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  • Christopher_T.

    Don’t laugh. I mean, REALLY…don’t laugh.

  • CinSC

    “Are you laughing at ME?”

  • SpudGun

    COD 4 ‘tea bagging’ goes to a new level.

  • Beaumont

    It’s like spandex pants — the people who wear them, are the people you DON’T want to see wearing them….

  • thehaggis

    “Tactical Kilts” That’s redundant, ALL kilts are tactical. Most comfortable piece of clothing you’ll ever wear.

  • Ghost dog

    Kilts don’t have pockets! If it is tartan (plaid) it is a kilt, the only exeptions are green wool (Irish regiments) or Hoden gray wool, (London scottish).
    Why do scotsmen always carry a knife (sgian dubh ) in thier sock?
    because if you call it a skirt one more time…….

  • Raph84
  • Peter
  • Eric

    Skirt kilt? As opposed to the dress kilt?

    I say rock on. I love my utilikilt.

  • Lance R. Peak

    It’s a Utilikilt

    I’ve sold them for years at festivals and have worn mine shooting as well.

  • xstang

    Really, REALLY needs a side by side to go with that kilt…lol

  • UserM4

    Some guy on Top Shot had an ACU kilt that he was packing in his pack. I found that amusing.

  • B Woodman

    Don’t call it a “skirt”. Don’t EVEH call it a skirt. Skirts are for WOMEN.
    KILTS are for MEN.

  • Graham

    Why are tacti-kilts so damn awesome?

  • LCON

    I always wondered What Scottish Swat Teams Wear….

  • This is awesome! Gun owners always rail about freedom! There is nothing more in line with FREEDOM – than a KILT!


    It doesn’t hurt that he’s got the setup I want for my 226…

  • mrw

    Anyone see the Brit on Top Shot? He had a kilt in ACU.

  • ap

    lolz, more wacky hijinks from the everlasting alterna-tactical frat party at AAC… maybe they could just get the civy orders out instead of being so cool all the time. sorry, their schtick is getting old.

  • I’m not sure its a Utilikilt. Don’t the snaps look a bit wide for a Utilikilt? The Utilikilt comes down into a sharper V doesn’t it?

  • Cymond

    I saw 2 different modernized kilt designs in the dealer hall at D*Con. I think one company was selling Utilikilts, but the other company had kilts made from all varieties of milspec camo material so they would match US military tops. I also have a friend who participated in a ‘kilt blowing’ contest, which apparently involves kilts and a leaf blower.

  • Ghost Dog

    call it what you will, it is still a skirt with pockets.a lot of guys buy them because the are cheaper than tartan.
    Got to ,they are reasonably priced (in the modern fabrics),and they can order all the US forces tartans, plus police and fire tartans.Rocky is great, he got my kilt sewn and to me the day before my wedding with just 2 weeks notice.
    another good one is,resonably priced ,good selection.

    What is worn under the kilt?….
    nothing is worn, it is all in good working order.

  • Elvis Presley

    I just bought a knife from John Fitzen, and I have to say that his “tactikilt” is fairly awe inspiring.

  • El Duderino

    Does it provide Class III ballistic protection? And a plate for those, ah, sensitive areas?

  • Don

    don’t screw with any man in any kilt.


  • root man

    That is scary!
    There should be a law..

  • Lance R. Peak

    harm, it’s definitely a Utilikilt. I’ve sold enough over the years to make a positive ID.

  • jdun1911

    Youtube video. John Fitzen, second shooter. Full battle gear with AR15, Knife, pistol, and kilt. Lots of running and gunning.