A Woman, A Gun and a Noodle Shop

Director Zhang Yimou is remaking the Coen brothers 1984 crime film Blood Simple. The trailer shows from interesting antique chinese guns including this three barrel derringer …

I am looking forward to seeing the movie. It looks great. The trailer is embedded below …

[ Many thanks to David for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Bryan S.

    At first I thought that looked like a Cobray Pocket Pal, but then watched the clip. Interesting.

  • Jesse

    I’ve never seen the original. I intend to I just haven’t got around to it yet.

  • Jon Mac

    More of a three-barrelled ‘travelling pistol’. No obvious means of ignition for those funky cartridges, and the styling/intended period is all over the place. It’s a pure fantasy piece. The others, particularly the three-barrelled ducksfoot, are pretty close to historical examples but none look original or even close replicas.

  • subase

    They HAD to include a gun in the film since it’s a remake of a modern film. At least they included the other historical pistols of that period, but the revolver like derringer looks far too advanced in comparison to the others.

    But with it comes multi shot capability and the ability to reload which makes for better tension and film versatility. No doubt in the original film they used a revolver.

  • Insect Spray

    does the tittle remind anyone of Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels?