CZ 75 Czechmate pistol coming stateside

In the CZ Forum an employee of CZ-USA announced that they will be importing CZ 75 Czechmate. It will cost $3399.

CZ-USA Now is offering the Czechmate in 9mm available for sale contact Matt by phone at 1-800-955-4486 ext 321 for sales details

Czechmate comes with

ambi slide racker
c-more slide ride sight 6moa dot
2 spare serial matching threaded barrels
1 26 round magazine
3 20 round magazines
mag loader
aluminum grips
aluminum magwell
comp hammer
4 port comp
barrel nut with removable front sight
rear fixed sight
2 slide stops with finger groove
4 without finger grooves
czechmate frame is different than TS grip is undercut, frame has notch for c-more mount,
cleaning rod
cleaning brush

[ Many thanks to Mik for emailing me the link. ]

[Hat Tip: Stuart Wong]

Steve Johnson

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  • Jesse

    I shoot a CZ-75BD in IPSC and IDPA. If I ever get to the point where I’m really good and I move into open division I will happily buy the Czechmate.

  • thomas

    Can this gun handle 9mm major loads?

  • Cameron

    Yeah, that’s not insanely expensive.

  • Crabula

    Um, wow…
    …I think I need to go change my pants.

  • Himmel

    My gunshop has 1 in stock and its feels good balanced. Didnt shoot with it, but hoping to take a few shots soon 😉

  • 4Cammer

    Love my CZ75,85 Comcat and Kadet. Man I’d love to have one of these…

  • 4Cammer

    Make that Combat….too much jaza this am!

  • Looks nice, but $3k+ and it’ll only shoot 9mm, which is Minor Power Factor in USPSA, plus it comes with only one 26 round mag?

    No thanks. And I say that as a dyed-in-the-wool CZ/9mm fan.

  • Vak

    English is not my mother tongue and even I can tell that czechmate is an awful pun.

  • Other Steve

    I know less than zero about this gun, but thanks for the laugh on the price.

  • Bob

    It looks good! I think that it would be a great if paired with the CZ 805 and then CZ 712 for three gun competition?

  • Gir

    it has enough room to mount a vertical grip and a tac light on the front! sold!

  • drewogatory

    Does seem pricey. Spare barrels can’t be more than $200 – $250 each and about the same for a C-More, So $750 on top of the gun plus maybe $150 for the rest of the accessories..How in God’s name does that add up to 4k?

  • SoulTown

    It is a PRETTY looking gun, though.

    Btw, how come CZ-USA is not remaking the legendary “original” CZ-75? I figure they can extract hefty price for that… I mean, people still buy Mk23s, right?

  • yamalink

    As a CZ75b fan and a match shooter I’d be afraid to check the prices of spare mags. But I guess if a $3000+ gun was in my bag, mag prices wouldn’t be a concern.

  • C3PO

    I like the CZ design, but pricewise I have to go for the Tanfoglio clones. even their top of the line “Elite Gold Team” is only ~2000.00 . Although it lacks the scope and mount spare barrels, and magazines, they all come with a handy cleaning kit. and if you purchased 2 additional barrels with a magazine each, it could 3 different calibers for around the same coin.

  • Chris

    It looks way cooler than any of those competitive Franken1911/Glocks.

  • Kevin

    @Exurbankevin, Article says it comes with 1 26 round and 2 30 round mags.

    Very nice looking gun. Will it fire hot loads is a good question….

  • Patrick

    I consider myself a die-hard 1911 fan, and would pick ol’Slabsides over nearly any gun in the world. I had the opportunity to shoot a friend’s now-discontinued CZ75 Champion, and as much as it pains me to say it, it became my favorite handgun in the world. I don’t say this lightly, as I have also been able to shoot STI raceguns and Larry Vickers customs. I can only imagine how good the successor to the champion will be.

    Now I’m off to buy a lottery ticket.

  • subase

    Czechmate is a pretty cool name if you think about it.

  • Kevin: In Open Division, there is no restriction against loading 9x19mm to Major Power Factor. IPSC has always allowed it, but USPSA forbid it until the power factor was lowered from 175 to 165. That was why guys were playing with the 9x21mm IMI case instead. Back when Springfield used to import the Tanfoglio CZ75-clones as the P9, Team Springfield ran them in competition. This changed after more widebody M1911 frames became available, and EAA began to import the Tanfoglios as the Witness.

  • glenn

    This is fairly priced as far as open guns go. I spoke with CZ this afternoon, they claim this gun can handle 9mm major loads, thereby making this gun major and not minor as ExurbanKevin mistakenly believes.

  • Les Apt

    As my father would have said “$3400? For how many?”

    ; )

  • spddrcr

    I’m thinking that most the people here commenting are not match shooters and the ones that are that are griping about the price don’t shoot open.

    first the EAA guns don’t come with anything and are next to impossible to find parts for as most of the cz parts are not drop in and require quite a bit of work. the cz gun might sound pricey but considering the price on most “complete” open guns that don’t come with nearly the amount of stuff the cz does can easily reach 5000 to 6000 with out mags the cz is a bargain.
    that $2000 Witness? add 300 for your sight and 450 for your mags add in your barrels and other parts and you now have a gun that cost more then the CZ that you wont be able to easily get parts for.

    do some research and you will see why this is a good deal for a open match shooter.

  • Lee H

    So every one know how awsome CZ 75’s are i love mine as does every one els i know who owns one. How ever if you are in the market but dont like the near 700 dollar price tag there are good options for you to. One great one is the EAA Whitness Basicly its an exact coppy of a CZ 75 but it bappns to be 200 to 250 dollars cheaper i reacently bought one and to boot it came with the cadet / .22 caliber upper and mag all for the bargin price of 400 after tax and really the only diference in the two guns it the branding and the grip on the Whitness is slightly enlarged which is good for those with larger hands. Good new though the houge grips will still fit.