Mossberg Tactical 22: The new AR-15 style .22 rifle

Mossberg have finally made it to the .22 AR-15 party, joining industry heavyweights such as Remington, Ruger and S&W. I don’t have much information on the Mossberg Tactical 22 Series but I will share with you what I know.

Mossberg Tactical 22, adjustable stock model

Based on the photo I think it is safe to say that the Tactical 22 action is, or is based on, the 702 Plinkster action. The bolt and magazine appear to be the same. It would not surprise me if Mossberg has simply followed Remington and Ruger’s lead and placed a 702 action inside an AR-15 patterned shell, albeit it with a much nicer looking result.

Possibly in an effort to differentiate themselves in a crowded market they have gone with a A2-style (carry handle) receiver instead of the A3-style. A2 front and rear sights are included as it a carry handle picatinny rail if you want to mount optics.

While everybody else is selling tactical .22s with 16″ barrels, Mossberg has decided to go with an 18″ barrel. This gives a better sight radius than 16″ and a more traditional look. A full length picatinny rail is included.

Two models will be available: a fixed stock and an M4-style adjustable stock (pictured above). Both come with a 10 round magazine. I do not know when they will be available or how much they will cost. My guess would be somewhere between $300 and $450.

[ Many thanks to Will for emailing me the info. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Man, that’s ugly!

  • Will

    I’m intrigued. I’ve been looking for a “tactical” AR clone in 22lr and the other inexpensive options just aren’t doin it for me. I’m definitely interested in this though. Looking forward to more details and a price.

    • Antdog

      I got mine at Academy Sports & Outdoors for $289 and I love it! So smooth & light, with so many attachments…..its great!

    • SteveD

      I got mine from Academy. Got rid of the red dot (BSA) that came with it. Put a real Nikon scope on it. Will shoot anything I put in it. Some of the bulk ammo is the problem not the gun. I have been using CCI lately cause my wifes little Ruger pistol likes them better than anything else. It’s accurate and repeatable. The 25 round mags do suck, but my like doesn’t depend on it holding 25 rounds. Thats why I have an AR15 5.56. This gun is cheap entertainment. If Ruger had the tactical 22lr before I got this i probably would have bought it. If you have a problem with this gun, look at the price. You get what you pay for. Sure you can spend $600 for a better 22, but for another $200 you can get the real thing.

  • JD

    I’m out on anything that has a non-detachable carry handle.

  • Bryan S

    I think that the price point actually makes sense on this one. for all the others, why spend $700 on a rifle that can only do 22lr, when you can spend the same on an AR that can give you the option of doing the same for just a bit more?

  • Don’t need one — but want one anyway!

  • SoulTown

    Is there a reason why anyone would choose A2 style receiver over an A3 style one? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’d want to put together my share of Black-Hawk Down style mock-M727 AR setups, but other than that?

  • Deepwoods

    Useless TOY, they should of made it to fire caps rather then 22s!

  • Richard J. Oglesby IV MD

    Please let me know as soon as the Mossberg AR22lr is available.

  • Douglas Armentrout

    The Mossberg tactical .22 is available @ for $220.00 I just ordered one will get it next week. I have wanted a dedicated .22 AR but could not justify spending $400 to $500 for one. I can’t wait to burn through some ammo will be a great tool for teaching the grand kids to shoot.

  • Caldude

    Turners Outdoorsmen ( have these on sale this week for 239.98. Very tempting price.

  • Fran

    It is pretty depending on your preference over budget vs quality. If you have very tight budget but want to have auto-loading rifle in AR platform then you won’t be disapointed. However, you won’t be happy with this gun if you are expecting superior quality rifle.
    Pros: Cheap($229+free delivery), Everything is working fine and accurate.
    Cons: Plastic shell, magazine release is difficult. need to zero after complete cleaning due to sights are on AR shell but actions and barrel are separate from shell.
    As far as accuracy goes(5 shot), 1.5 ~2 inch group with iron sight at 50yard and 3/4″ with a scope at same distance. This rifle likes CCI Mini Mag 40gr but 5 different catridges are performing pretty same. Only Aguila has repeated feeding issue while other catdriges are fired without a problem.
    Trigger feel was ok but need to adjust pull weight and travel length a bit if you are oriented target shooting but it would be fine for others without any modification or adjustment.
    It would be more nice if the front sight can be adjusted in height but it is a mold plastic. So no adjustment is available on front sight. For rear sight, both windage and height are adjustable but mine had some play when I move the sight left and right. This had been fixed by putting one additional washer to the screw. The lowest price gun I ever had but it is the best gun for my gopher hunting purpose. My Savage MKII was good enough for head shot at 50yard but I have needed to fire 2nd shot from time to time. Happy with this service gun.

  • M.G. Halvorsen

    will it be available in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia?

  • archy

    Hmmm, an elevated rear sight, and an 18″ barrel long enough for threading for muzzle accessories. Oh yes, very nice.

    Looks like my new Appleseed Shoots training rifle!

  • tim

    headshots all day light nice gun just got 1 wheres the zombies 239.00 out the door

  • Peder

    On sale for $230 at

  • jake

    can you buy hi capacity mags for this 22

    • Riverz

      I just picked up a 25 round mag for it for $24 at 44

  • bo

    price at a good gun shop will be about 245 dollars

  • william

    Gander Mountain will have this for 199.99 on black friday.

  • michael

    i just got the new 22 today at a gun show in hickory NC after trading around i have $20 in the gun so if it turns out to be no good i havent lost anything …looks good and fells good only if i can find a scope for it and some accs….

  • Christian

    William- is that a fact? If so, I’m definitely getting one.

  • Try $276.

    See page 77 in the Oct 2010 NRA American Rifleman.

  • Paul are you sure it is the oct. page 77? their is nothing about mossberg on my copy.

  • OK I found it in the December issue page 77

    Thanks Paul

  • Darrell

    Just bought one thanksgiving day at gander mountain 199.99

  • Darrell

    and received $20 for every hundred spent. so $159.99 and $40 ammo

  • Jim

    There is a 25 round extended magazine being manufactured, for sale by 12/05/2010. Contact O.F. Mossberg & Sons to obtain one.

    Flat top version will be created by 8/2011.

    Ensure bolt is open and locked open for ease of clip removal.

  • I talked to mossberg customer service yesterday they told me the newest rifles are being shiped with the 25 round mags. They said that the new mags would be availble to buy some time after the first of the year. Mine came with the 10 round mag. Mine has been shooting anything I feed it even rem. ammo. so far so good very nice rifle for the price.

  • Bryan

    It currently sells for $199 (on sale) at Cabela’s here in Kansas City. If they are now making magazines of 25 or more rounds then count me in. I’ve always had good luck with Mossberg shotguns and can’t wait to try a rifle.

