Bushmaster now selling ACR Accessories

Bushmaster is now selling stocks and handguards for the ACR.

The Folding/Adjustable stock sells for $150. If you don’t mind the Magpul MOE-style handguard it is much cheaper to purchase the basic ACR model, which sells for about $400 less than the enhanced model, and upgrade it with the foldable stock.

Bushmaster says more accessories, including barrels, will be available in coming weeks.

Steve Johnson

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  • frog_doctor

    Hello, new to the blog.

    If you buy the basic version and upgrade the stock, you would still be missing the tacticool handguard with rails. I don’t think the handguard should be worth 250 dollars though. ACR enchanced is going for around 2400 on gunbroker. Basic is going for 2000 at the moment.

  • frog_doctor

    Oh, forgot to mention that the enchanced version also has a AAC flash hider.

  • John C.

    And FN is still not selling accessories for the SCAR after like 9 months.

  • Martin

    I’m glad to see that they are available in black as well.

  • Rijoenpial

    Hi guys!

    To John C. – Well, FN is probably ‘busy’ right now…I mean, given the seemingly small interest they have given the civ market regarding the numbers of 16S and 17S placed for sale, I think they are prioritising: first, SOCOM, then the rest of us…

    Regarding the accessories, Troy’s a bit late, so is Vltor, but there are or will be aftermarket products from those two companies and others as well…

    I have seen some cool aftermarket products, from more ergonomic charging handles to more robust buttstocks, and there is enough variety for everyone… or at least, there will be…


  • Rijoenpial

    Almost forgot about what I wanted to say regarding the Magpul ACR folding stocks: I think the price is right, provided they are as durable as advertised… I mean, I was not impressed by the difficulty in butt extension I have noticed in some vids on the web, surely far less manoeuvrable than theSCAR one, but it does seem a less ‘rattler’ than the SCAR one…

    Only time will tell (and the pressure exerted on it as well)… I have to say, the button and button catch seem weak and the folding button seems unprotected from accidental hits… regarding the folding (the SCAR’s is folded and locked, the ACR is just folded, with the counterweight enabling it to stay folded and not jiggling around), I think they are both good in this department…

    the cheek weld is rubbish on the ACR…sorry, but it does… the cheek riser on the ACR is almost minimal and looks very uncomfortable, with the unsmooth edges, whereas the SCAR cheek riser is very good, and the cheek area is very smooth and round…Not to mention the ACR’s three-step cheek riser (pulling back, pulling up and then pushing it forward) versus the SCAR’s one step riser (while pushing the button, it is up or down in a flash)… That may seem a little thing, but it isn’t…

    My only prob with the SCAR extending and folding stock is the rattling and it being hollow …The ACR seems to have taken this into consideration but got it WAAY too heavy to manoeuvre… I mean, I saw one guy having to exert a tremendous amount to extend the stock and as much or more so to lift the cheek riser…

    So, both have their advantages and disadvantages, but in terms of comfort, SCAR’s is better… In terms of durability, I would give ACR credit where credit is due… IT seems more durable, but given tha the ACR has not yet been put in the battlefield, I am holding some reservations…

    We already know that field stress makes the SCAR stock rattle and can break it (well, even high-resistance polymer can break apparently!LOL)…The ACR is yet unproven…


  • John C.

    @Rijoenpial – Do you mean you have seen aftermarket accessories for the SCAR? Because I havnt seen any and would really like to know where to get them. Thanks

  • D

    Judging by the frequent use of the words “it looks” and ” it seems” I dont get the impression that you’ve had enough hands on time with an ACR, so I will chime in.

    The ACR folding stock does lock, theres a ramp on the hinge that keeps it in the folded position, and it has tension to keep it from being loose and flopping around. I dunno if you were talking about the SCAR’s or the ACR’s button to fold the stock but on the ACR the button has enough tension so it doesn’t get accidentally pressed. I’ve had no difficulty unfolding the stock either.

    The weight of the folder and lower receiver is not even 1.5 lbs total. The huge majority of the weight is in the upper receiver and barrel.

    Cheek riser is easy to adjust, has sufficient tension so it doesn’t get loose accidentally. There’s no need to constantly adjust it anyways. I have no discomfort when I use it

    Magpuls polymer durability has been proven already in its other products.

    and yes I own an ACR (Coyote Basic w/ folding stock)

  • charles222

    Any word on whether the rail-equipped handguard is gonna be offered? Cause if it is, you could probably save yourself a pile of money by just buying the entry model and the folding stock/picatinny handguard separately.

  • charles222

    After some rough addition, a tri-rail foreend plus the folding stock is about 280 bucks before taxes/shipping. So you’ll still be spending somewhat less than buying an Enhanced ACR from the factory.