Baikal MP-161K Carbine

I don’t think the Baikal MP-161K is a new gun but I don’t recall seeing it before. This semi-automatic Russian rifle comes chambered in .22 LR, .22 WMR and .17 HMR. It has windage adjustable open sights and a weaver rail for optics.

I really like the stock design, although I could do without the blue colored rubber inserts.

The magazine holds 9 rounds.

It is being sold in Canada for 449.99 CAD. I don’t think it could be legally imported into the US.

Steve Johnson

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  • Don’t the run of the mill rimfire guns count as “sporting arms”? I don’t see why it couldn’t be imported, it’s less “evil” than a Saiga Sporter.

    And I want one. I think it looks cool.

  • Mountainbear

    Baikal are Trekkies? That thing reminds of the phaser guns in the Trek movies.

    • Keith

      I’ve been calling it the Star Wars Blaster.

  • Looks a lot like a Beretta Storm.

  • John C.

    They make a .177 pellet gun that looks very similar. Maybe that is what you are thinking of.

  • SpudGun

    Obviously Baikal have derived inspiration from Beretta in the styling department – not necessarily a bad thing as it is a very attractive rifle.

  • JKEverett

    Reminds me of the Steyr Scout quite a bit, just with a slightly different stock…

  • Todd

    I think it’s a sharp looking rifle. I would like one in .22 WMR to keep in the truck. I would buy it if it makes it stateside.

  • Jesse

    The guys at have some more info on this gun, I just can’t find the post. It hasn’t been imported into the US yet but there’s some members from other countries where they can get it that have some experience with it.

  • Frank

    Why couldn’t it be imported into the US? I thought only russian pistols were banned from import. Not rifles, obviously lots of Saigas get into the country legally.

  • Tam

    I don’t see why it would be any harder to import than a Saiga…

    (And a straight-blowback .17HMR autochucker? Don’t they have any ambulance chasers in Russia?)

    • Tam, there is one of those Clinton era rules that list by name the guns which can be imported from Russia. Saiga is listed by name so they can be imported. dragunov are not which is why the crappy inaccurate gun goes for thousands of dollars on auction websites.

  • Why can’t this be imported to the U.S.? It looks Californai legal to me. I being dense?

  • Burst

    Would make an interesting idea for a 10-22 stock. That barrel looks a bit too thin for my tastes, though.

  • Jim

    Looks just like the Beretta Storm rifles.

  • thomas

    any word on the cost

  • Since the rules are more lax on rimfires, there’s a chance we might see it. It can take years sometimes before something is approved for import. I have a Baikal makarov which was imported before Clinton signed a munitions act with Russia.

  • Ben

    There is one of these in the gun shop in the next town over, it going for around $1000 NZD. I would love to see one in .223

  • jamieb

    Anyword on the quality? These have made it stateside and cost $260 ish.

    • Keith

      Have two ordered….just waiting for Tuesday for pickup. Then heading straight to the range for the testing and sighting.

  • Name

    hi just found one in 22lr at the pawn shop {new} 300 dollars , thinkimg about getting it , was wondering about quality and accuracy randall