  • Great weapon. Picked mine up for $220, including ammo. Everything all around shot great with this gun. Came into a problem with the magazine catching the bolt and a problem with the winchester plated hollow-point 36gr 22lr rounds catching in the chamber. CCI magnum 40 gr ammo worked awesome, never a catch or a misfire. Shot it for damn near two hours the first day I got it with nary a hitch except for the ammo. Cleaning it, or tearing it down, can be a huge pain, but a cheap weapon isn’t going to have a fold open upper and lower receiver pin now is it?

  • kevin

    it only looks retarded because the barrel is 2 inches short. doesnt seem bad for the price. including shipping and an extra mag i paid that much for my .22 conversion for my AR

  • I just bought a new Mossberg 2011 catalog and the 25 round mag for the tactical 22 is the book the part # is 95712. But there is no price listed. So I guess wait and see.

  • PB Hail

    Price liste at SHOT show this week. MSRP is $275! Rifle shoulders well and feels good in hand. It is not my Rock River, but for $275 they should sell a boat load of them.

  • mike

    Cant beat it for $200.00 at Cabelas.

  • sharpshooter

    Bought this AR style rifle almost 1 month ago with adj stock and 25rnd mag, I’ve used it for plinking around and for coyotes. Nice rifle I had been a little concerned about the shell but I had slipped on ice while in the field and fell and there was no damage to the stock. I haven’t had any problems with jamming during rapid fire. I have mine dressed up with rail protectors, a night vision scope, foregrip, and tac light. Just remember you get what you pay for this is not a $1200 or $2000 AR rifle its a $240 plinker; treat this rifle as such and it should last you a while. overall great alternative to more expensive rifles, and I nice break from my high power rifles. don’t use winchester or remington ammo, i had best luck with Federal. Some complaints about the mag release, I worked mine a little and have had no problems releasing with 1 hand.

  • earm

    yo, i have one lots of fun 22s all day long with my son. price is right,shoots grate 25 clip would be nice to have 200.00$ at cabelas

  • Has anyone fired the Piney Mtn. Tracers from this?
    Just want to know if there were any issues- I know and expect tracer ammo to be dirty- so long as it fires off a 10 shot [ or 25 shot mag]- smoothly – I’d be happy to know before I purchase. Thanks !

  • zak

    just bought mine waiting for it to get here paid 260 a little high but i live in bf so…..yea

  • random

    i own one and is great for plinking around but i want a high cap mag, living in canada doesnt give you alot of places to find them… any suggestions??

  • You can now order the 25 round mags from mossberg for the tactical 22 at 25.00 each plus shipping. Thought you guys might want to know.

  • bakerbake

    I own the mossberg 702 plinkster. anymore know where i can buy just the stock and accessories to convert it to this? looks like it could be fun.

  • boonflop

    I bought this gun a couple of weeks ago. And I love it. really fun and my son has a blast with it.

  • I got the new 25 round mags for the tactical 22 today from mossberg but haven’t tried them yet,sure hope the work ok. Will post later.

  • bOB rEED

    I have one and it’s a great Tactical rifle, I have fired 350 rounds with not one mis-fire using all different type of Ammo. I put Ultra Red Dot sight, a front handle, sling, light and laser, works pretty cool, really fun to fire and play with and I imagine it could be real deadly. I have four 22’s and like it the best with the Henry also a good weapon. Large Cap. mags are in, 25 rounds. If you buy one, you won’t be sorry. I bought two of them at Mark Four and Strike in Reno Nevada.

    • ive purchased a mossberg 715t .22 carry handle, i have no addition added to it besides the 25 rd mag . i am looking for a red dot sight/flashligt and laser for a reasonabl price so i can proceed in my tactical training , ive looked around on the web for thes components and found outrageously expensive items . Do you have any suggestions on where i can find these components for a reasonabl price?

  • Mark

    Is this gun, the tactical .22, some cheap Chinese junk disguised as a real American made Mossberg gun.

  • victor

    i got this rifle at a gun show new in the box paid 200.00 for it and i love it shoots great. and shoots as fast as you pull it. looks cool as hell. glad i got it. but having a hard time finding clips.

  • Mark;

    The mossberg tactical is the mossberg 702 in a new plastic shell. It shoots great and does not have all the problems like the m&p 15-22 rifle.The mossberg 702 is very dependable like the ruger 1022. It will shoot anything you feed it.

  • Bob

    I have one of these and just love it, no misfires, works great. I put a red dot sight on it and have two of the 25 mag clips and the rifle works just great, fun to own and really fun to fire, I love it, my buddy bought one and he loves it also. Great Gun!!! I found out about it from the NRA’s book “the Rifleman” and am sure glad I bought one as they are hard to find. This weapon is NOT cheaply built, nice rifle and shoots great just like you would expect from the Mossberg name. It is very dependable and accurate. Great rifle for ther price, I should have bought two of them.

    • Ltaylor8691

      Being new to guns, would this make an acceptable light-weight squirrel gun?


    I bought one of these back in November and have put a couple thousand rounds through it now. I picked up the 25 round mag this past weekend from my local shop and took it to the range. With the couple 10 round mags I have there has not been one single issue. With the 25 round mag I have quite a few problems under rapid fire where it would not eject the shell quick enough and would pinch the empty case in the bolt as it was feeding the next round. Anyone else have this issue???

    • Eric

      Hello!, I have read your comment on how the mossberg 715t has failed to eject a spent case and smashed it in the bolt while trying to load another round. This has happened to me 1 time since i have fired over 500 rounds. I do not know the cause of this, I keep my firearm clean and well lubed. If u have any info on this topic please email me at, Thank u!

    • JG

      KNEEDRAG54, you said that you have put a couple thousand rounds through this gun. after shooting it this much how would you say the accuraccy is, especially within the 50 to 100 yard range? im trying to decide wheather or not to buy one, but all of the reviews that i have read say nothing about the accuracy.

  • Alberto Aguirre

    Where can I get this rifle, none in Houston!

  • thje GRAPIST

    KNEEDRAG54- dude u got the 25 round mag right so that means it has been released? also my 10 round mag does that jammin issue when under rapid fire.. god help me when i get the 25 round mag…

  • aldon

    the 18″ barrel also keeps them from being a restricted firearm in Canada.

  • nathan

    i own this gun. its great!!! payed $240 for it, well worth it.

  • nathan

    25-round mag is next priority.

  • Guys
    You can order the 25 round from mossberg. I got two a few weeks back from mossberg,,,,,,,,,,,

  • dk

    YEA its just a toy, that could KILL you.

