d think that people working for an agency with “Firearms” in the title would have a little more skill…

  • Meltron

    There’s skill, and then there’s too many damn levers that confuse whether you’re hitting the slide release or the decocker or the recocker or the mag release or the disassembly bar etc.

    I know that SIG quality has been called into question now-a-days, especially with the new SIG P250

  • charles222

    Yeahh, if I were an agency that regularly gets accused of ‘Nazi-esque’ tactics I think I’d be staying away from a gun with “MP40” in the name myself. 😛

  • charles222

    On a side note-does anyone know just what the “alcohol and tobacco” portion of their name refers to? Selling without licenses or something?

  • AJ

    Shooter induced stoppages means they held the pistol wrong or too lightly, it doesn’t have anything to do with slide lock levers. Limp wristing a pistol can cause stovepipes. Remember that not every govt agency is staffed with big burly men, women have to shoot as well. If the grip is too big for them, stuff like this can happen. I own an M&P 40, and with the replaceable backstraps, the grip can fit small hands really well. The ambi slide locks and ambi safety helps as well.

  • Trango

    jdun1911 is a Glock fan so the hate on the M&P doesn’t surprise me, but to each their own.

    Fact of the matter is S&W is gaining a lot of ground in the LE market because the M&P has features, like the backstraps, and design elements that Glock refused to implement until the Gen4. I think it’s funny too that “Glock Perfection” doesn’t seem to be so perfect with so many generations within such a sort period. I’ve also heard some serious complaints regarding Glock’s customer service with LE.

    The M&P isn’t perfect, and again some of it comes down to just personal preference, but there is a reason that the M&P is being selected by agency after agency; it’s built damn well, it performs damn well, and it has the ergonomics of a 1911.

    As to why the Glock / S&W split with the ATF, I’m guessing that was more of a political decision than anything. Just a guess however.

  • Mike

    Any federal agency, not just ATF, can purchase pistols off this contract. It is an IDIQ (Indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity) 1 year contract w nine optional years. It will be interesting to see who actually purchases how many of either over the next 10 years.