Snipers Choice Bipod II

Earlier this year I wrote about the nifty new Zel-Custom bipod that could swivel right around the barrel axis. The bipod’s creator, David Kohnow, has developed a new bipod with a half-trunnion design that saves weight and allows it to be used on a variety of weapon systems.

[ Many thanks to Michael for emailing me the info. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • TheAmdMAN

    This damn bipod makes your rifle look like an AT from Star Wars. That rifle just might walk off and cap someone…

  • I’d love to take credit for the bipod, but neither I nor Zel Custom have anything to do with it. David, a customer of ours, designed and built the original Sniper’s Choice bipod around our Tactilite T1 .50 BMG upper.

    David gave us one of two prototypes for the SHOT show. The second one, he took around the show floor and created quite a buzz. This half-trunnion was built in response to the feedback he received from large, interested parties.

    For now, at least, the name of his company is Long Range Accuracy and the product is called the Sniper’s Choice bipod. From what David has told me, we’re going to see a lot of them soon.

  • Mike, Thanks for the continued support from the begining. I have not and will not forget the people that have helped me put this product on the map for all to gain by. I have always tinkered with things and wanted to customize them to my own needs. This one realy tipped the scales and has opened up a lot of doors for me to do something with what I realy enjoy, and have fun doing it. For more pictures you can go to and see for yourself. Production of this product will begin soon and should be out in limited quanties by this fall. Pricing will be below $500 retail. Thanks again David

  • Richard Gordon

    Hi and thank you for your time in a dvance.
    Can you help me with perchesing a snapers choice bipod?
    I just can not find were to order one for my 338 lapua.
    It looks solid and I need all the help I can get in shooting.

    Thank you
    Richard Gordon