  • that crazy soviet

    I had a look at that gun and its made from hard plastic and it sucked

  • Martin Fee

    Bought my Mossberg .22 Tactical from Budsguns for 208.00. (fixed stock 25 round mag) I am impressed with it.
    Though the takedown is pretty complicated for cleaning it is well worth the money paid. It is comfortable and very easy to keep on target. Accuracy is decent.
    Face it with the price of .223 ammo using your AR for range work is not worth it but with 2000+ rounds of .22 for less than 75 bucks you can’t really go wrong. Especially if like me your using this to train your kids on how to handle and shoot a rifle.
    The rail system also is a big bonus as you can add whatever you want and change on the fly. I have used the new S&W 22 and the Ruger but you can not beat the mossberg for the price. You get the same accuracy and control for 200 less than the others and that 200 will buy you 6000 rounds of ammo (If you shop around)

  • Pyro

    I like the Smith and Wesson m&p 15-22 much better. For one it is an actual AR chambered in .22 not just a look alike. I believe to the bolt release on the Mossberg is non functional is it is on the Colt AR in .22

  • justin

    I bought mine at big 5 in southern California does any one recommend a certain bipod ?

  • smoke

    does any company make a larger clip for the mossburg 22 tactical say a 100 round drum or at least a 50 ive looked but can not find any thing above a 25

  • Sabrina

    GEE, I have something that looks like that, the only difference is that mine fires .308 ammo.
    If I am going to carry a tactical rifle as a civilian, I want one that can be USED as a TACTICAL rifle.

    • 22s go threw cavalar, large cal rounds dont unless thier tefalon coated.. know dought u have a fine gun though..
      22s scare the hell out of law inforcement

      • martin fee

        that is an old wives tale 22 cal do not go through kevlar 7.62 or .308 will penetrate most vests unless they are designed to stop them.
        .22 is too light and does not have enough muzzle velocity to punch through.

      • Steve

        This is pretty much the dumbest of the common firearms myths out there. A round-nose 36 to 40 grain .22 caliber bullets at 1200fps isn’t anywhere close to being able to punch through kevlar. They lack everything that a bullet needs to decent penetration (sectional density, momentum, bullet profile). They’re not even particularly effective against the unprotected body. The only reason they have a body count at all is that they’re used in 70% or so of crimes committed with a gun, so they’re bound to kill some people.

        Also, teflon coating doesn’t assist armor penetration. If anything, it hinders it. Teflon is a lubricant, and kevlar fiber penetration is assisted by the grinding effect of hard metals. Lubricating them with teflon just plays to its strengths. Realistically, there is no effect because the teflon rarely stays on the bullet once it exits the muzzle anyway, but you get the idea. Also, even the most basic kevlar vest will stop everything up to 9mm, including the piddly .22lr. The .223 and .308 will handily cut through anything that doesn’t involve hard ceramic plates. So learn your facts, and maybe do some shooting with surplus kevlar.

        The mythos behind the “bouncing” 22 is simply due to the fact that they lack the power to punch through bone, so they typically bounce – once. They don’t ricochet through the body like pinballs, and they do less damage than if they had just exited. The reason mossad uses them isn’t because they’re extra-super-deadly-lethal, it’s simply because they’re quiet.

        I could write a book on the stupid .22 myths out there, but I’ll leave it with these. It’s a plinker round. Yes, it can kill, but so can a pellet gun. It’s at the bottom of the lethality spectrum, not the top. The sooner we dispel these myths, the sooner hollywood and antigunners can come up with new ones to keep us busy.

    • Brian S.

      How much does that 308 ammo cost? Some people seem to be missing the purpose of the 22 tactical market. They are inexpensive while not being cheap built. They are fun to shoot. They are not designed to carry into combat. I am sure that when the government collapses or we are in a post apocalyptic state you will be glad you have the large caliber. Till then, let us enjoy 22lr.

      • Scott

        I just read a comment that a .22LR would not be a good round to take into battle. Lets put it this way, no the .22LR does not have extreme punching power like a 7.63 round, but if the current condition in this Nation don’t improve a new civil war may come about, and well having a light ammo with a 40 to 50 grain load means you can carry a lot into battle, and I took out a target at 350 yards with a .22LR. That’s 1050 feet! For a .22LR you are reaching almost sniper range and the .22LR punched right through both sides of a thick steel bucket. A lot tougher than any human skin at that range. Sounds like a good ammo to me to take in battle! Also, using hollow point .22LR up to 150 yards will bounse around inside you like a pin ball machine and turn your inside into jelly. Again, sounds like a good round to take into battle to me! And yes a .22LR will punch right through a Car Door 95% of the time. The few doors it may not punch through are heavy trucks and cars like a Mercedes-Benz. Those Benz doors are made of heavy guage steel outside and inside the doors.

    • Mike

      yup.. your .308 round will go in and out and do a lot of damage.. While a .22 will bounce off your bones hitting multiple organs before coming to a stop inside you.. I think all guns are cool. Whats up with the pissing contest sabrina?

  • craig

    just got mine today, love it. fit and function is second to none and with a 250.00 price tag, it cant be beat.

  • Alfredo

    I brought one right before Christmas last year. It’s been jamming on me alot. I tried cleaning it out really good, and also tried different ammo to include Speer. With the Speer, I noticed that it misfired alot less then the cheap Federal Lead ammo. I am wondering if it could possibly be due to a defect in the tension spring on the 25 round mag that comes with it. Any suggestions?

    • tootie”

      Yea, it has jammed on me. I have returned the rifle for repair, all they did was clean it. I have used good amo and i know how to clean a rifle. I was highly disappointed. I regreat buying this piece of $%^#. I was dissapointed that the manufactor would not replace it.The 10 round plinkster magazine work great. The 25 round has a crappy design.

  • Martin Fee

    The 25 round mags SUCK!!!! You can not load more than 18 to 20 or they jam like crazy.
    This is a good kids gun. I bought it for my daughter to learn on before I set her loose on my AR or AK. She tired of this thing pretty quickly and fell in love with the AK.
    I will not say it was a waste of the 206 I paid for it but if given the choice I would not do it again

  • A.I.

    I think I will buy the 10rd mag. I heard that it jams less. I agree that if I could of do it over again, I would have brought the S&W AR15 style (22lr). It cost about 250 more, but at least it better. If the 10rd mags still jams, I think I will sell it, and buy the S&W one. I do have a CMMG AR15, but brought the mossberg just for more plinking.. Mossberg should just stay with Shotguns..

  • icewolfhunts

    do they make supressor”s for the mossberg & or flash supressor’s????

    • Elly

      They do make a suppressor, although it is just for looks, it makes the gun look great

  • icewolfhunts

    mine shoots just fine vera ya that’s right vera gotta give em a woman’s name they alway’s work better that way…LOL
    But seriously at a hundered yrd’s open site or scope half dollar grouping all day long useing stinger’s by cci hollowpoints badazzed varmint gun no jam’s yet 200 round’s though it..
    For 200.0 buck’s im happy… YOU GO MOSSBERG!!!!!! KEEP MAKEN AFORDABLE GUN’S….


