Chrysler’s new Ram Outdoorsman features gun rack

Chrysler’s new line of Ram Outdoorsman pickup trucks features an optional gun rack called the Mopar RamBox Holster. It can hold two rifles or shotguns. At $1895 the upgrade is pricy.

Up until the bailout last year Chrysler was mostly owned by Cerberus Capital Management. Cerberus owns the Freedom group which in turn own Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin and other gun companies. I would not be surprised if this gun rack idea was a result of a cross polination of ideas within the Cerberus family.

More info at Fox News.

[ Many thanks to RT for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • subase

    This is one of the reasons why Ford should have gone bankrupt. Basically a sign on ones car saying, ‘hey I have some really expensive gun’s in my car and home!’.

  • ABG

    Small correction: the Holster option is a $205 upgrade for those trucks already equipped with the RamBox ($1895).


  • Sian

    Oh Fox News.

    This rack had better be vault-like in its toughness, otherwise yeah, it’s gonna be a $1895 “Rob Me” sign.

  • Josh

    This is one of the reasons why Ford should have gone bankrupt. Basically a sign on ones car saying, ‘hey I have some really expensive gun’s in my car and home!’.

    I don’t get it… Driving a Ford says you have expensive guns in your car or at home? You’re going to have to explain that comment a little more, I think.

  • haggis

    Great idea, only I would like the guns to face the other direction, just in case.

  • DippyPower

    The Holster is a $205 option.

  • Beautiful storage, the gun rack really goes well with that truck. If I had the money I would definitely pick one of these up.

  • Scott

    Or, alternatively, a sign that says “Hey, I have some really expensive guns that I will be glad to ‘light you up” with”….

  • TheAmdMAN

    @subase – I assume you meant Chrysler and not Ford..

  • Martin

    This won’t necessarily advertise ‘rob me’ or ‘I have guns’, as this is an upgrade [read insert] for the Ram-box, built-in toolbox.

    Personally, I’d rather have my guns in-cab where there are easier to get to. Of course, people will argue that some employers won’t allow such a display on their property (why would you work for them?), so this may be a more discrete option. Then again, there are plenty of under/behind the seat gun racks for trucks. It’s an interesting selling point, and that’s a bonus for gun owners.

  • Mortisha Brown

    Cleverly done! But literally, does a driver really have to bring loads of guns in a truck? And does a truck really need to have a gun rack built? I don’t see the point. Please enlighten me.

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    • captain_pudding

      Most people don’t take the bus when they go hunting, the majority of them take a truck. This is a very convenient, waterproof and lockable storage area.

  • The storage is quite impressive and stylish. But I don’t find cool to travel outside with guns and weapons.

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  • captain_pudding

    Evidently nobody at that add agency has ever been around a firearm. I don’t know about you guys, but “pointed directly at my heart” is not my preferred method for storing/transporting my guns, flip em around, boys.

    • Dave

      Try unloading it before storing it away, no problems and basic firearm safety.

      • captain_pudding

        Basic firearm safety also says never point the barrel at anything you don’t intend to shoot, it also says to never assume a firearm is unloaded.