  • alex21398

    I have the same gun, but i got the 25 rd mag for it, a red dot reflex sight, oh man it’s awesome

    • John Routh

      Just bought one today — nice little gun– like the slightly longer barrel- don’t like the sissy name “Plinkster” it is still a very nice gun, cheaper to shoot than the larger ammo.

    • Rick

      Where did you get the 25 round magazine and red dot sights?

      • Martin Fee

        You can get the 25 round mag from Mossbergs website or Cheaper than Dirts’ website

    • ive purchased a mossberg 715t .22 carry handle , i have no addition added to it besides the 25rd mag. I would like to purchase a red dot sight/flashligt and laser for my rifle so i can proceed in my tactical training. I have looked around on the web for one most are outrageously expensive , any suggestions on where i can find these components for a reasonabl price?

      • CamGast

        It is compatable with most AR-15 accessories so cheaper than dirt is alright. otherwise check Cabela’s or Gander Mt.

      • burdicda

        Walmart has in stock at selected stores a red dot by Bushnell for less than $60
        it is amazing….

  • Robert Rymek

    I would like more info on the tactical .22’s

    • Marty Fee

      Like what kind of information>? It’s a fun little gun and as long as you do not fill the 25 round mag over 20 rounds it is reliable

  • Northern

    just got it in the mail today, and it jams like a mother upon loading. The lead is getting chewed apart by the slide ramming it into the chamber. Its not getting fed high enough and catches. I’m not sure if this is a known issue that is remedied by a good cleaning or if it just needs to be fired a bit but it looks to be quite a gap between the ramp from the mag to the chamber. These .22LRs lead just aren’t cutting it. Any advise?

    • Eric

      mmmmmmm, maybe a little piece of strong tape placed on top of the red feeder in the mag??? I dont know, mine has same problem but not as bad. When i take it apart to clean it has lead and copper shavings everywhere. I think u just need to shoot 1000 rounds through it, (break it in) and it will feed smoother over time.

    • Sean

      I have the same exact problem. Seems like the receiver is too low, and the feed ramp just doesn’t line up to get the round chambered. Had a few rounds get dented on the nose by hitting the edge of the barrel. I did polish smooth the lower insert of the barrel to minimize the transition of the round. Still seems like the ramp is too low. Almost seems like the ramp has worn away and won’t feed anymore. Maybe if enough of these Plinksters start having this problem, Mossberg will do something. Unlikely though…

  • John S

    Purchased this 22 this past week and took to the range today. It came with the 25 clip and it was not a happy visit to the range today.

    The gun jammed on every shot. It has major issues ejecting the spent casing. Tried different CCI ammo and no change. If i singled shot with no clip, it ejected fine.

    I cleaned the gun before hitting the range and even tried playing with the tension on the mag. Shot maybe 100 rounds and 95 of the shots jammed. I didnt have any tension on the mag or hold it by the mag. Not sure what is up with this. Got another mag on the way, maybe i will have better luck.

    • ddon

      did the new mag help your jamming issue? I want to get one of these but so many reports of it jamming. It must be really frustrating.

      • langvan

        Ive been using American eagle ammo and havent had any problems with jamming.

    • Marty Fee

      I have found that if you do not fully load the 25 round mag the jamming decreases. No more than 18 to 20 rounds and usually if will function. I know that defeats the purpose but..
      1 This Rifle was not designed to be an Assault Rifle for combat
      2 18 to 20 is still better than the optional 10 round (which does not jam)
      3 Make sure you clean and oil the action, Use GOOD quality oil. Though honestly I got so frustrated in the beginning i used wd 40 and that worked well for a while 🙂

  • I own this gun,if you read the book that comes with it,it says clean the gun before you shoot it,it will stop 99 percent of jamming problems……

  • heath

    For the price this weapon seems to be exactly what i am looking for. i am just confused because some of you really like this weapon and some of you really dont. I guess the only thing i can do, is find one, buy it and try it for myself. in the army we were trained with the m16 and m4 so ive been wanting to get something with the same format. i have read comments that the layout isnt the same with this weapon but, it looks close enough for me. again, ill just have to gamble my 200.00. but with a mossberg, i just dont see how i could go wrong. the only thing is, i want a flat top or at least a detachable handle

    • John Caraway

      Hey,I saw your post about the .22 tactical mossberg.where can you get one for $200? Slainte’ John C.

    • Brian

      This gun is nothing like either the M-16 or the M4 except from a cosmetic standpoint. It has the Plinkster’s action and isn’t meant to shoot like either of the 2 weapons you used in the service. The 702 Tactical has the 16’s bolt handle and forward-assist which are just molded pieces of plastic, are both non-operational and just made to look like the 2 aforementioned weapons. If you want a more accurate representation of the weapons on which you’ve trained in a small caliber that’s easy to shoot and costs next to nothing, I’d suggest the Colt M4 – 22 or the S&W M&P 15-22. It all boils down to how much you’re willing to shell out for a decent weekend plinking rifle. I like my 702 because it’s cheap, easy to maintain and spits out rounds at a nickel a shot. The rails have allowed me to add a few mods such as a vertical foregrip, a tac light and an Aimpoint sight, but any serious shooting is done with my Springfield Armory M1A (the rifle I trained on in the Corps)… when i can afford the ammo.

    • CamGast

      The handles do not come off unles you cut them off. You can purchase a flat top version at Gander Mtn. Thats where I purchased mine for around $450 with a hard case and 500 rounds of ammo + they give you a deal, If you need to send your firearm to mossberg they will do it free of charge.

  • shawn

    My cousin just bought this gun and we cant find anything thing on how to take apart this gun to fully clean it.

    • Marty Fee

      Instructions for cleaning it are in the book that came with it or can be downloaded off the Mossberg website

  • Greg

    I have purchased the tac22 and also had problems with it jamming i was using remington ammo, i switched to american eagle and no problem with jamming also works very well with blazer ammo

  • Eric

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone has bought a red dot for the mossberg 715T? And if so, does the red dot line up directly on the front post like an actual M-4A1?, or does it veer off way above the front sight post? I’d really like to know about this as i have not yet purchased one. Thank U for any feedback!!!!!!!

    • nate

      i bought a red dot for the 702 and i had to adjust it quit a bit because it sits so high but i have it dialed in perfect

  • Robert

    I was wondering if this rifle could be upgraded to a 223 or larger and if so what would it take and how could I find it?? Thanks

  • marty fee

    No there is no 223 conversion

    • seth

      has any one had problems like it firing more than one round at a time because i got mine and it will just open up on me when firing

  • Danny

    i bought this gun 2 days ago and ive put over 300 rounds of remington hollow point golden bullets thrugh it and the mother fucker hasnt jammed yet and still still goin strong…honestly i love it its a fun gun to shoot

  • Brian

    I just purchased this rifle a few hours ago and I am super disappointed – so much in fact – that I tried to return it – but the store i got it from would not take it back.

    When I got it home I tried to put the mag in but it would not go into the rifle, it would get stuck before it would go all the way in. I took it back to the store and the guy jammed the mag into the rifle super hard and then said that the rifle is cheap and made of plastic and that is why the mag would not fit. He said there are no returns but he could send the rifle to Mossberg for repairs – but went on to say that its probably not a repairable issue – as it’s an issue with the quality of the rifle.

    Here is what happens, I take the mag and put it into the rifle and have to slam it home to get it to go all the way into the rifle and lock in. At that point, the mag release button is not locked – it’s loose – I can move it up and down but the mag is locked in. When I press the mag release, the mag will not fall out, I have to use force to pull the mag out of the rifle.

    Learned from past mistakes – I do not force anything when it comes to firearms – therefore, this issue bugs me – big time.

    My questions to you guys are: Anyone else experience this? Is this something that I need to deal with or should I send the rifle to Mossberg for repairs? Should/does the mag freely drop out of the rifle when the mag release is pressed?

    I am pretty bummed – I like Mossberg – I have shot 500’s for as long as I can remember so when I saw this rifle I jumped on it without researching – just saw Mossberg and knew it would work. Hence my disappointment.

    Any help would be appreciated guys – thanks in advance.

    • DnC

      I just bought a Sig 522 and while the stock mag fit fine (almost too loose) the after market mags which are made by the same company, Black Dog were very tight, hard to lock in, and had to be pulled with some amount of force to be removed. I used a micrometer and measured all points and found that they were too wide in the body of the mag. About .005″ but that was enough to mess it up. I found this on youtube and it worked:

      Hopefully this will help your problem!


      • Brian

        Thanks for the tip and the link to the video. That helps – did not think to sand down the mag. Thanks again!

    • Brian

      I bought 2 replacement Mossberg mags and they work fine – they even pop out of the rifle when the mag release is pressed. The issue that I described is with the mag that came with the rifle. Might try to file it or steel wool it or something – might just throw it away. Thanks again for the help.

    • Vic

      Im not sure if this is going to help but all it is is a 702 plinkster with an AR style body my clip release does have some play but works correctly I would send it to mossberg it sounds like the catch is just hanging up but I would get them to fix it instead of dealing with it its probably just a factory goof up but while Im posting if anyone could tell me where to get a clip bigger then ten that would be awesome Im in MD so it has to be 20 or less thanks

  • Wes

    The key to this rifle is to use HIGH VELOCITY ammo! The cheap bulk shit they sale at Wal-Mart is no good from my experience. The super X Winchester high velocity runs flawlessly. As mentioned above do not load the 25 round mags all the way up 15-20 tops is where its happy. Also I use a really good anit friction gun oil with zero problems(oil the springs in the mags too). Hope this helps! Also the Tasco Propoint 30mm red dot fits this gun very well and holds zero no problems. Its a great scope and off Ebay its $40 bucks! Well worth the money! Good luck

    • mike

      i just bought this rifle, haven’t even fired it yet. And I bought it sight unseen. Beause of the mossberg name, I have noticed the mag doesn;t drop out or eject on its own. It drops out about an inch or inch and a half, and I have to pull it the rest of the way out.

  • JakeS

    I bought this gun haven’t shot it yet… I loaded the magazine tonight. I have the 25 round clip. I bought CCI .22LR copper plated round nose and im having trouble loading the magazine all the way. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Brian

      Of the 3 magazines that I own for this rifle – 2 magazines load all the way up to 25 with no problems – 1 magazine loads up to about 10 rounds and then will not take another round.

      When my mag has this issue – I have given it a love tap and got it to load all the way up to 25 a few times. Seems like something is getting stuck in there and that causes the mag to not accept any more rounds – even though its not at capacity. A slight tap of the mag on the table does the trick for me.

      I recently took the faulty mag apart – did not see anything wrong with it – cleaned it and put it back together. Going to try to load it to capacity next time I am at the range.

      Maybe try the love tap method – or replace the mag with a new one. I hope this helps.

      I am good with my hands and I like projects and stuff, so this rifle does not really bum me out or anything. I saved money compared to a Smith & Wesson. I purchased this rifle to use in competitions – I get laughed at a few times per match. The general consensus is that the rifle is a cheap plastic kids toy. My opinion – it goes bang every time I squeeze the trigger and it puts rounds on target.

      My issues so far – in case anyone is interested in this rifle:

      Some mags do not load to capacity due to a mystery jamming issue.

      You must completely remove your optics if you want to disassemble to rifle. Think of it like this: its an Oreo – the other shell is molded plastic that splits down the middle and attaches together with a few screws – sandwiched in between those 2 plastic pieces is the barrel and trigger assembly and all. The “split” in the plastic pieces runs right through the middle of the top and bottom rail systems. Therefore, if you have anything mounted in the top or bottom position like a scope or a flashlight or a laser – it must be removed to get the rifle apart for cleaning etc.

      Mags do not “pop out” or fall out of the rifle when the mag release is pressed.

      The stock magazine did not properly fit into the rifle when I first got the rifle brand new – I had to use a ton of force to jam the magazine into the rifle – a break in period was required.

      • Wes

        If you push the ejector back and push it in it will lock into place for the mag to freely drop. Notice the white arrow on it? That is what it is for. On the mags, mine to the exact same thing. One will not take more than 10 for some reason. New mag can fully load no prob but I still only run 20 tops in it. The springs are really cheap in those mags and personally I think Mossberg needs to step it up! Those springs are close to airsoft mag..

      • Wes

        P.S. When you do the “bump” trick on the mag eventually the ammo will fly out when you hit it. Now when I hit the bottom of mine, I lose a round. So I just load it to 10 and dont hit it.

  • JakeS

    I shot it today for the first time. Do not use CCI copper plated round nose. Worst choice I ever made. When the bullet went into the chamber the head of the bullet bent multiple times. I put in my buddy’s Remington gold HP and worked like a charm. Anyone else have preferred choices for ammo that I can try?

    • Vic

      To answer your questions yeah any pic accessory will fit I put a folding grip and laser sight on mine and for ammo I prefer the winchester super X

    • Chris S

      Aguila makes a jacketed 22lr that fires extremely well through these guns. That’s all I’ve been shooting through mine and I haven’t had a single malfunction. It makes a heck of a group too. Well worth checking out.

  • JakeS

    Also will any Picatinny accessories work with the rails on the sight rail and the barrel and is there a website I can look at?

    • BA

      I have a 715T and it operates fine, but I can’t get it disassembled to clean it. I own several and clean several rifles (including an AR) and I can’t get into this one. Owners manual is describing a similar looking tactical 22, but the features and parts are nothing alike. Any suggestions?

      • bob

        take all screws out of plastic housing take down screw inside of handle assy. easy allen wrench screw, I was puzzled by directions as well, this is just a 702 with a wrap around ar style. Now if you know where I can find a new firing pin spring, I would be thankfull.Bob.

    • Justin Cole has a few accessories for the picannty rail system. They also have plenty of weapon bags and other accessories to look at also.

  • JJ

    I have had 715T Flat top for 2 months now, when I first picked it up, I ran 4 mags through it loaded to 20rds each time and it worked fine. I read up on it quite a bit before buying. Once the weather gets warm I figure this will be a perfect camping gun to shoot with the family. Only issue im having is I bought a Magpul Sling, and I would like to attach it where the Buffer tube meets the rear of the gun. (My 715T came with the ATI 6Pos adj. stock) But the tube does not thread on like a normal AR, the tube slides in the plastic shell and is held with a screw going through the side.
    All of the sling attachments I have found fit where the Tube threads to the upper on a normal AR. Any ideas on how I might make this work?

    Also I bought the Magpul flip-up frt & rear sights ( my flat top came with detachable fixed sights) and the FRT went on smooth, the rear however was a pain to slide on at the end of the rail where the fake charging handle is. But after some filing and forcing it did go on. I bought the Magpul PTS version, they were cheaper made at a cheaper cost but work fine so far. I haven’t taken it back out to sight them in yet.

    FYI I bought my Moss 715T TAC .22 Flat Top from Buds online, but I don’t see them for sale their anymore. Got the Magpul PTS sights off eBay, along with the sling and Tasco Propoint Red Dot Sight. Going cheap and hope to have some fun. I used CCI ammo.

  • travis

    I have an Ak47,DPMS M4carbine and the mossy tactial.Four kids and morgage witch one do you think I take out to waste a saturday? Shot 400 rounds no problems the bwhole family loves it!

  • Chris S

    I purchased the carry handle model with the adjustable stock. I admit I was a little unsure of it at first due to the “plastic toy” feel of the rifle. After I got it home and started burning rounds through this thing my opinion changed. I LOVE this rifle. Given it isn’t a high end rifle with a functional AR action. But for the money you can’t go wrong.

  • JustVic

    Bought one of these sight unseen, BIG mistake. God, by now I should be old enough to know better. Own a 702 and quite happy with it. Rear sight on 702 not great but tech-sight rear apeture sight available so no big problem. Since I knew that the internals on the 715t were just a 702 + “fancy” furniture I didn’t give the purchase much thought. Problem is that the front “sight” isn’t a sight at all in the truest sense, just a piece of plastic molded to the heat shield and not attached to the barrel. The heat shield/forearm is loose allowing the front “sight” to shift side to side by its own full width. How are you supposed to get any accuracy from a “sight” that shifts 3-5 moa left to right between rounds? Anybody know where I can get a standard Plinkster stock to mount this action/barrel to? That, plus a 4X scope, and this would be a usable rifle.

  • GinoDP

    I’ve now fired 300 rounds through my Mossberg Tactical .22 and disassembled & cleaned it twice. It’s light, accurate, and fun to shoot. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again.
    I do have a complaint, one that others have also had. In the ad for this gun Mossberg states that the see-thru feature of the handle-mount Picatinny optic rail allows you to use the stock sights. It does not. In order to zero out the sights I had to raise the rear sight too high to still see through the rail. Makes me wonder – did Mossberg even test fire this gun? I don’t have any optics so I took the rail off and all is well but there goes the advertised versatility.

    Before I bought the gun I was warned that with 14 screws and two pins it was a pain in the neck to disassemble and clean, so I shouldn’t be allowed to complain. But the directions say to take out screws that aren’t where they’re supposed to be. Once apart, you can’t clean the barrel from the receiver end as the back of the receiver prevents you from pushing a cleaning rod straight. Then it is very difficult to reassemble the bolt, bolt buffer, spring and guide rod and I’ve read complaints from several people who have ended up bending the spring. So I will now be cleaning it from the front after every use and only do a full strip every 500 rounds.

    I have four 10 round mags and when tested before I actually fired the gun they all popped out about 1-2 inches when I pushed the release. However after firing, they barely popped at all, 1/2 inch at most. I’m hoping this will work itself out.

    A lot of the reviews I read said that there were jamming problems with the 25 round mags but none with the 10 round. Well I had a problem with the bolt jamming when I chambered the first round of each mag. It would get hung up about halfway but when I pulled it back and let go a second time it would slide the round right in. The rest of the mag (10 round) would then work fine. This happened the first 20 times that I loaded a fresh mag but only 3-4 times the next 10 times. I’m thinking that this rifle just needs a little more breaking in than most.

  • dr

    ive seen alot of people complaining about these jamming right out of the box…if you read the instructions it says clean the gun before you shoot it,that doent mean wipe it off with windex,it means clean the inside of the gun,there is gunky grease inside from the factory,if you clean these rifles and oil them they will run great,the 702 has been around for alot of years and is a good proven 22.and if you use cheap bulk ammo your gunna have duds and ftf and eject,thats why its bulk ammo,its made cheap.

  • OK, my father and I have been having an argument on whether its worth the gamble to buy this gun. We have seen mixed reviews on the quality of the gun and the magazines. He will not budge on the 250 dollar price range. I need to know which model AR-15 style .22 rifle I need to buy as well as which magazines to buy to prove to him it is a reliable weapon. I also need to know which kind of ammo works best in the gun. While I’m at it i need to find a cheap but reliable sight for it also. Thanks. Halliday out.

    • robert

      I think it well worth the money. Using the 10 round mags, rifle shoots flawless. Over 500 rounds and no hiccups. The 25 round mags are junk. Put them on amrslist and bought 3 10 round mags. Did my homework 1st to avoid the frustration of others. Decked it out with clone trijicon acog, surefire light, green laser sight, magpul ACS stock and I love it.

  • tucker

    iv been looking at this gun for a while i own a few rifles and shotguns but not an assault rifle iv been reading ny state laws on guns like this and im just trying to figure out if its leagle to own

    • JustVic

      this is NOT an assualt rifle. It is a 702 Plinkster with a cheap plastic shell and a worthless, unusable plastic front sight. If you want the same action in a usable platform save some money and just buy a Plinkster.

    • Jamie

      tucker, this is not a true assault rifle but it is considered one under NY law due to its features so to be legal here it must have a fixed stock and ten round magazine.

      I purchased mine at Gander Mountain in Buffalo for under $200 last Thanksgiving and I haven’t regretted it. I too wanted to try an assault rifle-type firearm and this was the best value I could find.

      Contrary to JustVic’s comment, it does have a decent (plastic) peep sight and is a lot of fun to shoot. It is middlin’ accurate and I can get 6-8″ groups at 100 yards (and I’m certainly not the best shot around).

      It is a plastic shell on a 702 action but it’s built well. I’ve put a few thousand rounds through it and my friends and I always enjoy it. It’s not hard to disassemble and clean. I have had FTFs and FTEs but they are not excessive IMHO and I didn’t expect perfection at this price.

    • b n

      a semi automatic weapon is not an assault weapon!!!!!MOST of the ak47s are not an assault weapon.a sks with a bayonet is not a assault weapon .People are confused to what a assault weapon is.if it can fire 30 rounds with one pull of a trigger,and has a selector switch that says full-auto and has a high capacity magazine and take a aft $200 tax stamp to transfer ownership Then it can be called an assault weapon!

  • I purchased a Mossberg Tac 22 in August, 2011. On the first range visit while my Grandson was firing the rifle on slow fire. We encounted the following problems: Numerous fail to eject, fail to feed. stove pipe. The granddaddy of all problems was when a round fail to seat in the chamber and the second round detonated in the magazine and both casing were stuck in the lip of the magazine. This left the rest of the rounds in the magazine. Following the above episode I loaded another 25 round magazine with only 15 rounds and fire the rifle rapid fire with out a hitch.

    I returned the rifle and the magazine with out the live rounds to Mossberg. (I had to take the magazine apart in order to remove the live rounds). After a 3 week wait the rifle was returned to me. I received a replacement magazine in the mail.

    After I received the rifle I went to the range and fired over 500 rounds without a problem.

    I believe the problem with the magazine was caused by my Grandson loading 25 rounds in the magazine. Now I only load the 25 round magazine with no more than 15 rounds. I have also purchased 2 10 round magazines which I use without a problem.

    • Mort Leith

      Any idea why my mossberg .22 after jamming and clearing the jam, I cannot get the receiver to fully close,, stuck open, with nothing impairing it?

      • Michael

        This gun is designed with a bolt catch that keeps the bolt open. Try pushing in and pulling out on the “charging handle”.

    • j

      did you need to send a copy of your receipt with the gun & mag to Mossberg?
      I received mine as a gift and my 25 round mag doesn’t work right also
      thanks j

  • HackNtheBox

    the common isssue with these is the jambing…..I tried different ammo as Ive read they are ammo sensitive…


    OUT OF THE BOX ….I had every 3-4 rounds jamb,I cant tell you how angry I was when I looked on the web to find so many having the same problems
    I tried 6 brands of ammo still always jammbing

    I have worked on the mag and got a big improvment, then bought 2 more mags and 1 fires flawlessly the other also jambs every 3-4 rounds….I returned the 2 bad mags for exchange and now ALL 3 MAGS RUN FLAWLESS
    including the hollow point winchester that were the worst

    • Arclight1972

      In response to your Ammo feed problems… Winchester M-22 runs super well in this gun, Designed specifically for high capacity mags the best in the bulk line… I have tried many variations in this rifle close to 4000 rds, this one works! with a decent price….

  • efntired

    I just bought this weapon for my daughter and the first time we took it to the range it would not load more than 10 rnds. and not cycle the next unless done manually. Can you use 10 rnd. clips from 702 in this weapon?

    • ringo

      702 10rd magazine does work in it, it is basicly a 702 in the AR frame. Seen people take two of the 10rd magazines, JB weld them together at the base and flip them for easy use when emptied.

    • Tugboat

      Yes,you can use the 10 rd mag…

      • Hey Tugboat,

  • Mort Leith

    I have the terrible same problem of constant jamming from the 25-round.

    NOW, the receiver is stuck all the way BACK and won’t release,, any suggestions or solutions ? ?

  • Martin Fee

    Found the perfect solution to all the problems with this gun. I went out and bought a .50 cal Beowulf.
    now i need not worry about penetrating vests, cars, houses or anything else for that matter

  • I’ve been reading posts about the tactical .22 AR style rifle. I got one for a birthday present. This past weekend i got a chance to use it, and I’m impressed with the functionality of the rifle. When I first loaded the clip with CCI rounds, it wouldn’t load more than about fifteen rnds. So, I took the clip out and removed the rnds. Afterwards, got my remington lube spray and a flat-head screwdriver, sprayed the the spring and the housing well.
    Then I used the screwdriver to push the spring back and forth until the housing was lubed well. Then replaced the rnds. back in, 25 to be exact. I started to fire rnds. to sight in my BSA 3×9 optic scope . At first, it would the clip would hang, but after firing about 10 rnds., it seem to loosen up and fire consecutively with no hangups. I would suggest that anyone that purchase this rifle, to do a cleaning to the rifle and lube the magazine first before test firing. This seems to help some of the hang up issues I have read about. Other than that, I have no issues with this rifle. All I have to say, great rifle for the price.

  • Tugboat

    Purchased this rifle with all the bad reviews and found that if you clean this weapon before you fire it and excersize the 25RD clip,it fires flawlessly,50 rds as fast as could pull the trigger,with $1.97 per box of Federal Lightning 22LR from Wal-Mart…..Hmmmmm,not a bad little weapon for the price…..

    • Tugboat

      Again,like I said in my last post,this weapon fires without a hitch.. I have fired 150 rds with no problems….

      • jim

        Mine does fine with everything except Winchester ammo.. Winchester jams every other shot..

    • Bruce

      I just bought one the other day and I found that the twenty five round clip does have a few problems with double feeding , I get a jam ever six to seven rounds through the gun .

      Some say that use the ten round clip its much better and no jams.

  • JJ

    anyone try the CCI 710 FPS rounds with this gun?

  • pete

    has anyone tweaked the mossberg 25rd clip to fit a armscor ak47-22? looks like it’ll work but the little tit on the side prevents it from going in completely. i really don’t want to file the tit off & ruin the clip & find out it won’t work in the armscor.

  • McDontKnow

    For those of you worried about the cleaning procedure I highly recomend getting a bore snake. Snaking it ever 100-200 rounds will keep it plenty clean and likely reduce jamming. I would only remmend a full take down every 2000 rounds. There is not much more you will get to clean when taking the plastic off other than the inside of the plastic. Keep the action well soaked in cleaner and oil as you can never take it apart and clean the internal comonents. I have shot 4000 rounds through mine and it has only jammed on me 2 times. Granted it has jammed on other friends (Aprroximatly 12 times total). A trick I have found that usually gets past the jam is:
    1) Remove the jam
    2) Inspect to make action is clean and safe
    3) Toss out what ever bullet was in there, it is not worth it to try and fire it again
    4) Fire the next 5-10 rounds very fast, this usually helps to clear out what ever caused the first jam.

    Also avoid leaning the rifle at an angle this can slow the ejection process and lead to more stove pipes.

  • martin fee

    I just switched from the mossberg to the GSG STG-44 imporred through ati what a difference like comparing an AMG Mercedes to a Fiat. sorry mossberg but you can have your .22 back

  • Scott

    This is a youtube clip that I made to fix the problem that the Mag only allows 10-11 rounds I have now done it with 2 Mags and both load an fire flawlessly with over 800 rounds through each mag.

  • Ray

    I recently bought this weapon at a sports store. Being a retired servicemember… your’e taught to always inspect and thouroghly familiarize yourself with it. The first step is to conduct a weapons check to make sure everything is working as it should. Next is to lube and prepare your weapon for firing. Before firing prepare your clip by lubing it also, as manufactures don’t do this. When loading your clip with ammo be sure the ammo lines up as you load, the clip ammo clearance is very tight so don’t get pissed. Next is to set your sights at zero and adjust after firing 3 rnds at a 25meter target. Once you’ve done those things you’ll be ok… I fired 200 rnds at the range without a glitch. When I got home.. I cleaned and relubed everything… Oh.. one last thing… only buy ammo that has been coated with copper… raw lead rounds will ruin the bore and contribute to mis-fires. I Hope this helps.


    • Guest
  • Josh

    I just bought this gun and was wondering if most of the parts like the rails are interchangeable with rails from actual ARs.

  • CamGast

    I bought this gun at Gander Mountain and it came as a flat top,with a barska red dot scope,fixed front/rear sights and a 25rd. mag. it was only $450 with a hard case and 500 rounds. Still have yet to shoot it.

  • I purchased my AR at Academy Sports in Trussville,Al. for under $300.00 It Came with one 25 rd. mag which fell apart after 8 rdS. bought 3 more 25 rd clips and 2 10 rd. clips. Have had no failures up to this point, and have put several 100 rds. thru it. great little gun, fun to shoot and looks good. Highly recomend..

  • jcw

    bought this gun Friday and didnt get to fire it till Sunday, Shot 200+ remington 22 rounds with not a jam. Only issue I found is while loading bullets into the 25 rd clip after about 12 bullets are loaded the bullets with pack against two small holes on one side of the clip. Use your thumb to push the bullet in then press down with the plastic tool provided to help load rounds. Once I figured that out it ran smoothly.

  • Tom Monroe

    I figured I would chime in how I fixed my jamming problem. Right out of the box the dam thing would jam and double feed. Most of the time what was happening was that the shell would stick in the chamber and the extrator would slip of before pullin out the spent shell. Now all bullet caseing expant alittle when the fire. It seems like the extractor isnt strong enough to pull out the sticky shells.
    Now Im not saying this is the rite way to do it but it worked for me. I put together my cleaning rod with a wire bore brush on it. Then is put the clean rod into my corded drill and jammed it down the barrel intill the brush was just sticking out of th chamber a bit. Then I let her scream for about 2 minutes in that same spot. What this did is esentaly hone/polish the chamber. then I put some rubbing compound on a fuzzy bore swab and let that sing for a couple minutes in the drill. Then I cleaned her up with CLP and took her out to plink.
    Result = 500ish rounds with mabye 3 or 4 jams.
    I’m not saying I would do this to a good gun but lets admit it these things are junk. It was either try something drastic or run the bitch over with my truck and though it in slag heap. I bought my mine just as a training tool. I have on AR-15 and the ergonomics of the 715 are pretty simular so I can practice at .035 cents a pop insted of .50 cents a pop. Not to mention my kids love it.

  • joe D

    Over all how is the quality of this gun(mossberg 22 tac)? I understand its a $300 gun/toy. Thinking about purchasing one. Any feedback would be much apreciated. Thanks

    • Matheus Grunt

      These are not toys nor are these guns. These are rifles and they’re able to kill you if you don’t pay attention and operate them safely. .22lr or NATO round, it’s a round that can kill you nonetheless.

  • DeniseRN

    Ok stupid female question here so please forgive me. My husband is wanting an AR-15. I found the above gun for sale in a newspaper. My question is this. Is a Mossberg 715 really the same as an AR-15? I don’t know a lot about guns but in my mind, wouldn’t a real AR shoot something bigger than 22 shells? Thanks guys!!

    • JB

      No not the same. This is a 22lr designed to look like an ar-15. The ar-15 fires a 5.56 NATO round (.223) which is not a rim fire cartridge. (similar size bullet but fires much faster). If you are looking for an AR-15 for him you should stop by a local gunshop if possible they will be able to show you the exaxt differences as well as the price differences.

    • Leon

      If you have never held an AR15 in your hand then this one feels like an AR15, at least very close to be an AR15. If you have held a real AR15 in your hand then this one is a piece of shit. The charging handle is fake and of course there’s no forward-assist button. This is essentially a Mossberg plinkster in two plastic halves that exhibits an AR15 style, nothing else.

  • Wreks9

    I HAVE A VIDEO ON HOW TO FIX IT ON YOUTUBE. SEARCH 6brendo and it should pop up it’s an easy fix but mossberg won’t do it.

  • rudi

    I bought my 715t couple weeks ago first thing I did was make my non adjustable stock adjustable if you notice under your stock but there are holes for it to be adjustable for some reason they make some non adjustable maybe to get more money for ones that are all you have to do is drill a small hole in the top of the pin you will see it on bottom of stock butt tap it for 8/32 and pull pin up now adjustable small spring holds the pin down so your fighting spring to lift it mounted scope and shot low ran out of up adjustment took off scope put open sights back on and ran it out of up adjustment so im going to file front sight pin to get adjustment back I have the 25 clip loads kinda bad first few times at about 11 12 you have to get small rod and help shell make curve from the side at the bottom also helps if you super glue the top spring to the red guide so when you pull down it takes spring with it other than that I feel its a good fun realible gun hasnt jamed shoot accurate just cant get it high enough but will fix that holds a pretty good pattern at 50 yards

  • patrick

    Love this gun. have 3 25round mags and 2 10 rounds jb welded end to end making a 20 round mag.

  • Mark the Shark

    I bought that weapon this past week. Shot a couple hundred round, had one jam. It is lightweight and fun to shoot, but the clip release does not readily eject the mag. and it can be difficult to pull out.

  • Johnny west

    Just bought the 702T and had to send it in for a warranty[gun and 25 round clip]. Waited 4 weeks and got it back with a 10 round clip. they said 25 round clip is now considered restricted because of some hand guns clip is similar as the 702T 25 round clip. Canadian fire arm association does not know of it. So what the hell is up with that? My friends just laughs and said I should have went with a ruger 10/22.